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IS B11C202

Chapter 202: Three months from then

Translator: Tseirp

While walking to Meratoni together with Lionel and party, I briefly explained to them the circumstances which brought us to gather at Meratoni and asked them about what has happened on their side these three months.


” … And so, to conclude in simple terms, I went to Nelldal and somehow became a Sage. But, like before, I’m a defective Sage that can’t use anything other than Holy Attribute Magic though.”

I laughed at myself and joked.

I said that precisely because I could say it now. If I could not regain my power even after going through all that, the air around me would definitely turn heavy in an instant.

“As long as you have Holy Attribute Magic, Luciel-sama has nothing to fear. I will receive all attacks towards Luciel-sama and cleave through all the enemies that stand in your way.”

Lionel who was beside me suddenly stood in front of me and declared after kneeling on one knee …


” … Hey Lionel, hasn’t your personality changed a little?”

How do I put it, he’s become a little hot-blooded.

There was a person who agreed with my words. Cathy.

“That’s so true nya. Ever since Lionel-sama heard that he has a child, he’s been training every single second to the point where he’s worn-out every day until we were about to ban him from the Healer’s District nya.”

“Child? With Naria?”

“Even though I’ve lost my level and skills, my combat experience still remain. Also, my body regained its youth so I’m filled with energy … hahaha.”

… It’s great that he’s rejuvenated in various aspects but doesn’t that mean he left the pregnant Naria behind and came here? I’ll ask Cathy about that later.


“Well … that’s good right? I’ll ask more in detail later but has it become easier to live in Ienith?”

“Yeah, it’s the embodiment of peace. We’ve begun interviewing and hiring retired adventurers that show good actual result at the school and Luciel Enterprise has been using the funds obtained from business for the development of the country’s economy so new jobs have become available and everyone looks happy.”

Luciel Enterprise … it’s true that I gathered capable talents but I didn’t expect it to reach this level.

If that’s the case, why don’t I just live in Ienith, eh? I smell nothing but trouble though …


” … I see. If everyone is happy even if I don’t manage anything, then it’s the best. Now then, what about the rumors about my God’s punishment?”

“The half-beastmen squad born in the former slums of Ienith caught the person who spread the rumors on Luciel-sama and we’ve already fed him the truth serum developed by the Herbalist Guild and we’re halfway through the investigation.”

… Just like Garba-san, the Ienith residents work quickly too in making the person confess.


“There was no confusion among the Ienith residents?”

“There wasn’t anybody who believed it. Furthermore, even if Luciel-sama can’t use Holy Attribute Magic, as the head of Luciel Enterprise that invested a huge amount of budget for the development of Ienith, there is nobody who would hold a grudge against you.”

Lionel said confidently.

When I turned to Cathy and Kefin, they also nodded with smiles.

“I see. That’s great then.”

There wasn’t any chaos in Ienith at all and I would have felt bad if there were any who held grudges against me so I was honestly relieved.


“Also, when I was talking with Jasuan-dono, I heard that you two have mock battles quite often? About how strong are you now?”

Cathy answered my question.

“It’s about the level where Lionel-sama would win about once every ten rounds if I or Kefin are his opponent nya.”

Lionel had a sour expression but for a person whose level and skill got reset just three months ago, he’s actually capable of winning against Cathy and Kefin whose level surpass 200.

Cathy’s tail was swaying perhaps because she was happy that she won against Lionel but Kefin’s expression was heavy.

I was worried about that behavior and asked him.

“Kefin, what’s wrong?”

“Nowadays, through mock battles, most likely in order to become stronger at a quicker pace, Lionel-san has broken the hearts of rookie adventurers, shattered the self-confidence of intermediate adventurers and lately even upper-rank adventurers have averted their eyes. And that’s not only limited to Lionel-san, it even extends to us.”

Lionel averted his gaze when I looked at him.

“Er, thank you Kefin, it’s great to have you around.”

It felt like I gained a fellow who had the common sense of regular people.

Kefin was probably struggling.

Just as I was nodding, as if hit by a good idea, Lionel began giving excuses.


“Adventurers are unlike soldiers, they don’t have a norm for training and there are none who train until they puke blood so I was a little disappointed. Now I have Jasuan-dono as my opponent so we can both aim for greater heights together.”

Regardless of what Lionel expected, although he lamented the training method of adventurers, it looked like he did not notice his own strangeness.

However, I realized that the same situation was happening at Meratoni’s Adventurer’s Guild but I felt that it won’t matter even if I said it then so I stopped talking about that topic.

Then, I moved my gaze away from Lionel and looked at Paula and Rician talking to each other about inventions … and spoke to Dolan who was looking from behind with a smile.

“Dolan, what have you been doing the seven months we’ve not seen each other?”


“Time flew by in no time by the time I finished making everyone’s equipment. If possible, I wanted to install magic cannons on that but the development has been slow.”

He probably wasn’t even aware that he was making weapons. (TL: As in he’s so engrossed in planning and constructing that it has become something like his pet project/hobby)

Well, it would be useful in defeating flying monsters.

Nevertheless, I couldn’t help but think that it’s really over-technology …


” … You’re completely in your dream world.”

“Yeah. I have Luciel-sama to thank for that.”

Dolan said with a bright and cheerful smile.

I got a little embarrassed and asked about the other two at Orford.

“By the way, how are Grand-san and Toretto-san doing?”

“It seemed to me that their engineer’s soul was burning when they saw that. They enthusiastically asked that Luciel-sama buy it if they make something interesting.”

” … I’ll see. I have a feeling that something outrageous will be built if it’s the two of them?”

“Umu. They blamed it all on me and Luciel-sama who gave them inspiration.”

“That’s because the researchers in Orford including the two of them are made up of oddballs.”

“That’s so true.”

I prayed hard that they develop a tool to build a peaceful world.

If possible, I’d hope they invent a series similar to Angel’s Pillow.


Just like that, we distracted ourselves by having those silly conversations and before I knew it, we could see Meratoni’s gate … and my feet ground to a stop.

I had a proper reason for doing so.

Even though in the past it was only the Healer’s Guild, now the entirety of Meratoni was covered with banners that said ‘Welcome to Meratoni, the hometown of Sage Luciel’.


” … What’s with this. Even if it is to dispel the rumors, I’m not pleased at all.”

“It’s currently an emergency so regardless of Luciel-sama’s personal feelings, this was quite an effective method to tell the world that the rumors were a lie and that you have actually advanced down the path of Sage so there’s no helping it.”

” … I understand. I’ll vent these feelings on those who spread those rumors.”


And when we reached Meratoni’s gates, the gate soldier saluted me.

Furthermore, the gate soldier-san was delighted for some reason so I asked why.


“Er, why are you so pleased?”

“Luciel-sama might not recall but, just like how I am doing so now, I was guarding the gate when Luciel-sama first came to Meratoni.”

He said that but I do vividly remember him.

At any rate, he was the first person I met in this world and he was holding a spear so he’s completely engraved in my memories.


“Yeah. You’ve become a little plumper.”

“You remember me!?”

“Yeah. I don’t know your name though.”

“Don’t mind it, I am just a gate soldier after all. Just having you recall me is an honor, Sage-sama.”

“Haha. Thank you. But I’ve only become a Sage for a few days so I’m not used to being called so.”

I replied with a wry smile before entering the town of Meratoni.


Even though it was the evening, it was still slightly early so there were still a lot of human traffic.

For that reason, all the gazes gathered on me and normally Shisho would appear at that time but I couldn’t find him no matter how much I looked.

At the same time, I had a bad feeling about it so I quickly rushed towards the Adventurer’s Guild.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.


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