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IS B11C203

Chapter 203: Urban Legend?

Translator: Tseirp

I brisk walked through the town of Meratoni and when I arrived at the Adventurer’s Guild, Shisho was there.

” … Shisho? Why?”

“Mu, Luciel you’re here? And it feels like the number of people increased …”

“Shisho, what gave you such injuries?”

” …… ”

Shisho had injuries to both his eyes and his left arm and left leg only extended until his elbow and knee.

Moreover, it looked as if Shisho didn’t hear my voice as he didn’t reply me.

It looked just like the condition I was in during my special training but it didn’t explain the left arm and left foot.

I immediately approached Shisho and activated Extra Heal and Recover.


Dazzling lights wrapped around Shisho’s body and he was completely regenerated.

The people around us were at a loss for words at the stunning display but I tried asking Shisho who just recovered what happened.

“Welcome back Luciel. I’m saved thanks to your return.”

However, in front of Shisho’s smile, I replied reflexively.


“I’m back, Shisho. I’ve safely advanced to Sage.”

“Ou. As expected of the disciple I’m proud of.”

Those words made my eyes warm but at that time, as if coming to the realization that Shisho’s wounds had been treated, the gathered masses gave out a tremendous cheer.

Just as I was surprised by that terrific cheer, Shisho addressed the gathered residents with a loud voice.

“You all should understand now that the rumors were mere rumors. Or rather, let’s all celebrate with Luciel his return as a Sage.”

With those words, there was another great cheer and this time it was also accompanied by clapping.


“Luciel, do you have something that is impactful? If you do, it can act as a blow towards those who tried scheming against you this time.”

” … There’s that but it feels like I’ll possibly get involved in something else?”

“Well, don’t fret the minor details. So, do you?”

Shisho replied while sweeping my thoughts aside without affirming or denying it.

Although I felt like it was an unreasonable request, I decided that I can do it just once if it’s to celebrate Shisho’s recovery so I decided to fly in the air.

” … Would it be impactful if I fly in the air?”


Brushing aside Shisho’s question he made with a serious expression, I gave the signal to fly.

“Then, I’ll be going for a short while. Wind Dragon, become my wings to fly freely in the sky.”

The next instant, I rose up into the sky.


I steadily rose higher until about 30 meters up and lightly flew to my left and right for about 10 meters to show everyone before slowly descending.


Let alone Shisho, everyone looked strange with their mouths agape but I guess it’s to be expected as I suddenly flew into the sky.

As I was slowly descending, the setting sun at the distance was breathtaking so it felt like it was a reward for all my hard work.


Until I landed, and even after I landed, not a single person said a word.

“Er, that’s my new ability but was it a little too plain?”

I asked Shisho but a cheer even louder than before went around without waiting for Shisho’s reply.


The cheers didn’t sound like it was going to settle down so this time, Shisho exclaimed to the surroundings.

“With this, everyone should understand that Luciel is a true Sage. From today, spread the word that Meratoni was the town that raised a Sage. Luciel, let’s go in.”


Then, clapping started out of nowhere and I waved and bow without knowing if I should feel happy or embarrassed as we changed locations to the interior of the Adventurer’s Guild.


When we entered the Adventurer’s Guild, everyone was surprised with stiff expressions after seeing Shisho instead of me.

Then, they saw me and once again verified Shisho’s appearance before raising their voices.


“Broad-san’s arm and feet have grown back.”

“So it’s true that Sages surpass Healers.”

“Whirlwind will once again go on a rampage.”

“Let’s run … but before that, let’s raise a toast.”

“Alright, let’s go to the tavern.”

Seeing Shisho’s complete recovery, the adventurers were surprised and overjoyed … but those expressions quickly stiffened and they tried to leave the guild as if escaping.

“Hou. Then I believe the alcohol will be a lot more delicious after working up a sweat. And it can’t be a celebration without the leading actor right? Today, I’ll thoroughly beat you all up. Don’t worry~ This time Luciel is around so don’t be shy.”

The adventurers heading for the exit had blue faces and continued resisting.


Firstly, a warrior with a large shield held his stomach and exclaimed.

“I’m feeling slightly ill. A mock battle with Whirlwind would be very educational though. Hah~ what a pity.”

“Don’t need to worry. Luciel can treat something like that in an instant.”

The warrior fell to his knee at the instant refutation.

Following that, the spear-wielder who suggested to go drink hurriedly gave an excuse.

“Oh, I have an appointment after this so I can’t join you guys.”

“Hou. You’re going to drink right? If you’re satisfied with it, the Adventure’s Guild will provide the alcohol and food so don’t hold back.”

The adventurer’s eyes turned frightened at Shisho’s smile and his gaze slightly shifted towards me.

Or rather, it wasn’t just that man.

Brawny men were all looking at my direction.

Moreover, they were all looking with upturned eyes as if depending on me.


Even I felt bad for them so I decided to reach out to them with a helping hand.

“Shisho, please limit it to one match per person. We can always catch up after today … but we’ve still not decided on our accommodations so … ”

“Mu, alright. I’ll accept it for today.”

“Is that alright with you all?”

I moved my gaze from Shisho to the adventurers and the adventurers began spitting out words of abuse.

“Ugh~ We shouldn’t have expected any better. He’s that Whirlwind’s disciple after all.”

“As expected, even the disciple is a combat maniac.”

“Damn it. Now that I think about it, I heard that he even killed a dragon when he was still a Healer.”

“You idiots, you guys completely bet your hopes on the wrong person.”

It seems like they didn’t know my past nicknames.

While I was thinking that, a single person nodded with a smile.


However, I wonder why I arbitrarily decided from the faces I saw there that there weren’t any adventurers who knew about my past.

Those senior adventurers were still in the Adventurer’s Guild.


“Naive, you guys are naive! Have you all not heard of the legend of the Healer who at level 1 continued to challenge the combat maniac Whirlwind for over a year?”

I recognized the man who said that in jest and the party laughing beside him.

They were the ones who gave me clothes as presents.


“That unbelievable scene where he stands up like a zombie no matter how he is beaten down and he always had a smile for some reason when he’s pulling himself up … ”

“That’s right. The person who stands up no matter how many times he receives that Whirlwind’s … that Demon Instructor’s attacks and drinks with a smile that Object X the Cooking Bear takes out, his name is …”

I’d be troubled if I don’t seal it there.

I used all my strength to shut the mouth of the adventurer who was about to speak.

“Holy Dragon, protect this body. Thunder Dragon, leave everything in the dust.”

All sounds disappeared before he could say the words and I held the adventurer’s shoulder to deliver an electric shock to make him faint.


“I won’t let you say that.”

I was able to prevent the spread of that abominable nickname in the guild.


When I dispelled the Holy Dragon and Thunder Dragon state, the adventurer fainted as if having gotten an electric shock.

Well, I would be troubled too if he died so I was about to cast High Heal when …

“Ah~ah, getting called Demon Instructor again reminds me of how you were called Masochistic Zombie.”

That abominable nickname came out of Shisho’s mouth as if he was reminiscing about the past.


“He’s that rumored …”

“That wasn’t just a legend?”

“I didn’t know it was actually real.”

Such words entered my ears.


“Why did you say it Shisho.”

“Leaving that aside Luciel, you said that you can only use Holy Attribute Magic but you’ve been keeping quite some secrets huh. Furthermore, you’ve become quite considerably stronger.”

Shisho gave a huge grin without even flinching.

” … Well, it’s because a lot happened.”

“Then let’s quickly go to the basement.”

I was locked on by Shisho and the other adventurers showed relieved expressions at the change of target.

“Wait a minute, I’d like to have a mock battle too.”

But at that time, Lionel’s voice was heard.

Once two combat maniacs meet one another … I looked at Cathy and Kefin and they averted their eyes.

“Ah? Ah, why isn’t it Sen’oni.”

“It’s been some time Whirlwind.”

“Kukuku. Looks like it will be a festival today.”

“Fu, I’ll give you a blood festival.”

“Talk is useless. Let’s go. Luciel, look forward to it.”

At times like these, usually Grulga-san or Garba-san would be around but I wondered why they didn’t appear.

I wondered where did I make a mistake.

While I questioned myself, Shisho grabbed my robe and we moved to the underground training ground.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.


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