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GC V7C142

Mysterious Ruins

(142) Prologue

Translator: Tseirp


In my personal world, My World.

Inside the log house constructed by Pionia, there was Haru and I.


” … Ma, master … you can put it in a little more.”

“O, okay but it’s hard to gauge the right amount.”

“It’s okay … I will accept master’s all … ah, so full …”

“So, sorry. A little bit overflowed … Does it feel bad?”

“It’s a little sticky but it’s something from master so it won’t feel disgusting to me.”


I was relieved hearing that.

But that was my limit. I’d collapse if I released anymore.


Right at that moment, the log house door opened.

Carol entered.


“Ichino-sama ―”

” … Carol … sorry.”


I smiled bitterly while looking at Carol as I showed her what I just released.


“It’s oil but three pots is my limit.”

“It’s okay Ichino-sama, this much is plenty. Unlike cooking oil, not much is needed to maintain fur.”

“I see … thank you for helping, Haru. I couldn’t get it in the pot properly no matter how I did it when I was doing it alone.”


I was currently using Oil Create to make oil that can maintain Cat Sith fur.

I used all the Silver Vine that Carol procured for the sake of making Silver Vine Wine to entertain the Cat Siths so this was my apology.

The pots that the Cat Siths prepared was unstable so I had Haru help me support them.


Carol covered the pots with tanned leather and wiped off the oil on the sides with a cloth.


“Well then, I’ll be going with these oil.”

“Ah, Carol, I can ― ”


I tried standing up but I was unsteady on my feet. I was under the condition of magical power depletion.


“Ichino-sama please rest. Oil Create consumes several times the magical power of Water that creates water after all.”

“Then, I’ll carry them.”

“Haru-san’s hands are covered in oil. Moreover, I also wish to be of use to Ichino-sama.”


Carol smiled widely and left the log house with two pots in her hand.

I was slightly tired so I lied on the bed.


“Then I will go wash my hands.”


Haru said that and was about to leave the room.


“Ah, please wait …”


I took off my shirt and got topless. Looking at my fairly muscular body compared to when I first came to this world, I once again collapsed and laid face-down.


“Haru … sorry but could you please keep your hands like that and give my body a massage? Something like … an oil massage.”


Lately there’s been too much going on and I’ve not had time for skinship with Haru. Carol would probably return so we can’t go into the real deal but I wanted to at least touch a bit.

A person of the same sex or different sex would hate it if they were asked to do that but I believed that Haru would definitely want it too.



” … Understood, master.”


There was a pause in her reply. Haru’s voice basically doesn’t have any intonation and her expression doesn’t change as well.

However, I could tell since I’ve been with Haru for such a long time. That pause was when she kind of hates it.

To prove that, Haru’s tail was not wagging at all.


“Haru, do you hate it?”

“Ah … no, I won’t hate it if it is master’s request.”

” … I don’t want to do something that Haru hates. I will hate it if I found out that Haru acted for my sake but actually hates to do it.”

” … Er … I would love to massage master’s body. I can massage master’s back but massaging your stomach would be …” “Stomach … ah, it’s because of that.”


I finally understood what Haru hated.


“Sorry, I completely forgot about that. To the beastfolk, petting the stomach means submission right?”

” … Yes.”

“Then, please just massage my back.”



For a moment, Haru smiled … or so I felt. No, she probably smiled. Her tail was happily wagging after all.


“Today my magical power is depleted so I can’t do so but next time I’ll massage you.”

“Yes, I’ll look forward to it.”


Nevertheless, the oil I made sure feels great. Initially, like how Haru described it, it felt sticky but as the massage progressed, it became slippery and had a gentle finish.

Oh no, originally when I was still a virgin, I wouldn’t be able to sleep from the nervousness but thanks to the magical power depletion condition, I was attacked by a strong sense of drowsiness.


Then, feeling the sensation of Haru’s fingers, I fell asleep in my arms.




“Onii, Onii, get a hold of yourself.”


Is this, a dream huh … I could hear Miri’s voice.

When I opened my eyes, I saw Miri with tears flowing from her eyes. However, currently … she was even younger than when I died.

It was a Miri that was about primary school age.


I wonder when exactly was this memory from? Was it even a real memory?


The location seemed like a narrow path between the buildings at the downtown area. Because I could hear the theme song of the electrical shop that we are occasionally in their care, I could roughly guess the location. However, I do not remember entering such a place.

If that’s the case, is this a false memory?


“Onii … Why did you do something so reckless.”



Hey hey Miri, have you forgotten?

I have always been a person who acts rationally.

There’s no way I would do something reckless.

Haha, that means this is really a dream.

Looking closely, there was blood spread all around me. Unlike the Otherworld that has healing magic, in Japan with this degree of injury, I might not survive depending on the time the ambulance arrives.


” … Onii, didn’t you promise. That Onii would definitely protect Miri. That you would only protect Miri. Then … you can’t die in a place like this.”


Miri looked down with tears falling.

At that instant, I felt as if ― an enormous darkness swelled up from her back.

Then ―




I slowly opened my eyes due to the pleasant sensation I was feeling ― and saw an angel.

No, it’s Haru huh. Damn it, I mistook her as an angel because she was too cute.


Wait, I was lying on Haru’s knees.


“Master, good morning. Your hands would become numb if you stayed in that position so I apologize for the arbitrary decision but I moved you to lie on my leg.”

“U, okay. Thank you for the meal.”


I sat up … and tilted my head.

I felt like I had some strange dream but ― was I wrong?


“Master, Carol came by just now to inform that Stella-san has some business with you and asked you to come to the royal castle once you woke up.”

“Stella huh … okay. Let’s go.”


Well, thinking to myself that forgetting everything about a dream once you wake up, even if it was an interesting dream, happens often, I stood up.

My body had completely recovered from the tiredness. Yup, all thanks to Haru’s knee pillow.


TL: Ooo more back-story. So something happened in the past that possibly made Miri the way she is now.


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    • Plan Pot-kun

      And as he was living a life he should no longer have… defying fate… he could not get a job… it all makes sense now!

    • WirlWind

      Methinks she used her own soul to save him.

      It’d explain why his soul feels like hers and why she’s so protective of him.

    • Lothran

      I see this as a natural result of being obsessive / compulsive / psychotic, and very OP. Not so much in the normal world but she still is very intelligent.

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        • Iirc there’s a possibility that Miri was actually the one who made the world Ichinojo can escape to in the first place. It was mentioned that the space was created by someone and as of now the strongest space-magic wielder we know is Demon Lord Miri.
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