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(125) I can … cut it?

Translator: Tseirp

As a result of defeating the ghost mice, my low-level Earth Magician and Fire Magician jobs leveled up greatly.

Fire Magician and Earth Magician rose to Lv12, furthermore, Jobless rose to Lv89, Alchemist to Lv33 and Magician to Lv67.


【Ichinojo leveled up】

【Fire Magician skill: 「Fire Magic II」has skilled up to「Fire Magic III」】

【Fire Magician skill: 「Fire Resistance (minor)」acquired】

【Earth Magician skill: 「Earth Magic II」has skilled up to「Earth Magic III」】

【Earth Magician skill: 「Earth Resistance (minor)」acquired】

【Alchemist skill: 「Instant Alchemy」acquired】

【Magician skill: 「MP Strengthening (small)」has skilled up to「MP Strengthening (medium)」】

【Recipies acquired】


I’m happy to have the increase in MP. The construction of the world would be easier in the future.

Incidentally, my MP rose by 20% due to 「MP Strengthening (small)」. When it became 「MP Strengthening (medium)」, it rose to 30 percent.

The rise in my status values was also huge. As expected of an Advanced job. While it is difficult to raise the job level, the returns are considerable.


By the way, the defeated ghost drops beautiful stones called ‘spirit spheres’. Those stones may not be gems but they are apparently materials for jewelry and are also requested items by the guild, each stone can be traded for about 100 sense. We’ve collected 100 of them so it’s 10000 sense or 1 million yen huh?

We’ve earned quite a sum.


Well then ― the head of the mouse that ran away without participating in the fight peeked out of the corner and I hit it with my staff. When I did that,




Such a sound rang out. This is it, the new skill that I learned and was waiting for the moment I can utilize it.


Pico-Pico Hammer: Combat Skill 【Hammer-user Lv40】

Attacking with this skill will make a cute sound.

Attack damage is significantly reduced but has a high chance of stunning the opponent.



Of course, I won’t be able to hit it if I hit it normally with a staff so instead, I used Enchant Magic ― a Magic Swordsman skill ― to grant my staff the fire attribute usually used for the flame sword.

Since my goal was not to defeat it but to stun it, I wasn’t bothered by the attack damage.


“Well then, I guess I’ll wake Haru up.”

“Wake her up? Haru-san is …”


Carol worriedly asked me. She also understood that Haru fainted because she saw the ghosts.

She likely thought that I would wake her up once we finished fighting completely.

However, that would be good for me but not for Haru.

She is a strong girl.


“Leave it to me if we are to wake Haru-san!”


Stella confidently hit her chest with her paws.

Then, she pressed those paws onto Haru’s chest.


“Cat Knight Secret Technique, Paw Resuscitation!”


I thought I heard that as Haru woke up with a groan.

Then, I said to Haru.


“Don’t faint this time.”

” … Yes, I apologize for what happened just now.”


Haru’s tail stood on end. She sensed it. The presence of a ghost.

Then, I won’t hide it anymore.

I showed Haru the ghost mouse that had fallen to the ground.


“Haru, can you defeat it?”

” … Is it alright to?”


Haru asked. Whether it was alright to defeat something I had weakened to that extent herself.


“Sorry, I phrased it wrongly.”


I grinned and told Haru.


“Defeat it!”


Three words. With just those three words, I felt the hesitation and fear disappear from Haru’s expression ― or rather, her tail.

The Fire Dragon’s Fang ― sliced through the ghost mouse.

The ghost mouse shrieked and quickly disappeared, leaving just a ghost sphere.


“I can … cut it?”


Haru picked up the ghost sphere and stared at it.


“Yeah, you can. If it’s an opponent that Haru’s sword can’t cut, won’t it be someone at the level of your master?”


I joked.


” … Thank you, master.”


Haru said and bowed down low.


“Hey now Haru. That was where you were supposed to say you would someday overtake me.”

“I will someday become a knight that is capable of protecting you.”


I said as I raised Haru’s head and stroked her ears.

Seriously ― doesn’t she understand that it is the man’s job to protect the girl?


But, thinking back to how I fought while entrusting my back to Haru ― that combination fits us surprisingly well. Even though Haru’s specialty, her agility, is lost when I entrust my back to her, with her protecting my back, I can demonstrate greater power than usual.


“I’ll be counting on you, Haru. And also Carol and Marina … ”

“Don’t make such a face. That’s so ill-omened before we go exterminate the dragon. Don’t underestimate the power of words.”


Marina poked fun at me.


“Otto, that’s right. We’ve become stronger so … let’s go exterminate the dragon … ”

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