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IS B11C206

The long awaited battle 😀 Awesome~

Chapter 206: Arrogance

Translation: Tseirp

Currently, in front of my eyes, there were two combat maniacs.

Shisho equipped with his original one-handed sword and small shield and beside him, Lionel equipped with his greatsword and large shield.

Those two people were clearly showing combative expressions as they gave off an extraordinary sense of intimidation.

I felt that it was hard to even breathe.




At the same time I heard Garba-san’s voice, I immediately activated Area Barrier and hastily jumped backward.

After doing that, Shisho’s sword that was a moment late passed through the spot where my neck was at …

If I was a little slower, my head would have separated from my torso …

I seriously felt that but I felt a sense of incompatibility when I landed behind.

Then, that turned into shock.

Shisho had not moved a single step.


To even show me an illusion with just his spirit, isn’t he already going at full strength … !?

This time, when I flew to my side, a fireball of about one meter in diameter flew past me.


“Luciel-sama, to have the free time to look elsewhere, you sure have a lot more allowance. I’ll steadily fire more then.”

Lionel didn’t use it when he fought with Shisho, or rather, he couldn’t use it but it seemed like it had more power than a poorly composed magic so he had mastered a medium-to-long range attack.


Even though it was troublesome just dealing with the mysterious attack from Shisho, it’s now compounded with Lionel’s ability to fight outside his vanguard position.


I took a deep breath and cleared my head.


At the moment it was decided that I would be fighting the two of them, it was given that I would lose.

Then I just have to do what I am capable of doing.

My actions became slower because I was thinking about unnecessary things.

After slowly exhaling, I instantly activated Body Strengthening and dashed towards Lionel.


I kicked the ground while maintaining my low posture and instantly closed the gap between us before swinging my Illusionary Sword with all my strength.

Then, I struck Lionel’s large shield but I ignored it and sliced through, causing a 『Guoooooo』 screeching sound to ring out. My single strike sliced through half of the large shield before stopping.

I already knew that Shisho would not overlook the opening I had for that instant.

Shisho’s thrust came from my side but I somehow perceived it.


And it was obvious that it would hurt if I was stabbed.

In an effort to deny that, my brain compelled me to speak the words.

“Water Dragon, build an ice wall to protect my body.”

After muttering that, I used Lionel’s shield as a scaffold and kicked to escape from the death zone.

Then, 『Kiiiiin』 『Gaaaaa』 I heard two sounds, a sharp and a blunt sound.


The sharp sound was by Shisho, the sword that he thrust with was sealed in the ice wall together with his arm.

And at the same time, the dull sound was Lionel’s Flaming Greatsword that attacked from Shisho’s opposite side and was also blocked by the ice wall.

I was seriously grateful that the defensive method the Water Dragon showed me during training could be of use so quickly.

To be safe, I opened my status and was heartlessly shown that my remaining magical power amount could only last another usage of the dragons’ power.


“Oi oi Luciel, what’s with only being able to use Holy Attribute Magic!! Aren’t you showing how you are capable of using various other kinds?”

“I didn’t expect you to fly in the air, move like lightning and even create ice walls … as expected of a Sage.”

“”How interesting.””

The two of them were increasingly getting heated up and they were totally beginning to exude the presence of hunters standing in front of their prey.

” … The two of you are seriously scary though?”

“”It’s just your imagination. Now, let’s commence the continuation.””

… It was seriously frightening to see that the two of them had nothing but fighting left in their head.


That’s because not only the large shield that’s held with Lionel’s left hand, even his arm was sliced about halfway through so it was quite serious with a large amount of blood flowing out.

Furthermore, because the ice wall was built at the right timing, Shisho’s right arm was also encased within making it such that he couldn’t move his right arm together with his sword but he unreasonable pulled them out causing quite severe injuries to his arm.

Despite all that, the two of them did not retract their fighting instinct and even though I looked at Garba-san, he shook his head with a bitter smile.


He most likely knew that he won’t be able to stop Shisho once he became like that.

I once again thought of it after a long time but it looks like a person’s personality can’t be repaired even after experiencing death once.

Looking at the two of them once again, I could tell that the condition of their wounds was severe.

It was a valuable chance where I can easily win by dragging the time but I can’t show Shisho such a despicable act during a mock battle.

Having determined that, I decided to defeat the two of them post haste and treat their wounds.


For that to happen, I obviously needed to bring out my all.

That’s why I decided to utilize my greatest ability.

“I’ll be coming at full power okay. Holy Dragon, protect this body; Thunder Dragon, leave everything in the dust.”

The sounds stretched out and disappeared.


I kicked the ground with all my strength and rushed into Lionel’s chest first but I was wary of the Flaming Greatsword that appeared in front of my eyes so I side stepped before kicking Lionel in his stomach.

After confirming the definite sensation transmitted to my foot, I next turned to attack Shisho but I was hit by a terrible sense of foreboding.

However, my remaining magical power amount was scarce so I decided to ignore it and end it at once.

But I understood that was an error brought about by my arrogance when I ended up looking up at the training ground ceiling that I looked at countless times in the past as my consciousness slipped away.


Even if I can borrow the power of the Thunder Dragon, it doesn’t mean that I can fully utilize its power.

I just only started using this power so it’s to be expected.

I ignored such an obvious fact.

It’s indeed true that my attacks absolutely become linear due to it and I had not gotten used to the speed so my movements were repetitive too.

Despite that, I believed in my heart that nobody could catch my movements.


I ran in a straight line for Shisho and released a kick that should certainly have connected with Shisho.

However, the instant I kicked Shisho, I totally didn’t feel any feedback, or rather, it was too late when I sensed a somewhat thin presence of Shisho.

“T o o  n a i v e.”

Just as I registered the slow voice of Shisho, my leg and arm were caught by something and without slowing down the speed that was applied to my body, my back was slammed into the hard floor.

The extraordinary pain threatened to rob me of my consciousness which proved that my brain was working normally.

Just as I had that thought while me consciousness was slipping away, I heard a pain-filled voice from Shisho for some reason but I didn’t have any time left to ascertain that.

My consciousness was swallowed by darkness.


I woke up to the uncomfortable feeling and sound of water splashing onto my face.


Not only my back but my whole body was hurting.

I immediately applied Extra Heal on myself.


Why does it hurt so badly? When I looked around my surroundings after the light subsided, I saw that Shisho and Lionel had collapsed with pale faces.

“Oo, Luciel, you finally woke up. You just only woke up but please treat the two of them.”

Due to Garba-san’s slightly flustered voice while holding a tub, I finally regained my thought process.

“Ah, yes. Okay.”

Lionel did not have any noticeable external trauma other than his arm.

However, the blood loss from his arm was enormous so I sensed that he was becoming anemic.

And Shisho wasn’t only injured on his right arm where he unreasonably yanked it out of the ice wall but also on his back which was scorched and burned.

I quickly applied Extra Heal on both of them.


Which watching their wounds heal, I began thinking about why I had lost.


I totally didn’t expect myself to lose after using that dragon’s power.

In the end, I still couldn’t solve the mystery of how Shisho disappeared.

“I can’t replenish the blood that the two of you lost so please have a good balance of food and plentiful rest.”

“Kukuku. Was it that mortifying to lose?”

“To be disgruntled after showing that much power, as expected, Luciel-sama also likes fighting to a considerable extent.”

“You have such thoughts too? Then we should greatly increase the combat frequency. It would let us both regain other fighting techniques and dispel Luciel’s doubts on how to use his own power.”

I can’t say that it’s not vexing to me to have lost to them but it’s not to that extent … I think.


Rather than that, the desire to solve Shisho’s mystery had a much higher priority.

“No no no, don’t arbitrarily categorize me into the combat maniacs group!! I merely can’t understand why even though my attack should have connected with Shisho, I totally didn’t feel any feedback and even though my attack came in a straight trajectory, how was it that Shisho could follow my speed.”

“Luciel, I’ll state first that the one you kicked was my afterimage. Luciel, are you capable of erasing your presence?”

“No, I’ve never even learned it before.”

“Umu. Although it is easy to say that it is due to a skill, there exists a skill that allows a person to thin their presence and once you become an expert in you, you can even completely shut off your presence.”

” … But, that doesn’t mean that you can really hide your figure and show others an afterimage right?”

“Yeah. If you constantly probe for presence and magical power, and the skill level is not that high, you would probably be able to notice.”

“I did succeed in noticing but even so, my legs were still done in.” (Lionel)

Lionel said like it was natural but that part alone was already a different dimension from me.

It was probably determined that I would lose the moment these two people measured my ability.

And yet I got carried away and wanted to end it with a swift attack.

Wasn’t I ended with a swift attack instead?

On this occasion, I also asked about the other mystery of Shisho.


“Shisho, how did you follow my speed?”

“I figured that you would intentionally, well I don’t know if it was intentionally or unconsciously, hold back and kick my afterimage that I left behind.”

” …… ”

“Well, that’s a good thing too. You have not grown accustomed to your power so I would be troubled if you accidentally sliced me and killed me instantly.”

“True, if I did not brace myself, I might not have been able to endure it.”

Lionel said as he rubbed his stomach but while I did certainly kick Lionel, for Lionel who can’t move as quickly as Shisho, he most likely guided the attacks to where he wanted them.

The proof was that he didn’t take any damage other than to his arm.


“Returning to the topic, because you didn’t perceive any sensation from the foot that kicked at my illusion, Luciel’s movement further dulled. After that, all I did was match Luciel who was charging straight for me and throw you.”

” … How did you achieve that motion?”

“I strengthened my body up until I was right on the cusps of using all my magical power. Although just doing that would make me deplete all my magical power after an instant. Well, if I don’t do something like that, it would be impossible to approach that realm of speed.”

Shisho said that with a smile but I realized that there actually are quite a lot of people who can do the same thing in this world.

I had probably become arrogant after obtaining a strong ability.

Ah, so mortifying.

I want to win against the two of them someday.

At that time, I seriously had that thought.


Thus the mock battle ended and the party began in the Adventurer’s Guild.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.


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