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Chapter 204: Shisho

Translator: Tseirp

I was semi-forcefully taken to the underground training field.

They could have taken the chance to escape since I already took the fall but perhaps they were confident that he won’t change his target from me, the Adventurers unanimously came to the training ground to see the teacher-student showdown between Shisho and me.

Then, when we arrived at the training ground, I found Garba-san and Grulga-san there.


The two of them showed a momentary look of surprise seeing Shisho’s recovery from his wounds.

But it immediately changed to a smile and they called out to me.

“Luciel-kun, welcome back, in various ways. You healed Broad well.”

“Luciel, you returned at a great timing. I’ve made various new works so I look forward to hearing your comments.”

The two of them greeted me like usual.

I wonder why those casual words made me feel like I’ve truly returned to my hometown? I smiled and joked around.

“Garba-san, Grulga-san, I’ve safely become a Sage and returned. Also Grulga-san, you can let Shisho eat your new creations.”

“Just drinking that stuff is tough so I might just lose consciousness if I have to eat it.”

Ah, looks like he’s already drinking Object X.

Even though he said in the past that he won’t drink something so disgustingly bad.

I teased Shisho more, like I was venting off my past resentments.

“But you’ll become stronger just by eating it? Since there’s a prime example here.”

“Luciel became stronger by learning the basics properly and repeating it. It’s a joke to claim that you can become stronger just by drinking Object X.”

Ah, that’s bad. It looks like he’s about to tear.


” … It’s certain that there’s an effect depending on the amount one eats and drinks though.”

“There’s no way I’ll eat something like that when it has not even been demonstrated to give the same effect after mixing it with other ingredients! I’d rather throw myself into a fight once, no ten, or if that’s not enough, even a hundred times rather than eat that.”

… As expected of a combat maniac, the way he sees it is different.

Now that he mentioned it, it was never proven that it can still raise proficiency after mixing it into cooking.

Maybe it would be easier to drink if I dilute it one is to one with honey and cool it?


Just as my thoughts were derailing, Garba-san and Grulga-san approached Shisho.

“Well then, I believe Broad is aware of it but your sight, hearing, and arms have been healed. You do know that you have a mountain pile of work waiting for you right?”

“That’s right. I’ve tolerated it for five days since you were injured. But, now that you’ve returned to working condition, you can use the time you have for yourself effectively after you finish your work.”

” … Today is the celebration of my recovery so let me do what I please, no, let me just have a single round.”

A genuine combat maniac was here.

That’s why it would have been best for them if they ran away … they have yet to grasp Shisho’s character.


Shisho declared to the Adventurers who were about to flee.

“I’ll increase your Object X quantity if you run away.”

When he said that, the Adventurers had faces of despair like their road for retreat from hell was cut off.


But if he could threaten them with increasing the amount, it meant that they have been drinking Object X. To be honest, I was surprised.

Well, it’s not like they are gulping it down but thinking back to how I was the only Adventurer who drank it seven years back, it looked like they have finally understood the benefit of Object X.


“Well, it would end quickly if it’s just one round. The preparation for cooking has already been completed anyway.”

“It’s true that the urgent work has already been done during the afternoon so we do have that little bit of leeway.”

“”But you have to promise us that you will return to your work after one round.””

After Garba-san and Grulga-san warned Shisho and gave their consent to the mock battles, the Adventurers lost the final fort they could depend on.

“Understood. Since Luciel will heal them if it’s just to the extent of half-killing them, I can use all my strength at ease and it would probably be good training.”

The grinning Shisho alone gave the Adventurers a mild scare.

The mock battle began immediately after that.


First would be the battle between Shisho and the Adventurers.


Lionel and the others were beside me so we made predictions to the mock battle.

“So which side do you think will win? I would usually think that the Adventurers would win. But I have a feeling that Shisho might win?”

But Lionel shook his head.

“It might be possible if he trained in Ienith like me where there are many monsters but in the Saint Schull’s Allied Nations where the monsters are scarce, he would not be able to raise his level that much so the odds are 7 to 3 for the Adventurers to win.”

“I think Whirlwind will win nya. He definitely retains his memories of combat so I feel that he has most likely made remarkable growth nya.”

“I also think Whirlwind will win. Lionel-san is the same, considering his stoic personality to become stronger …”

That’s when I realized that Nadia and the others weren’t there.

“Eh, where’s Dolan, Nadia and the others?”

“Ah, I think they went to book the inn for today together with a couple of Adventurers.”

“I see. Oh, it has begun.”

The preparations were completed while we were talking and Shisho confronted a party of six.


At the same time Garba-san gave the cue to start, the Adventurers attacked.


The four vanguards assaulted Shisho with various weapons.

Shisho parried the Swordsman’s attack without avoiding it and pushed him towards the direction of the opponent stabbing at him with a dagger. Then, he drew his shield and blocked the attack from the Greataxe-user who attacked from the opposite side.


That fighting style was what I saw in the past … no, what I was taught in the past.


In situations where you face one against many, the goal is to either not receive any attacks or to limit the damage to the lowest amount if you have to take the attack.

The aim is to continue to handle the attacks without attacking until you see an opportunity.

When a person does a strong attack, they would be flustered when you don’t get defeated in a single blow and it would lead to mistakes in their cooperation.

Furthermore, he also mentioned that if the attacks were seen to be even slightly effective, it would lead them to feel conceited.

It felt like Shisho was actually showing that to me in a real battle.


However, in my heart, I felt a sense of desolation from recalling Shisho’s past god-like speed that gave one the illusion that he was grasping at clouds when trying to hit him and his nimble footsteps that even concealed the sounds of his footfalls.


The mock battle continued.

Even from here, I could clearly see Shisho’s movements without losing sight of him.

That was also similar for the Adventurers he were fighting as they collaborated their attacks and completely sealed Shisho’s movements.


Just as Shisho defended against the greataxe with his shield, another Swordsman stabbed at him but he kicked the knee of the Greataxe-user and escaped backward.

But, as if they have experienced that countless times, a dagger was thrown and a Fireball flew over as if aiming for that moment.

It wasn’t a surprise that an Adventurer could use magic but since he could use magic in such a cramped battlefield, I could tell that he had considerable ability.


Shisho blocked the dagger with his shield but he took the Fireball that was released together with the dagger as well.

The Fireball caused a small explosion when it landed on the shield.


Even though it looked like it was a chance for them, he once again closed in on the vanguards.

He threw the shield at the Adventurers and sped towards them.

The Adventurers showed stunned expressions but they immediately attacked.

I thought that it would turn out badly so I quickly prepared Magic Circle Chant for High Heal when in the blink of the eye, none of the attacks reached Shisho and the weapons in the four vanguards’ hands fell to the ground.

Shisho didn’t slow down as he approached the Magician and Hunter at the back when Garba-san’s voice was heard.


“That’s enough! The winner is Broad.”


Shisho raised his right arm that was holding his sword.

It looked like Shisho was still the beyond-ordinary Shisho after all.


“Could you tell what happened?”

” … Beats me? But it looks like despite having weakened, Whirlwind is still Whirlwind after all. Haha, my blood is boiling. Luciel-sama, let’s go.”

I asked Lionel but his attention was already on Shisho rather than on our conversation.

It seemed like the fire was lit for the combat maniac here too.

Lionel led me to the center of the training ground.


“How was that Luciel? Even though I’ve weakened, I’ve returned to being able to at least win against B-rank Adventurers with fundamentals.”

Shisho looked like he was delighted with a smug look on his face.

Well, I was honestly overjoyed that Shisho won but I said to Shisho while looking at the Adventurers.

” … Try to restrain yourself a little. They won’t be able to stand tall if you crush their B-rank party alone.”

“Yup. Even though I stress that the fundamentals are important, this is the whip of love for those idiots who try to show off just because they raised their ranks. Since it would be a loss if they get killed by monsters or the likes.”

“Well, I do get what you’re trying to say though.”

I gave a bitter smile as I activated Middle Heal on Shisho and the Adventurers.


“However, I don’t get why they hate the mock battles that much?”

I felt that the Adventurers were telling me to not say unnecessary things with their eyes but I already said it so it couldn’t be helped.

“Of course. That’s because the real deal begins now, right Sen’Oni.”

“Yup. It was a draw three months ago but this time I will be taking the win, Whirlwind.”

“Don’t be ridiculous. If you believe that you have the advantage just because you raised your level then I’ll properly carve the truth into your body. The truth of genuine strength.”

As fighting spirit was gushing out from the eyes of the two of them, the Adventurers who I finished treating showed relieved expressions and we left the training ground together. Along the way, I asked Garba-san to be the referee for their mock battle.


“Garba-san, this time the two of them will be fighting so I leave it to you.”

“Alright. Now then the two of you, time is wasting so quickly get ready and start.”


Thus once again after three months, the battle between Shisho and Lionel began.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.


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