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IS B11C210

Chapter 210: Axis

Translator: Tseirp

The Adventurers Guild’s dining hall was already tidied up cleanly like yesterday’s party was an illusion but various odors still mixed and lingered.


Seeing me enter the dining hall, Grulga-san asked for my help instead of greeting me.

“Luciel, before the meal, do something about this smell, I can’t even breath properly.”

“Grulga-san, good morning. Sure.”

Applying purification magic on the entire dining hall, the various mixed odors became odorless and it was replaced by the delicious smell of the dishes made by Grulga-san.

“Oo! It’s really convenient with Luciel around. Just that ability alone is handy.”

Grulga-san took off his nose plug and said that.


“Then Grulga-san should be able to learn it though?”

“I’m a beastman so you probably know that I’m not really suited for magic.”

“Well, it’s something that can’t be used unless your Holy Attribute Magic reaches Level VI and above so it’s slightly unrealistic.”

“Yeah. If possible, I would love to be able to freely use magic as well.”

I read in the books I saw in Nelldal that beastmen can also use magic depending on their perseverance but it seemed like Grulga-san had already given up.

“If there was a beastman with almighty magic, it would be quite amazing.”

“But the school in Ienith isn’t teaching magic right?”

“Ah, I wonder about that. Naria who became the principal left all the curriculum matters to others after all.”

“Oi oi, looks like I’ll have to ask those guys who returned from Ienith about what’s been happening in Ienith lately.”

“Yeah, you should.”

It sounded like he knew something by asking Lionel and the others when I wasn’t around.

While stunned at knowing that I haven’t heard about all kinds of big news, I took out my notebook that I’ve not written in for a long time and made a list.

Seeing me like that, Grulga-san laughed as he guided me to my seat.

“Very well, for now, let’s have our breakfast. Have a seat.”

“Ah, okay. By the way, I don’t see Shisho?”

“That guy is probably content after fighting with Luciel so I believe he’s taking a nap in the guildmaster’s room.”

Grulga-san told me that with a bitter smile.


It looks like Shisho truly did pull an all-nighter after all.

Nevertheless, seeing how Shisho becomes sleepy after he let out his stress, his way of living is explicitly clear.

Shisho probably also has his obligations as well but I really have to respect him for not showing a single hint of that on the surface.


After sitting down at the counter, Grulga-san brought out the breakfast he prepared but the amount was, as expected, enormous.

“Regardless of being an Adventurer or a Sage, you’ll probably be having a ton of mock battles today so eat up.”

“Now that you mention it, the Adventurers asked me to serve as their mock battle opponent …”

I won’t say that I hate fighting against others but I don’t want to lose if I’m going to do it. Although, it’s the truth when I say I don’t want to fight.


“There are plenty of idiots who think that they can win if the opponent is Luciel. Especially the rookies and the middle-rank Adventurers.”

“I might end up getting a lecture from Shisho if I lose in an unsightly manner. I guess I’ll eat a hearty breakfast then.”

“Alright, then there’s more here.”

After having salad and meat, this time, Grulga-san took out dishes made using Object X.

” … Perhaps those nose plugs were because you were making these?”

“Yeah. I’m used to filth and muck but as expected, there’s no getting used to Object X.”

“Grulga-san still doesn’t waver despite that.”

“It’s because I’m doing what I enjoy.”

Grulga-san said with a laugh.


Grulga-san and Shisho too, they are surprisingly doing what they enjoy doing despite having limited time.

Being able to do that made me envious, or rather, I’ve not had something I can call as an interest or hobby since I’ve come to this world.

“I hope I can find a hobby I can do to relieve stress like Shisho and Grulga-san.”

“Everyone is cut out for different things but the best bet is to do what you like most. Although I think it’s fine if you continue using magic and training like you’ve been doing until now.”

Grulga-san said that and disappeared into the kitchen.

I muttered words that I knew were useless towards that retreating back.

“That’s not an interest but a skill meant for survival.”

My mood fell thinking how a lot of people definitely think that I enjoy training.


After that, in the empty dining hall, I ate Grulga-san’s cooking and finished my poison tasting of the Object X dishes.

Then, Lionel and everyone came together to pick me up.

“Luciel-sama, good morning.”

“Morning. And everyone, I’m really sorry for yesterday. All kinds of information came in and I was shaken by each and everything so I couldn’t really compose myself.”

“Luciel-sama, we were also all shaken so …”

Lionel said that and everyone nodded.


The atmosphere was becoming worse so I’ll start with some bland topics.

“Everyone, have you eaten?”

“We’ve already eaten at the inn.”

“I see. I’ve been thinking about a lot of things after last night but there are a lot of things that I can’t decide on my own so I wish to get everyone’s opinions.”


Lionel asked with his head tilted but each of them should have their own thoughts on what they heard yesterday.

That’s why I honestly told them that I wanted to discuss with them here.


“Yeah. So I want to discuss our plan from now on. You all are no longer slaves. That’s why I want you all to honestly say what you guys feel and think. It doesn’t matter even if your opinion differs from mine, I want you all to speak without reserve … hn? Paula? Do you have something to say already?”

Midway through my talk, Paula walked forward and came to my side.


“Luciel, you said that you would give me magic stones once we arrive at Meratoni.”

Her expression didn’t change much but looking closely at how Paula was subtly glaring at me with her hands on her waist made me calm down a fair bit.

She was probably angry that I broke my promise.

“Ah~ Sorry. I totally forgot about it. I’ll pass you the magic stones but do you have a magic satchel?”

” … It’s inside Lionel’s magic bag.”

“I see. Sorry Lionel but can I do this first?”

“Sure. Dolan-dono and Paula can go ahead first.”


Lionel took out some magic satchels from his magic bag and passed them to Paula when Rician also came to her side and the two of them began preparing to collect the magic stones.


“Well then, I’ll be taking them out so please collect them.”

I arranged the magic stones on top of the empty table but looking at Dolan who wasn’t joining the conversation, I noticed his pale complexion and I applied purification and recover.

He was probably having a hangover and it was just as I had expected.

“Ah~ That saved me. I felt like I was about to die from that splitting headache.”

Dolan came closer while shaking his head.

“I think I said it before but even though it’s fine to drink, do take your body into consideration.”

“It’s common sense for dwarves to drink if there’s alcohol in front of them. Well, since I don’t have to taste this hellish experience from now on with Luciel-sama around, I can drink to my heart’s content.”

It felt a little strange to be treated as a convenient person like this by Grulga-san and Dolan.

They’ve been addressing me as Luciel-sama no matter where we were so I guess these two people really treat the term ‘without reserve’ very preciously.

Dolan began closely examining the magic stones while smiling.


Since we were at it, I took the opportunity to ask the three of them what they wish to do.

“Do the three of you have anything you want to do from now on … any wishes?”

“Nothing in particular. I have a workshop in both Rockford and Ienith so I can do my work.”

“I heard that you obtained these magic stones at Grandol.”


“If we can have a steady supply of quality magic stones like these, staying at Grandol might not be that bad either.”

“That’s certainly a decent point. After all, monsters with magic stones rarely appear in Rockford and even if they did, they would mostly be flying monsters. The ones that appear from the undeveloped forest in Ienith are Orcs and Ogres so we also can’t look forward to their quality.”

It seems like they were totally seeing it from an inventor’s point of view and their first priority would probably be to secure resources but they are a lot more resolute than I am.


“Well, that’s because the two of you are advancing your magic tool inventions. What about Dolan?”

“It would be good to have a mine if we are to craft weapons and armors so it would be best to be around Rockford and the Dwarf Kingdom.”

As expected, it would be best to have good quality ores? Then, Dolan would probably choose Rockford.

“I see. Ah, by the way, at the magic tool shop in the Holy Capital, there’s a girl with talent in making magic tools like Paula and Rician so I was thinking of having her join the invention department?”

“There aren’t many geniuses in this world.”

“That’s right. When I met Paula, I didn’t think that there would be someone else who is as skilled as I am. Well, I’ve been surprised non-stop by the Engineers at Rockford though …”

I found out that Paula thought of herself and Rician as geniuses and while Rician acknowledges that her knowledge was limited, it seems like she also thinks that Paula is the only person who can rival her.

That’s why I added more information.

“She has already established a magic tool shop in the Holy Capital despite being the same age as me you know? The two of you have seen the cooking magic tool I have right?”

“Don’t tell me she’s the one who invented those?”

“That’s right. Don’t you think you all would have all kinds of new findings if she joins?”

Paula immediately understood and nodded.

“Luciel-sama, if that girl is in the Holy Capital, won’t we be unable to meet her for the time being?”

“It’s alright because she has a magic communication bead too. Originally I wanted to call her when I was building the town of Ienith but …”

“Then, I’ll look forward to her call.”

“That’s true. Since we can work anywhere we want to. Please let us know once that person comes to a decision.”

Paula and Rician moved back after collecting all the magic stones.

The girls would probably be fine with anywhere as long as they can continue inventing magic tools.

They really don’t waver from their path.

“Please let me know once Luciel-sama decides on what to do. This time, I intend to equip the flying ship with magic cannons so I’ll be coming with Luciel-sama.”

Dolan said that and moved to the back.

I sent off those three people with a wry smile.


While thinking that the Invention Department of Luciel Company is truly reliable, my number of choices increased with the addition of Grandol which wasn’t in my choices.

“Well then, Nadia and Lydia, what about the two of you?”

When I asked that, unexpected replies came from their mouths.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.


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