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Last chapter of Miri’s adventure for now :)

(141) Miri’s Adventure 13

Translator: Tseirp


After the fight. The commotion was a lot less than expected. When the special VIP guests, judges and workers who had their consciousness completely robbed by Miri’s Darkness Mist regained consciousness, they all had extremely calm looks.

Getting swallowed by the Darkness Mist planted fear in everyone. But, when the darkness cleared, all the people saw hope.

They were like children who saw hope for the future, but it doesn’t mean that they had actually grown as humans.

Since Miri and Kannon’s fight was the last match of the day, they left the arena and headed to the gambling parlor.

I feel like I can win big today! They held hopes like that as they entered the gambling parlor.

If you had to name the commotion that occurred due to their fight, it would be that many people who suffered great losses appeared after that. Although, that was something unrelated to Miri.


” … Miri … chan … what should I do?”


Norn asked Miri while crying.

She was holding onto 4 red medals, 8 black medals, 5 silver medals and 10 gold medals.

Medals worth a total of 15,840,000 sense. That was inside her palm.


An amount equal to 1 billion yen. With such an amount of medals, their future was promising.


“Ah, of course, I won them thanks to Miri-chan so I know that not all the winnings will go to me but even so ―”

“I’m fine with only 5 gold medals. Norn can use the remaining ones.”

“Un … eh? You’re fine with just that!!?”


Norn’s expression showed that she would be troubled.


“Incidentally, Gorsa. Does this gambling parlor have skill books?”

“Yes, although we only have a few.”

“I wish to exchange them using medals.”


Norn asked when Miri said that.


“What are skill books?”

“Skill books are items that let you acquire the skill after reading it. It can very rarely be acquired after clearing an advanced labyrinth. It’s not surprising that you don’t know about it as they are usually not circulated in the market. Half of the reason why I came here was for that.”


Money was important in this world. However, Miri also knew that it wasn’t everything.

To Miri, there are mountains of ways to earn money but becoming stronger was more important.


“Moreover, most of the skill books are offered to the Pope so there is really very few remaining.”

“It’s fine, let me see them. Ah, the person there, let Kannon know after her treatment is over.”


After requesting that of the gambling parlor worker, Miri returned to the second floor VIP area together with Gorsa.

The VIP area item exchange was in a spacious room. Rare items that can’t be seen in the first-floor item exchange were displayed there.

For example, Rare Medals that can make monsters stronger if they eat it and swords that look like magic swords. Naturally, there were also many precious metals.


Among the items were skill books.

There were many of them ranging from 1 silver medal for a book even until 200 gold medals for a book.


“So this is a skill book … I thought it was going to be a book true to its name but it’s a gem huh?”


Norn looked at the skill books with interest.

The skill books were roughly about the color of marble.


Incidentally, people who possess the unique skill 「Skill Book Appraisal」 would be able to appraise the contents of the skill book.


“The ones for magic skills are expensive as expected.”

“There sure are various kinds of magic skills. What is this Star Magic?”

“Star Magic is magic that can only be used when there is a clear night sky. At high levels, one would be able to utilize large-scale magic but you would be countered by just somebody using Cloud Magic.”

” … I’ve not even heard of Cloud Magic too.”


Norn had no talent in magic so she gave up there.


“Ah … I want this.”
What Norn saw was the skill book for 「Thousand Spear」, exchangeable for 5 gold medals.


” … The name sounds like ‘Thousand Needles’. If I’m not wrong, it’s a skill that allows one to thrust the spear consecutively, making it seem like there are a thousand spears … right?”

“Yes, it is a spear skill that can be bestowed by the Goddess-samas. It’s very rarely obtainable so I don’t want to leave it to fate … I would like that if I purchase any skill books here.”

“Are you sure? Five gold medals is 50 million sense you know? I believe it’s a sum that Norn can’t earn even if you work hard for your whole life.”

” … Yes, I feel that I must obtain this with this money. I would probably find it unsettling to use this money that I obtained without working for it.”


Norn laughed as if laughing at herself.


“Really? Well, it doesn’t matter. I will take this.”


The one Miri took was 「Stone Head」.

It was a skill that physically makes the head harder, increasing the power of head butts and the defensive power of the head. That also cost 5 gold coins.


“That’s a surprising choice of skill for Miri-chan. But, since Miri-chan possesses absolute power in magic, adding physical defense would make you unbeatable.”

“Eh, what are you talking about, there’s no way I’ll use defensive skills. I decided to have Onii use this.”

“Ah … I see. Miri-chan really likes her brother.”

“It’s not because of feelings of like or such. I’ll just be troubled if Onii dies.”


Miri said that with an innocent smile.

Then ― the remaining medals were exchanged to craft a spear for Norn using strong iron and the remaining medals after that were exchanged into precious metals to fund the journey.

When the medal exchange was complete, they received notice that Kannon’s treatment was over.


“Norn you can have your meal or something and wait here. I have something to say face to face with Kannon.”


Miri said that and went to the sickbay.

There, Kannon who she just unfolded a battle with was wearing a white shirt and sitting on the bed.


“I wish to speak to her alone so leave the room.”


The lady who guided Miri here bowed and left after she said that.

Then, Miri spoke to her.


“You promised. Become my slave.”

” … Haa … slave huh. I’ll keep my promise. I’ll become your slave. But, to bind me with something like the slave collar ―”

“You said it.”


Miri grinned.


― Skill, 「Authority of the Demon Lord」, activate!


Against a demon who announced that she will be her subordinate, it was a skill that could impose absolute obedience.

And, Demon Lords can obtain experience points by increasing the demon subordinates under them. And they will obtain a portion of the experience points acquired when their subordinates defeat monsters.

Miri caused a commotion in the gambling parlor because she wanted a convenient subordinate like Kannon and she felt the magical power of a demon from below the gambling parlor.

Although Miri didn’t expect that it would be a demon she knew.


【Miryuu leveled up】

【Demon Lord skill: 「Demon Summoning」 acquired】


Her level increased because Kannon became her subordinate.

Muttering ‘status open’, she verified her own status.


Job:Demon Lord Lv15 (14↑)
HP:921/921 (729↑)MP:101/101 (35↑)
Phy Atk:303 (208↑)Phy Def:503 (421↑)
Mag Atk:1220 (915↑)Mag Def:892 (703↑)
Speed:520 (416↑)Luck:30
Sailor UniformAthletic Shoes
「Space Magic III」「Darkness Magic X」「Compounding IV」「MP Absorption」 「Status Forgery」 「Authority of the Demon Lord」 「Demon Summoning」
【Acquired Titles】
「Labyrinth Conqueror III」
【Possible Job Changes】
Commoner Lv1Herbalist Lv1
Study of Medicine

TL: Demon Lord stats are absurdly OP.


As usual, only her MP growth rate was terrible. Her Magic Attack had reached four digits but Miri still thought that it was extremely weak compared to when she was still Famiris.


“By the way, Kannon. Why were you fighting in that gambling parlor even though you are a demon?”

“That’s because …”

“Answer me honestly.”

” … It’s a part-time job to acquire the 「Magical Power Detection」 skill book that is here … eh? Why did I …”

“Magical Power Detection … hey … it’s certainly a power capable of investigating the owner of the magical power residue left behind. What do you plan to use it for?”

“I heard that the Demon Lord-sama had resurrected and I attempted to gather information on Demon Lord-sama from the magic transfer circle in Florence.”


So that’s the reason. Miri was convinced.

The magic transfer circle in Florence was created to escape the labyrinth when Miri was still the Demon Lord and had challenged herself to search through the labyrinths.

It was plausible that she could obtain information on the Demon Lord using that.

However, it would be information on Famiris‧Raritei before she died.


” … Er, why is it that I somehow can’t go against your words?”

“You said that you would become my slave right. I’m just making you stay true to your words.”

“No way … that skill, as far as I know ― impossible.”


With a face pale from fear, Kannon lost her words.

And Miri gave an evil smile.




After that, Miri and Norn, together with Kannon, rode on top of the bald Fenrir heading towards the south.


“Wait for me Onii. As of now, I have secured one servant for you after all.”


Naturally, she would command Kannon to do so when Kannon met Onii.


“Even if it’s a subordinate or a slave, I will kill them if they touch Onii.”


That’s right, regardless of who it would be.



TL: Dun dun dun~ I’m not sure if our MC will even survive the reunion with his sister 


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