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IS B11C213

Chapter 213: Air travel

Translator: Tseirp

The flying ship maintained an altitude of about a hundred meters in the air as it continued flying towards the Holy Capital.

However, the speed settings have 5 stages and we were currently at the highest setting, that’s right, we were at max speed.

I would have to return to 2 hours ago to explain why.


When the flight began, I was shocked by the extremely smooth take off and felt impressed by the construct that was flying in the sky.

“It’s amazing Dolan.”

“Kukuku. Later, you can increase the speed after you get used to it.”

After saying that, Dolan moved to sit at an empty seat.

With a change in viewpoint, even the way the forest and mountains look changed and every new sight was fresh.

When I set the flying ship to the first speed setting, it reached about the speed of a lightly galloping horse.

About 30 kilometers per hour? As expected, it felt too slow so after checking that there weren’t any people or carriages on the highway, I pressed the crystal forward.

The ship then quickly sped up to a speed comparable to that of Fornoir when she’s pulling the carriage.

I judged that the 5-speed setting mode increases the speed by about 30 kilometers per hour at each setting.


As I couldn’t feel the rush of the wind, I couldn’t really get a good grasp of the speed, just like how it is different between a motorbike and a car.

When that thought went through my head, I felt that it was strange how I was still comparing my current experiences with that of my previous life, telling me that I was gradually feeling less tense with piloting.


“Dolan, when you all were chasing to catch up to us, what setting … what gear did you use?”

What setting was a little hard to pronounce so I changed it to what gear.

“It was the third gear.”

Dolan answered that he used the third gear without showing any resistance to the change in terms.

It means that the speed was close to Fornoir’s full speed with me on her or even greater than that.

I raised the speed to the third gear while feeling excited.

So far it was normal.


But, after that, there were reasons why I raised the speed.

First, it was because I got used to it.

In addition to the lack of any obstacles that surpass a hundred meters in height on the way to the Holy Capital from Meratoni, the flying ship flew without swaying even when buffeted by the wind.

I felt like I was driving on a newly paved high-speed highway and as the aircraft was stable, I didn’t have to worry about slipping.

The only things I had to be aware of were collisions with birds or appearance of monsters so I had a lot of leeway.

Second, it was time.

Silent pressure … was coming from Garba-san.

Even though she might not be executed, imagining how she might be tortured, he was muttering ‘I want to save her as soon as possible’ but I could only hear it like it was a curse.

And because nobody could speak to Garba-san when he was like that, I felt all the pressure.


Lastly … it was Shisho.

Originally, it was supposed to be Shisho’s role in dealing with Garba-san.

Even though Shisho was that gleeful moments ago, now he was extremely quiet and still like a borrowed cat.

He also had a lack of sleep but it seemed like he felt sick seeing the motion outside and he quickly felt sick again even after I apply healing magic on him so he left with the words ‘Get to the Holy Capital as quickly as possible’ and moved to his own room.

Seeing Shisho leave, Paula and Rician also left to make magic tools while Nadia and Lydia pulled Lionel and the others to the dining hall to ask for detailed information on the Principality of Blange this past three months.


Because of all those reasons, I raised the flight speed to the highest speed but even though it felt fast in the beginning, by the time my eyes gradually got used to it, we had flown over the village we stopped by yesterday morning.

Going by that speed, I believed that we would reach the Holy Capital in just a few hours later.


Even though I couldn’t afford to take my eyes off the front, I still had some leeway to think about other things so I spoke to Dolan who remained in the cockpit just in case of emergencies who sounded like he had been doing something behind me.

“Dolan, what have you been up to since just now?”

“I’m testing the magic tool Luciel-sama mentioned before in the past, a magic tool to detect magical power.”

The one I talked about when we were on our way to the Dwarf Kingdom? I believe it was Rician who was designing that.

” … Rician’s invention? Has it already been completed?”

“No, it’s just a prototype. The precision is low so it’s not useable.”

“I see. Including Paula who did the space expansion for this ship, those two people are working hard.”

“Yeah. They are friends, rivals as well as collaborators. I’m truly thankful towards Luciel-sama.”

“Then I am also thankful to Dolan and everyone.”

“Is that so?”

I sensed a smile when Dolan muttered that.

That conversation with Dolan helped relieve me of Garba-san’s muttering curse and also helped me successfully accomplish the slightly less than 2 hours flight.

I could gradually see the Holy Capital and I gradually decreased our speed as we got closer.

“Garba-san, could you wake Shisho up?”


Garba-san replied and quickly walked out of the cockpit.

“Fuu. If we’re this close, there’s a possibility that we are being watched by the Adventurers and if not handled properly, it might give the Church Headquarters justification to attack.”

I exhaled as the air of tension around Garba-san had moved away and I began to think of a place to land the flying ship.

“What are you hesitating for, just continue like this all the way to the Church Headquarters.”

“If we do that, they would consider it an enemy attack and attack us.”

“Unless there are people who are capable of slicing minerals, it doesn’t matter even if we get attacked.”

Eh? Is it me or has Dolan somehow became more aggressive?

” … Even though there is sufficient magical power within the flying ship now, we still have to consider the situation if we have to escape so I’ll land it outside the Holy Capital …”

“Luciel, land it in the Church.”

Just as Dolan was about to speak his mind, a voice came from behind us.

” … Shisho, are you alright now?”

Everyone was assembled behind Shisho.


“Ou. It’s been a long time since I went on a rampage, it feels soothing.”

Shisho was laughing but I felt that it was nothing but unwise to land in the Church Headquarters.

“Shisho, it’s true that it’s possible to land on the training ground but it might even turn into a battle immediately?”

“It’s not like you did anything wrong right? Then, you should just confidently enter. If those church people attack then just crush everyone first and then catch those who gave the orders?”

“It would be too embarrassing for them to leak it to the public if they get their tables turned on them by a small number of assailants so it might be a good idea.”

The thought process of the two of them is seriously outrageous but it’s strange how it doesn’t sound wrong.

“Well, leave the person who gives the command to me.”

“Killing is forbidden okay? Since I intend to let Pope-sama perform the judgment.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll just make him find living more painful fufu.”

Garba-san’s gave a really sinister smile so I averted my line of sight and thought about what would happen after we disembark from the flying ship.


” … I’m assuming that we would store the flying ship in a magic bag immediately. When that happens, Dolan, Paula and Rician, are you three able to fight against the Knight Corps?”

“It’s a little difficult. Against monsters, I can use my full strength but if killing is forbidden then I would probably only be able to defend.”

“Nadia and Lydia, can the two of you protect the three of them?”

“I don’t know the strength of the Knight Corps so I can’t promise anything …”

“I can only promise to do all that I can … ”

Now that I think about it, the two of them haven’t fought with the Knight Corps before.

“If it really turns into a fight, I’ll first give support by casting Area Barrier and Healing Magic but if possible, I do not wish to fight. In addition, I have something to confirm so until then, please promise to not start the fight.”

“There’s something you wish to do?”

“Yes. It’s possible that it might turn into a fight with people other than the Knight Corps so I’ll be relying on Shisho and everyone if that happens. Ah, Garba-san, I don’t mind if you wish to go look for Catherine-san.”

“Thank you.”

“Don’t mention it, I am responsible for what is happening this time so please don’t mind it.”

When I replied with a smile, the flying ship had just reached the skies above the Holy Capital.


When I looked down, I saw that the Holy Capital residents had astonished expressions … but for some unknown reason, they had all stopped to look at us.

When I maneuvered the flying ship to the training ground at the back of the Church Headquarters, I could confirm that there were a lot of knights present.

“It’s certainly unexpected that there would be so many Knight Corps present but we’ll be forging ahead.”

However, nobody responded to my words.

When I looked back feeling puzzled, Shisho and the others who were there moments ago were no longer there.

“Eh, is everybody so full of fighting spirit?”

It felt slightly lonely but since it was my first landing, I took extra efforts to be careful and safe and the landing was successful.

“Ha~, there’s no time to rest. But how do I stop this ship?”

Even though I took my hand off the crystal, the ship still didn’t come to a stop so I was waiting nervously before the movements stopped after about 10 seconds.

“It’s great that it stopped. Now it’s time to start.”

While walking to the lift, I made up my mind to do my best for my last task in the church.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.

TL: Literally raiding the church by air


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