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GC V6C128

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(128) King’s tree

Translator: Tseirp

“Amazing nya! You scared off a Bronze Dragon nya!”


Stella looked extremely delighted but Haru was looking at me expressionlessly.

Carol and Marina were also staring at me as if they were angry about something.


“Er, Haru, Carol, Marina … what’s wrong?”


Haru stepped one step forward when I asked fearfully.


“Master, please don’t take such reckless actions. What would you have done if the Bronze Dragon died while in the air?”


N, no, if that happened ― I would first open the door to My World below me and fall to my own world, close the door once I pass through it and once again repeat the process until I slowly descend but it felt like it wasn’t the atmosphere to give such an excuse.

After all, Carol’s eyes were swimming with tears.


” Sorry.”


I apologized honestly.


“How enviable, to leave me behind and become a Dragon Rider. Let me ride on it together next time.”


Marina said. The part that she was angry about was kind of different.


“Ah, er, Marina-san, I don’t think that’s what Carol and Haru want to say.”

“But don’t you think it’s great? A date in the skies.”


Marina’s smile was not directly at Carol or Haru but at me.

Haru’s tail stood on end while Carol looked down with her cheeks dyed red.


This Marina, stop teasing and playing with us.

I thought as Marina whispered at my ear.


“Malina also likes high places like that so it doesn’t matter which order it is, please bring her too.”


… Marina patted my shoulder and headed for the cave.

I felt like I was beaten by Marina.


I might really be able to have a date in the skies if I become a Monster-user and learn the Tame category skills to make the Dragon my companion.

It would be an honor but deciding the order would likely be troublesome.

Thinking about it normally, the best order would probably be by the order they started journeying with me so it would be Haru, Carol then Malina but then if it’s the first time two people are riding, I would prefer to try riding with the lightest Carol first.

Also, I probably have to consider Malina and Marina separately too?

If I do so, they might feel that it’s unfair how Malina gets to fly in the sky twice.

Or better yet, I should just let Marina fly on her own.


I also headed for the cave while having such thoughts. Stella, Haru and Carol also followed behind.

Halfway through, Marina moved to my back so we advanced in the cave with me in the lead.


“Nevertheless, it’s a strange feeling to have a tree inside a cave. Is it possible for a tree to grow in a place like this?”

“Light is able to shine in at the clearing at the back nya.”

“You mean there’s a hole in the cave ceiling? If that’s the case then wouldn’t it have been better if we entered through the ceiling?”

“It’s slightly different nya. There it doesn’t lead to the sky nya.”


I don’t really get it. Light shines through even though there’s no hole?

What does it mean?


After walking for a while, just like Stella described, I saw an opening and there was bright light leaking out.

It looks like the light was really shining in.


Then ― when we arrived at the clearing, I was thankful that I could see that scenery the first among the party and above that, I was once again thankful that I could see that scenery together with all my party members.

I was moved.


“This, is the reason why the Cat Sith race calls this place our Holy Land nya.”


Stella proudly said and I could understand why she would boast of it.

She can boast about it more than someone who boasts that the Tokyo Sky Tree Tower is in his hometown.


Above that clearing, countless crystals were sparkling under the sunlight.

That spectacle was as if it was a huge natural chandelier.

The reflected light created shimmering patterns on the ground ― and at the place where those lights were most densely focused, stood a single ancient tree.

I wonder if that is the Silver Vine tree we were looking for.


“Even though it’s just a Silver Vine tree, I can feel that it is a special tree since it is located here.”

“It’s not just a Silver Vine tree nya! That is called the King’s Tree, planted by the current Cat Sith King, which seed was taken from the Silver Vine trees planted by the first Cat Sith King who had a pilgrimage around the world planting the seeds of Silver Vine nya.”

“Ooo, I don’t really get it though ― Carol, do you?”


Since Carol possesses the Plant Appraisal skill.

It should be able to at least tell if it is different from a regular Silver Vine tree. I thought.

However, Carol didn’t reply.

When I looked back, Carol was staring at the ancient Silver Vine tree with a frown.




I once again called out to her and Carol gave a start.


“Sorry, Ichino-sama, I was thinking about something.”

“No, it’s alright. Silver Vine harvested from the King’s Tree huh … it might give a lot of experience points.”


Maybe I should change job to Harvester.

Just as I had that thought.


“By the way, Master. I don’t smell Silver Vine at all?”


Haru’s nose was twitching as she said that.


“Eh? Now that you mention it … there’s no smell nya.”


Stella suddenly collapsed ― no, she got on all four and was sniffing with her nose.

Then, she was probably really flustered as she ran on all fours and climbed the Silver Vine tree.


“There’s none nya! None nya! There’s none anywhere nya!”

“What does this mean? Perhaps it needs slightly more time for the fruits to form?”


Well, it’s a plant in nature.

There are many cases where plants need a couple of weeks between harvest periods.

Or so I thought but ―


“Ichino-sama. That Silver Vine tree … has already …”


Carol said with a slightly sad expression.


“It has already died. It might fall at any time. It probably … can’t form Silver Vine fruits … anymore, that’s what my Plant Appraisal says.”


When Carol said that, Stella’s face turned pale blue.


“King … the King is in danger nya!”


And said as she ran out of the cave.

I was stunned for a second due to the abruptness but,


“We have to chase after her!”


We also chased after Stella and left the cave.

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