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(138) Miri’s Adventure 10

Translator: Tseirp

Miri and Norn followed Gorsa up to the VIP area. Two female workers from the gambling parlor walked together with the three of them, holding the medals belonging to Miri and Norn. Miri walked without any worries but Norn kept checking her own medals countless times.

While gazing down slightly at the spotless golden handrail, they climbed to the second floor via a spiral staircase.

There, they entered the VIP area.

It was a place where only selected people could enter.

“Please have a drink.”

A lasciviously dressed lady offered Miri and Norn glasses filled with liquid.

Miri wordlessly extended her hand to the glass and drank the contents.

The red liquid content was a mixed fruit juice that had sourness and sweetness like orange juice. Norn was caught between accepting the drink or not when,

“The drink is free in the VIP area. Please feel free to take it. It doesn’t have any alcohol in it.”

Gorsa said to Norn with a smile and she nervously took the grape juice.

And Miri surveyed the surroundings.

As expected of the VIP area, excluding the workers, almost all the people on the second floor belong to the upper class. Furthermore, they were not up and coming nobles or merchants but those that have countless generations of wealth and power behind them, in other words, people that were born with the promise of success.

When she was the Demon Lord, or rather, even a long time ago in Japan, Miri had seen such people before so she knew how they acted.

There are many customers who amuse themselves with gambling but these people can be thought to truly enjoy gambling without being bothered by the wins or losses. Of course, they would be happy when they won and frustrated when they lost but it was all somebody else’s problem. Rather than not feel any pain from losing money, it was more of a loss if they did not enjoy it when they lost, that was the kind of atmosphere they had. That might actually be the right way to gamble. Gambling is nothing more than just a game to enjoy, one shouldn’t get absorbed in it. Even though she knew that, Miri still felt like those people no longer acted like humans.

Especially ― those people who looked towards the first floor instead of enjoying gambling ― they were most likely looking at the expressions of the customers as if a God overlooking mortals, especially those nobles, finding enjoyment in looking at the people fall into despair. Looking at those nobles, Miri leaked a small sigh.

Here, it was unclear who were the humans and who were the demons.

“I’ve understood the structure of the VIP area. So, what will we be betting on? Card game? Roulette? You won’t say something like using slots right?”

“I will prepare it if you have any preferences but would competing with roulette be fine with you?”

“You will be the dealer?”

“Yes, I will be the dealer.”

“I see … then it’s fine.”

Gorsa smiled and led them to a roulette table at the back of the VIP area.

Then, Miri said.

“It’s a match but the rule is only a single match. I will not participate in any more than that. I will bet all the medals I have earned. And, as my condition for accepting the match, I have just one condition. Lend me your ear.”

Gorsa bent down to listen to Miri after she made her request. Gorsa’s eyebrow twitched for an instant but apart from that, his poker face was flawless.

“Understood. I promise to guide you.”

“One more thing. Just now I said that I will be betting everything but Norn’s medals don’t belong to me so she can do whatever she wants with them.”

“Yes, that’s not a problem too. Also, for this match, any kind of advice to or from the spectators are prohibited, okay?”

“Sure. But I don’t need any advice anyway.”

Then, Miri took all her medals and bet on two places.

Originally, betting can be done for a set time after the ball has been tossed and Miri would bet after the ball was tossed. What she didn’t know was that recently there was a white wolf girl who earned a large sum of money using the same betting style she utilized and Gorsa thought that it was the same situation again.

“Miss, what is the meaning of this?”

“You wanted to have a match right?”

The places Miri betted on were Black 28 and Black 2. Her bet would be multiplied by 36 times if she won.

Furthermore, she accurately split her 35 medals to 17 and 18 medals for the bets.

Seeing that, Gorsa understood Miri’s intention, or rather, her provocation.

That’s because there was a single number between Black 28 and Black 2.

Green 0.

In this roulette, apart from the numbers 1 to 36, there was also two house advantage numbers, Green 0 and Green 00.

If the ball falls into those green squares, no matter if you bet on red or black, odd numbers or even numbers, out bets or side bets, all bets would be invalid and all medals would be taken by the dealer. That was the mechanism in which the bookmaker would win in roulette.

Betting on red would not give a 50% chance of winning but instead about a 47.4% chance of winning.

However, Miri provoked him.

Try aiming for this Green 0 if you can do it. It meant that she saw through the fact that Gorsa had the technique to freely choose whichever square he wants to put the ball in.


However, if Gorsa wanted to win with certainty, he could just aim for the Green 00 directly opposite Green 0. If he did that, even if he missed by one or two squares, it would still be a definite loss for Miri. If he did that, Miri would have no chance of winning.


” … Then, let the match begin.”


Gorsa sighed softly and tossed the ball after he spun the wheel.

Spectators formed around them before anyone noticed.


It was stirring up a commotion.


“Stop all bets ― ”


Gorsa announced the deadline for betting.

Then, the ball continued its revolution, aiming for that green square.

Then ―


“Is it a double zero!”


Somebody shouted. That’s right, the ball was not falling towards Green 0 but instead towards Green 00.

At that time ― the sharp rotation done by Gorsa caused the ball to fly into the empty space above the wheel.

Then, the ball slowly fell down, as if it was fated to.

Into the space between the two black numbers, Green 0.


The ball fell into place and the match was decided.


The roulette stopped spinning and a loud cheer came from the spectators.


Gorsa announced with his teeth clenched.


” … Green 0.”


That’s right, the ball fell into Green 0.

Miri smiled faintly when she saw that.


“I lost. There’s no way I could have won if you could pinpoint the ball to enter Green 0 … though it felt like I lost just by a hair’s inch.”


Miri said as she patted Norn’s shoulder.

However, Norn replied like her heart wasn’t there.


That was natural.

With that announcement, Miri’s 35 black medals (3.5 million sense) was gone, and ―


“The payout … 504 black medals huh.”


Somebody calculated and muttered under his breath.

That’s right, Norn bet all her medals on Green 0 and earned 504 black medals.

Norn bet on Green 0 immediately after Gorsa threw the ball.


Miri said it. That Norn could use her medals whichever way she saw fit. In other words, she was telling her to bet on whatever she wanted to.

Gorsa definitely did not forget about Norn’s medals. On the contrary, since Norn was at the roulette table and she was always holding onto the medals cherishingly, he thought that there was a possibility of something happening.

Even so, when Gorsa was concentrating on the one-vs-one match with Miri, Miri had not come into contact with Norn at all.

As Norn obtained the medals by chance, he thought that Miri would send some kind of signal to Norn if she wanted to utilize those medals for the bet. That’s why he added the rule that prohibited giving advice. That was done to prevent Miri from inducing Norn to bet.


Gorsa probably didn’t expect it at all.

That Miri had already anticipated that all of this would happen and she already gave Norn the instructions before she even went to the slot machines.


Then, Miri said.


“So, will you be showing me the way? I lost the match so it’s time for you to uphold your promise.”


TL: Everything as planned :O Miri looking 10 steps ahead

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