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GC V6C132

(132) Let’s make Silver Vine Wine

Translator: Tseirp

Nevertheless, it sure is a large tree. Even though there isn’t a sun, the entire sky of this world shines faintly.

Because of that, a faint shadow formed below the tree.

I thought of immediately harvesting the Silver Vine but I decided to refrain from doing so.


“Nya nya! Where did this tree come from nya!?”

“Amazing right. This is Ichino-san’s power.”


Stella was shocked as she looked like she was disregarding the cheeks rubbing against hers while Malina answered while rubbing her cheeks against hers. Malina was being talkative, incomparable to her usual self.


“It is possible to hasten the growth rate of plants here.”

“But the Legendary Silver Vine shouldn’t be able to grow in normal places nya …”


Really? Now that I think about it, the location where that Silver Vine tree was at was certainly special.

The ceiling was covered in crystals.


“Due to the ceiling at that place, not only does light cascade right down the middle the whole day while the sun is out, it also gathers moonlight so it can be said to be a place that nurtures plant growth nya.”

“So it was a place like that … it certainly was bright but … nevertheless, I remember that there weren’t many other plants.”


In response to my question, Pionia bent down and said while looking at the withered grass.


“It should be because this tree snatches even the nutrients that are meant for the other plants.”


Ah, I see. I looked below my feet.

The grass surrounding the tree had withered.


“A king grows by absorbing the energy of the commoners(grass) huh?”

“The King doesn’t do something like that nya!”

“Ah, sorry. I didn’t mean it that way. I meant that there are kings that are like that too.”


Stella was offended. Since to her, a king would refer to her father.”


“I unintentionally scolded you nya. Sorry nya.”


Stella bowed just as I was reflecting on my words.


“Well then, let’s quickly harvest the Silver Vine fruits.”

“No, it would probably be dangerous if Stella climbed to harvest. Since you might be affected while you are on the tree and fall down. Moreover, I wish to let Carol do the harvesting … but …”


I took out the spare mask I bought that resembled the mask Marina always wears and placed it on Malina.


“Ichino, it’s not like it will work just because it is a mask? The mask I received from Kannon has a unique power within it.”

“It’s alright, you came out anyway. Since this mask is also a special mask.”


Malina had turned into Marina. Incidentally, it wasn’t a special mask, it was really just an ordinary mask.


“Oops, sorry Stella.”


Marina released Stella.

Then, I took out a regular bow and quiver instead of her magic bow.


“Can you do feats like those by Robin Hood?”

“Umu, there are none that can’t be pierced by my heart’s eye. Easily done.”


Sounds really reliable. I have no idea what she sees with her heart’s eye but we all recognize Marina’s skill with the bow.


“So, Stella. How many should we get?”

“Hmm, three for now.”

“Umu, understood.”


Marina extracted a single arrow from the quiver.

Oya, I imagined that she would take three arrows out and shoot all three down with a grin but I guess she decided to do it steadily.

Well, it’s an important fruit so maybe she thought that she shouldn’t damage them.


Just as I thought that was the case ― I noticed a flash of light inside Marina’s eyes.


At that time, she released the arrow.


( ― Thread!?)


I did not miss out the knot tied onto the end of the arrow.

And then, immediately after the arrow was released, before I knew it, Marina pulled her hand backward.


Is Marina going to show me the first street performance of hers I saw again?

At a timing like this?


The arrow splendidly shot through the stem of a Silver Vine fruit.

The Silver Vine fruit fell down and it fit within my palm. Then, the arrow flew off into the distance ― or so I thought but it made a large turn and flew back.


(I wonder what does she do to be able to manipulate the arrow with a thread.)


Street Performer might really be a blessing after all?

That’s absolutely a superhuman-class skill.


The arrow returned in a straight line, shot through the stems of two Silver Vine fruits and they respectively fell in front of Stella and Marina.

At the end, the arrow shot into the quiver that had its lid left open and was collected snugly. The quiver did not fall over.


I would certainly find it strange if anyone doesn’t get amazed by that.

The quiver didn’t fall over. To make it not fall over like that, the arrow must enter directly from above.

Moreover, there were other arrows inside the quiver too.

Despite all that, it fit snugly into the quiver.


“Marina, did your technique get better?”

“Umu, as expected, it’s because of the bow equip skill. It’s a comfortable feeling.”


I see, it’s the influence of that huh? Normally, dedicated skills can’t be used without the equivalent equip skill but Marina was splendidly manipulating arrows while ignoring that fact before.


“Then, let’s quickly start making this into wine … eh?”


Eh? Normally I feel like Stella would be going ‘Amazing nya, too incredible nya!’ but she was awfully quiet. I thought so as that Stella was,




She was hugging the Silver Vine fruit and releasing erotic sounds while lying on her back.

Looks like she was defeated by the smell of the Silver Vine.


“Master, I’m back … eh? What happened to Stella?”

“It seems like she has been affected by the Silver Vine. I’m stumped, I wanted to ask her the method to make Silver Vine Wine … eh, wait. If Kannon originally made Silver Vine Wine too, Marina should know as well right?”

“Umu, I know. Kannon makes Silver Vine Wine by soaking Silver Vine in White Liquor.”


… White Liquor is a kind of distilled spirit right? I don’t have something like that.


“Master Ichinojo, if Silver Vine has sugar content, then it is possible to make wine with it alone. We can use wine yeast and nectar.”

” … Is it possible?”

“Affirmative. Leave it to me.”


Thus, the Silver Vine Wine production began.

Incidentally, fermentation takes a couple of weeks but even fermentation was considered under plant growth so it was possible to ferment it in an instant using MP. To be exact, we will have to pause the growth during the addition of nectar to maintain the alcohol content so it can’t actually be done in an instant and preparation was also required before fermentation so for now, it would likely take five hours to complete.

Rather, it’s a big deal to be able to make wine in just five hours.


“So, Pionia. What are the detailed steps to take?”

“Starting with ―”


Author’s note:

Starting with ―

The Silver Vine Wine would suddenly be complete next time.

Eh? Why?

Primarily because making Silver Vine Wine is a crime.

This novel might be picking a fight with Hello Work but,

It will not aid in the creation of moonshine.

By the way, Silver Vine Wine … is not that tasty either.

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  2. Irina Akashira

    thanks for the update

  3. Tup

    Is making silver vine wine really is a crime?
    I tried to find the article still can’t find it for some reason (probably the language)

    and what does it have to do with hello ?work

    • GuldTasken

      I think the Author is merely playing with words. I think it is the fact that he wanted to avoid writing a description on how to create your own alcohol, aka Moonshine. Which would be illegal.

      On an unrelated note, Moonshine and Silver Vine Wine sounds similar. The moon is generally described as the Silver of the sky. So it might just be a play of words on Moonshine.

      Point is, the Author doesn’t want to educate his readers(Potentially himself) on the act of brewing alcohol which is illegal in many countries.

    • Hakurei06

      I think he’s saying that his work is basically an affront to Hello Work in general (since it touts a Jobless MC). As for the wine, it is illegal to manufacture a beverage with an alcoholic content of greater than one percent by volume (according to this old Japan Times article:

  4. Thanks for the Chapter!

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  13. Weasalopes

    Well, it used to be illegal for private individuals to manufacture alcoholic beverages in the United States (one of the leftovers from Prohibition), but in most states that was changed in the 1970s-1980s.

    There is still a maximum amount that a private individual can produce in a year, as the allowance is for private consumption, not for sale. But the amount is over a hundred gallons, I believe.

    And distillation is still illegal; that’s partially because it’s kinda tricky, if not done correctly one produces grain alcohol, which is toxic. Even though a different process is used, freezing and removing the ice that forms to increase the alcohol level is also considered covered by the ban on distillation.

    • Dancer

      Hot distillation (Heat the mash gently to the boiling point of ethanol. Collect the steam using a hood {upside down funnel fitted as lid} connected to a cooled drainage pipe {the stereotype cooled tube}. Discard the first few ounces of output) is preferred. By discarding the initial output from the condenser you will eliminate some of the methanol (wood alcohol) if any is in the mash as it has a lower boiling point than ethanol and will evaporate first.

      Cold distillation (drain the liquid from the mash. Freeze the liquid. Discard the ice) concentrates all the alcohols including any methanol present.

      Methanol is a deadly poison. Be very careful when cold distilling.

      To make Applejack (apple brandy) distill hard cider. Commercially sold cider is safe to cold distill.

  14. Oh come on, anyone can look up how to ferment stuff on the internet lol

  15. Dancer

    “By the way, Silver Vine Wine … is that not tasty either.”

    This says that Silver Wine IS tasty

    From context it should be

    “By the way, Silver Vine Wine … is not that tasty either.”

    This says that Silver Wine IS NOT tasty.

    In this case the word order is critical.

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