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GC V6C131

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(131) The trick to cultivating Silver Vine

Translator: Tseirp

Stella and I left the royal palace and headed to the outskirts of town.

Stella asked me what method I would be using to make the Silver Vine Wine but I didn’t answer her. Or rather, I couldn’t answer her.

Because there were other Cat Siths around us. It would be a little unwise to let anyone else hear it.

As I walked to the outskirts of town,


“Firstly, I need the Silver Vine seed from that legendary Silver Vine tree but is it possible to obtain it?”

“We should have it in the royal palace nya.”


Shit, I should have asked that first, such a waste of effort to have to return.

Carol raised her hand just as I thought that.


“Ichino-sama, I have the seed if you are looking for the seed of that Silver Vine tree.”


Carol said as she passed me a brown seed that was about the size of the marble inside a lemon soda bottle.


“This is the seed?”


The Silver Vine seed in my memory is a small seed that is able to fit inside the hole on a five-yen coin.

It was a little unexpected to see that it was so big.


“Yes, I appraised it so it’s definitely correct.”


Ah, that’s right, Carol has the Plant Appraisal skill.


“Carol, why do you have a Silver Vine seed?”


Haru asked with curiosity but Carol only replied ‘It is for Ichino-sama’s sake. Carol must have realized. What I was about to do.


“Stella, please stick this anywhere on your body. Also, do not say a word to anyone about what you are about to see.”

“O … okay nya.”


While looking confused at my words, Stella pasted the star seal I passed to her on her paw.

When she did that, the seal completely assimilated into the palm of her hand.

After confirming that, I chanted.


“My World!”


A dimensional rift appeared.


“Well then, let’s go.”


I took the hand of the considerably nervous Stella and led her to my world.


“Nya! Where is this place nya!”


Stella was probably shocked because we were suddenly in a different location.

Due to the sudden change, she dropped to all fours and her tail was standing upright as she looked vigilantly around her.


“Well, think of it as something like a subspace … even so …”


In addition to the log house, a few other buildings were already completed and there was even a small stable.

Inside the small stable, Fuyun was looking bored. I thought that it would be fine to let him roam freely since it’s a grassland after all though.


“S‧te‧lla‧saaaaan! You came to see me!”


Her personality crumbled as Malina approached with a mad dash, hugged Stella and rubbed her cheeks together with hers.


“Welcome home, Master Ichinojo. Would you like to eat? Or enter the bath? Or would you prefer to supply MP?”


Where did she learn such lines?


” … Thank you for the unique greeting, Pionia. I can supply MP to you but it looks like you would have to use it immediately. I plan to grow Silver Vine in this world.”

“Silver Vine … I see, so a fifth member has joined Master Ichinojo’s harem.”

“My relationship with Stella is not like that and I don’t have the intention of making a harem in the first place.”


Well, I have a promise with Carol to be in such a relationship with her in the future but I believe that it shouldn’t reach the stage of a harem.

Furthermore, Stella is absolutely not my type. If my strike zone was that wide, it won’t even be possible to give the batter an intentional walk. Well, I do admit that she is a cute creature. (TL: ‘Intentional walk’ is a baseball term. It is basically done by throwing pitches outside the strike zone to let the batter walk-over to the first base.)

While looking at the black cat appearance of Stella that Malina was still continuing to rub her cheeks against,


“What do you think about this seed? Do you think it will grow into a large tree?”


I showed Pionia the Silver Vine seed. She stared at the seed.


“Please first supply me with MP. I will try promoting its growth in a limited section.”



I moved to Pionia’s back, slipped my hand in from below her shirt and placed my hand on her back.

While I was supplying MP to her, Haru went to tend to Fuyun, Carol went to the warehouse to check on the harvested crops, whereas Malina and Stella had disappeared without me noticing. I hope she’s safe … I think I can still accept it if it’s until the stage of kissing but I sincerely hope that it doesn’t go any further than that.


… Pionia’s back was warm like a real person’s back and it was slightly soft.


“Master Ichinojo, the magical power waves becomes intense once you are excited so please calm down.”

“I … I’m not excited!”

“Is that so?”


I reflexively lied but Pionia didn’t act like she was particularly interested.

She really felt human at times like these too.


“Incidentally, just now you said that Stella is the fifth member of my harem so does that make the fourth member you?”


The other three, Haru, Carol and Malina are most likely definite.

I thought that perhaps she counted Malina and Marina separately but,


“The fourth member is Fuyun-sama.”

“Even before the fact that Fuyun is a horse, he is male in the first place! Also, you even address Fuyun politely huh?”

“Positive. I am a temporary life form, not a living creature. As such, living creatures are higher beings compared to myself.”


That manner of saying it was somewhat lonely.


” … Temporary life form … I really don’t see it that way. I also felt that you were having fun teasing me just now.”

“Negative. I do not derive fun from teasing the master I think most highly of. I only teased master so that master will relax.”

“You … ha … so, do you still need MP? It’s starting to feel painful.”

“Affirmative. The MP for nurturing the Silver Vine has long been reached but it would help if I have a lot more.”


I gently took my hands out of Pionia’s clothes.

Then, I passed her the seed.


“Then, please do so.”

“Understood. Do you wish to plant the seed here?”

“Ah, this place would be fine.”

“Well then …”


Pionia planted the Silver Vine seed and held a book in one hand.

The book shined faintly.


Then ― the just planted seed grew two sprouts.

While I was thinking that, those sprouts progressively extended and became thin branches in the blink of an eye. The surrounding grass began to wither.

There was not enough nutrition.

Then, by the time I noticed, the tree reached about 5 meters in height ―


“Are those … the Silver Vine fruits? Seriously?”


Pear-like shining golden fruits grew plentifully on the tree.

Anyway, I’ve gotten my hands on Silver Vine fruits.

Then, the next step would be to make wine here but … eh?


Now that I think about it, I wonder how much time is needed to make wine from Silver Vine?

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