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IS B11C209

Chapter 209: Goal

Translator: Tseirp

I don’t know if it was because I returned to Meratoni’s Adventurer’s Guild after a long time or because of Angel’s Pillow but I had an extremely good sleep.

“I used to practice Magical Power Manipulation here like this in the past. At that time, I was desperate to raise my fighting techniques after all.”

Reminiscing about the past deeply, I began practicing Magical Power Manipulating like I habitually did in the past.


“It was tough at that time but I was able to work hard because I had a goal.”

Thinking of it retrospectively, I came here to learn the basics of martial arts and train my Holy Magic ability.

After departing for the Holy Capital, although it was misguided, I set my goal to conquer the labyrinth and I accomplished it.

And then, I created the Guidelines and Legislations so that I as a Healer would not be glared at by people in the future.

When I was at Ienith, I had to rebuild the Healer’s Guild there, I was involved in Ienith’s country building and I also succeeded in establishing a school and a factory.


Thinking about it that way, regardless of how I was led by the flow of events, each time I set my goals and worked to accomplish them.

Thanks to that, I acquired various things and I could meet various kinds of people.

Well, each time, I was also caught in troublesome incidents though …


“So it will soon be a full seven years since I came to this world. It feels like time has passed quite quickly but the time I spent here has definitely been more eventful compared to my previous life.”

Encountering Dragons, encountering Spirits, fighting with Dragons and the Evil God, I probably wouldn’t have experienced that if I lived an ordinary life.

I could grow due to those events in that sense so I guess I should be thankful.


Then, for now, I organized everything that has happened including the incident that happened at the Church.

Since this time’s incident gave me the strongest sense of unease I’ve ever experienced.


It was almost half a year ago but when I made a triumphant return after rebuilding Ienith, the Executives Department shouldn’t have been hostile towards me.

Then, why was it that everything was normal when I headed to Grandol but in just three months, they suddenly planned to set me up …


Something definitely happened during that three months time and they likely spread the rumors when I was heading to Nelldal.

Rather than the Church Headquarters, I wonder when exactly did the Executives Department start to plan to crush me? At the very least, there shouldn’t have been any problems until the point where I conquered the labyrinth.

Then was it when I became an S-rank healer and acted to draft the guidelines and legislations? Since the Human Supremacy faction was reluctant to pass them until the end.

But if that was the case, they would have tried all kinds of ways to interfere when I went to Ienith but I didn’t face any problems then.

It’s true that there wasn’t anything at the Healer’s Guild there but everyone who came along with me was excellent.


After thinking through what I’ve done this past half a year, I still could not find the aim of the Executives Department.

Do they intend to make the Church go into decline, or do they wish to regain its prestige, or was it according to the information obtained, that they were just following the orders from Blange without thinking about anything …

At any rate, regardless of whether it’s the Empire, Blange or the Church Executives Department, as long as I don’t know their aims, I won’t be able to come to an answer no matter how much I ponder. ” … My mind’s a little jumbled. Maybe I’ll freshen up by moving my body a little and having breakfast made by Grulga-san.”

I stopped my Magic Power Manipulation and moved to the training ground next door.


When I opened the door of the clinic which also serves as my room, Shisho was already there.

Furthermore, he was already in full gear but I still greeted him despite the atmosphere being hard to speak.

“Good morning Shisho, you’re quite early.”

“Ou Luciel, you’re finally awake. Then let’s quickly start.”


After reacting that way, Shisho laughed like he was enjoying it and said words that I had expected.

“It’s time for our nostalgic morning practice. We’ll use blades that have been dulled.”

“So early? We’ll be using dulled blades right.”

“It should be done precisely since it’s early. Yeah, I don’t want to smell like blood from the morning. Moreover, knowing Luciel, you would have been hesitant in deciding on what to do after hearing all the information yesterday and there’s no way you would be able to think of anything concrete in that condition. At times like these, it’s best to relax by moving your body and sweating it out. You can only do what you are able to do.”

” … Shisho, an ordinary person like me can’t relax by fighting you know?”

“Eey, I finally got released from my paperwork. If you’re my disciple then you should accompany me.”

Shisho definitely had not slept.

Aren’t Garba-san and Grulga-san actually the strongest if they can corner Shisho to this extent? I agreed while having such thoughts.

“Alright. I also thought of returning to the basics and run around the training ground but I’ll accompany you today.”

“Today, we’ll fight without using Body Strengthening. That way, we’ll be able to gauge our own strength.”

If we do that, there’ll definitely be a difference in our status.

“Shisho, today will be the day I win.”

“Hou, don’t think that you will be able to win so easily.”

Shisho said that and passed me a dull-bladed one-handed sword and a small shield.

I equipped those and immediately poised myself and entered combat readiness. Like in the past, I signaled to Shisho when I would begin.

“Here I come.”


Shisho didn’t particularly put his whole heart into it.

I also didn’t put my whole heart into it.

Even so, I felt the strength behind Shisho’s sword swings.


“Luciel, I have been on the battlefield since the day I was born. That’s why I didn’t feel like I would be able to tell it properly if I didn’t do it like this …”

What? This situation is as if …

“Wh, what is it?”

“Luciel, do you have a goal you are aiming for?”

“Eh? What I’m aiming for?”

“Yes. Leaving aside the matter with the Church, if you have some kind of a goal, you would be able to carry through with it wholeheartedly. That also includes the matter with the Sage job this time too.”

“Goal huh … I wanted to live a peaceful life and die of old age but I wonder now.”

Maybe because I never had the leeway to think about such things, I inadvertently laughed.


“Your thoughts would gradually twist if you only chase after the goal in front of your eyes. Of course, the goals can change little by little according to the environment but why don’t you try having a midterm goal for now?”

“A midterm goal?”

It’s true that in my previous life, I would work hard by imagining what I would like to achieve in 5 or 10 years later.

I did do something like that in the past but in this world where even a moment ahead was hard to predict, setting a goal in life was quite considerably difficult.

“Ah, for example, not losing to my disciple in my lifetime.”

Shisho’s sword blurred and the sword made of iron bent, striking my flank.


“Kukuku. At any rate, the residents in this town and I are your allies. So you don’t have to be afraid of anything and just walk down the path you like.”

Shisho said those words and climbed up the stairs of the training ground.


“Ah~ ouch. Goal huh?”

Just like what Shisho said, setting a new goal might be just what I need at the moment.

… From what I heard yesterday, even if the human supremacists in the Church Headquarters’ Executive Department were to be expulsed, someday similar people would appear too and the Church’s weakness won’t change.

Furthermore, because Garba-san’s information could not grasp the whole picture, we can’t ultimately make a decision on how to act.

The easiest choice would be to hole up in Ienith and turn a blind eye even if the demons appear even more frequently.

“Constructing a city would probably be fun but hindrances would definitely appear. Since that’s the case, the place I should go to now is not Ienith …”

I’ll listen to everyone’s opinion over Grulga-san’s delicious breakfast and decide on our direction from now on.

Making my decision, I chased after Shisho.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.


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