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(140) Miri’s Adventure 12

Translator: Tseirp


As if it was a pro-wrestling match, the sound of a bell signalled the start of the match.

The large man wielding the axe ran,


“「Helmet Split」!”


And swung the axe down while crying out the name of the skill. Kannon held her sword horizontally. She directly stopped the axe blow.

Almost everyone in the venue thought that it was reckless to stop the weight of the axe using a thin sword. That’s why, the next instant, a lot of people doubted their own eyes.


The man couldn’t move his axe. Due to Kannon’s sword.

Sweat glistened on the man’s forehead but Kannon’s expression showed that she still had a lot of leeway.

The man put in even more strength. His face was red as a lobster and his arms were trembling like they were having spasms.

Even so, Kannon’s raised sword showed not even the slightest of movements.



Miri murmured.


“It’s truly amazing. To stop that axe with that thin body.”

“That’s not what I meant. I was referring to that sword ― that’s a magic sword.”

“Magic swords are … swords with special effects. Miri-chan, do you know what kind of sword that is?”

“Anti-gravity ― or not to that extent but it seems to be a sword that snatches the weight of anything that crosses it. Although it probably has a time-limit.”

“Steal … weight? You can tell something like that?”


Norn was half in doubt thinking that it is mysterious how Miri could know something like that.

However, the answer was simple. When Miri was the Demon Lord, she met a swordsmith who created a similar sword. Although, if compared to the sword that was crafted by that swordsmith, the sword Kannon was currently using would be inferior.

Miri ignored Norn’s question and asked Gorsa who was standing beside her.


“Gorsa. What’s the reason for that Kannon girl to be fighting?”

“That relates to our client so I am not able to reveal it to you.”

“I see … then I’ll just ask her directly. Since it’s about time the match ends anyway.”


It happened immediately after Miri said that.

After Kannon pushed the axe away, her sword slashed the man’s right leg. Even so, it was not a fatal wound as it was just a small cut. But that was enough. Having a portion was his weight stolen, just the man’s regular movement caused him to lose balance and the result was him exposing his unprotected back to Kannon.

To the man, his current condition was like walking in a place with low gravity like the moon. An untrained person would not be able to walk.


Then, ignoring the man’s unprotected back, she looked at the man’s calves. At the scar of the wound that was healed ― she sliced it again.


“That’s enough! The winner is Kannon!”


A referee for the match standing above the stage cried out, signaling the end of the match.

Because of that match, the man’s challenge to ten consecutive wins returned to zero.


Looking at the man get carried off on a stretcher, Miri slowly walked forward, climbed over the low wall of the arena and jumped into the side with the stage.


“What’s wrong, young lady? This is not a place for children to visit.”

“Fight me! If you win, I will give you these 504 black medals.”

“That’s taking it too far for a joke.”

“I’m not joking. I won them all just now from roulette.”


Norn protested with ‘Miri-chan, didn’t you say a portion of it belonged to me!’ but Miri ignored her.

More importantly, that made Kannon believe that the medals were real.

Even so, Kannon was reluctant to have the match.


“Even if the money isn’t an issue, this is an arena you know? You, young lady, don’t look like you can fight.”

“Become my slave if you lose.”

“Young lady, are you listening to me?”

“I’m asking you if you will accept or reject the match. Be at ease, I will take it easy on you after all.”


Kannon glared at her as Miri gave a fearless smile.

However, those eyes weren’t serious.


“Fine, I’ll accept the match.”


A huge commotion began from the gallery around the arena. A commotion indicating that a wonderful sideshow has begun.

The bets also started. Then, the odds were shown.


【Kannon: 1.5 odds, Miryuu: 2.1 odds】


The bets were not that far apart. She didn’t know how they researched her name but it displayed her real name in this world.

The ones who bet on Miri would be those idiots who bet on dark horses. Or people who knew of Miri’s actual ability.

That was Norn.

She bet all her medals on Miri.


“What are you going to do? It looks like your friend bet all her medals on you winning but … the talk just now would still stand if I won. You two would become debt slaves. Is that alright with you?”

“There’s no way I’ll lose. Fufu, it’s the first time I want to compliment Norn.”


Then, the bell signifying the start of the match rang.

At the same time, Miri took action.


“「Dark Mist」!”


A mist of darkness blocked the space above the arena, obstructing the view of the spectators.

Since what she was going to show here would be too shocking for the spectators.


“Come out!”


From the space created by Miri, a huge forefoot covered in white fur appeared and struck Kannon. It was Fenrir’s forefoot.

Even though she shouldn’t be able to see within the darkness, Kannon used the same gravity-controlling sword to receive the attack. The power of an attack from the side couldn’t be reduced as much as an attack from above. Nevertheless, she stopped that tremendous strike.

As a result, Miri cried out in frustration.

Not because she stopped the strike but because Fenrir didn’t obey her command.


“I’ll say it once more. Come out!”


When she said that, Fenrir reluctantly exited.




Fenrir cried like it really hated it. It couldn’t be helped. That’s because ―


“You made something outrageous come out … er, why … is its head bald?”


Fenrir’s head was bald.


“It’s due to the stressful society. It’s not out of the ordinary for one or two beings to turn bald.”

“It looks a little too big to be caused by stress though … don’t tell me you shaved that child’s fur to sell to the guild?”

“I sold it for a good price.”

” … You demon.”

“Demon? That would be you right?”


When she muttered that, shadows grew from the darkness.


“Disciple of the Dark Swordsmith Gilbain, Demon Kannon.”


She announced. That voice was swallowed by the dark mist above them, preventing it from reaching the ears of anybody in the spectator seats. If sounds could get through, the sounds the two of them would hear now would be the booing from the spectators. After all, they could not see the fight.

And, Kannon raised her wariness against Miri who knew about her.


” … How, you not only know about me, you even know about my master, can you tell me how?”

“Let’s see, sure I can tell you.”


Miri muttered that it was just a trifling conversation to herself and said to Kannon.


“After I win.”


After that announcement, dark tentacles extended out from Miri’s back.

Kannon laughed.


“Why would you think Darkness Magic would work against a demon like me ―”


Kannon remarked leisurely but one of those tentacles struck out at her face.

It was her instincts that made her avoid it. Due to Kannon’s, the demon race’s unique skill 「Darkness Absorption」,  Darkness Magic of power to a certain extent would be absorbed. So Darkness attacks was something that she would receive head on instead of evading but ―




It left a wound on Kannon’s cheek. She traced that wound with a finger and verifying the blood on her fingertip, she once again felt terror.

She recognized Miri as a monster able to control Fenrir and manipulate Darkness of the highest purity even greater than that of the demon race.


Then, she realized.

That the opponent she was fighting now was an opponent that she shouldn’t have fought against at all cost.




“Are you sure you should have done that? Betting everything. You would get scolded.”


In a corner of the hall, Gorsa who was trying to hide asked Norn.


“It’s all right. Because I can’t imagine Miri-chan losing at all. Rather than that, doesn’t Gorsa-san need to go to the venue?”

” … Eh, I’m tired. Of dealing with nobles.”


Gorsa said with a bitter smile.

The customers at the venue were kicking up a fuss. Since the match area and fight was obstructed by darkness, the workers were pressed to find a countermeasure.

To somehow dispel the darkness, there was an employee that picked up a stick to sweep the darkness away but that stick couldn’t even enter the darkness in the first place.


“Who is she? That Miryuu-sama. When I contacted the Adventurer’s Guild, I was told that she was a Darkness Magician. A Darkness Magician at that age alone was already shocking but ―”

” … When did you contact them?”

“Dark Mist is originally magic that only produces a thin veil of mist ― it shouldn’t have the effect of completely blocking vision.”

“Well, it’s Miri-chan after all.”


Norn muttered with a wry grin and scratched her cheek.


(Onii-san also, in the beginning, he was struggling against kobolds but before I knew it, he was stronger than mid-level Adventurers, I was shocked by that growth capacity but I’m convinced if he is Miri-chan’s brother.)


There’s this younger sister because of that brother, or rather, there’s that brother because of this younger sister.

At the same time Norn drew a conclusion in her mind, darkness mist overflowed from the venue.




As Gorsa and Norn were having their conversation, Miri and Kannon’s fight was reaching its climax.

Miri was creating Darkness Bullets from her shadow while Kannon was flying using the wings that grew from her back in all directions to evade them.


“Miryuu-san right … your strength is certainly a threat but I’ve understood your weakness.”


Kannon no longer called Miri a young lady nor did she look down on her. That’s because to Kannon, Miri was a terrifying opponent.

That’s why, although it was cowardly, what Kannon was aiming for was to deplete Miri’s energy.

Kannon has a skill to see the opponent’s MP. Using that skill, she figured out Miri’s weakness.


Since that was the case, she invested all her attention into avoiding the attacks.

That was Kannon’s strategy.

Even though the light was being obstructed, as a demon born in darkness, there was no difference at all.


“Of course, I did not forget about you.”


Avoiding the large claw that silently came slashing down from behind her, she put her back against the Dark Mist created by Miri.

That was Kannon’s greatest error.




A pitch black arm appeared from the Dark Mist and grabbed Kannon’s body.


“No way … for the Dark Mist to form substance and move ― I only know a single person who can do something like that ― ”


Kannon’s mouth was blocked by the Dark Mist hand.

Then ― a large Darkness Ball that can be said to be the image of insanity formed on her palm.


(No way, she shouldn’t have any more MP remaining to use such a magic.)


According to Kannon’s MP Grasp skill, Miri’s remaining MP was 2. She should be just barely standing and shouldn’t be able to use any more magic.

Despite that ―


“I won’t deny that I don’t have much MP remaining. Even so ―”


And, Miri released her skill.


【Status Forgery】


The ability to forge the status that can be seen by others.

After dispelling that, Miri’s MP was currently 110.

Then, the number increased to 121.


“Fortunately, I have MP recovery means.”


The Darkness Ball released from Miri’s hands mercilessly robbed Kannon’s consciousness.

Then, the Darkness Mist dispersed ― and there wasn’t anybody standing.

Apart from Gorsa and Norn as well as Miri.

The Darkness Mist completely robbed all the spectators’ consciousness.

For the sake of using the MP absorption skill to recover MP.


The collapsed referee who couldn’t move ― muttered softly.


” … Winner … Miryuu.”


It was an announcement that showed his professionalism but unfortunately, it didn’t reach any of the fainted spectators and could only be heard by Miri.


” … Well then, shall I start cleaning up.”


Gorsa muttered with a smile while holding his head.


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