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GC V7C145

(145) Jobless level 90

Translator: Tseirp


The sixth labyrinth dive.

Haru, Stella and I, the three of us. The interior of the labyrinth was bright like the labyrinths I’ve been to until now.

That’s why I couldn’t understand Stella’s words of how we won’t be able to acquire the labyrinth clear bonus.

I thought that it was perhaps a monster’s nest that looked exactly like a labyrinth but an ordinary monster’s nest would not have bright walls like these.


For this labyrinth dive, I’ll mainly focus on leveling up my non-combat jobs Dancer, Singer and Blacksmith while assigning Samurai as well as insurance.

It looked like this when I checked my status.


Job:Jobless Lv89 (1↑)Dancer Lv1Singer Lv1
Blacksmith Lv1Samurai Lv1
HP:206/206 (10+25+23+30+84) (x1.2)
MP:192/192 (8+30+40+18+52)  (x1.3)
Phy Atk:199 (9+12+11+30+104) (x1.2)
Phy Def:167 (7+15+14+24+92) (x1.1)
Mag Atk:129 (4+20+24+12+58) (x1.1)
Mag Def:144 (3+25+27+16+49) (x1.2)
Speed:122 (4+40+10+15+52) (x1.1)
Luck:66 (10+15+15+10+10) (x1.1)
Cotton ClothesHide ShoesIron Light ArmorAsclepius’s Staff
「Sword Equip II」「Slash II」「Rotational Slash II」「Swordsmanship Strengthening (medium)」「Dual Wield」
【Acquired Titles】
「Rare Hunter」「Skill Maniac」「Job Maniac」「Labyrinth Conqueror IV」「The Way of the Sword」「Peak of Apprentice Magician」「Peak of Hunter」「Peak of Apprentice Practitioner」「Peak of Pugilist」「Peak of Hammer-user」「Peak of Apprentice Blacksmith」
【Possible Job Changes】
Jobless Lv89 (1↑)Commoner Lv75Farmer Lv3 (5↓)?Hunter Lv60★
Lumberjack Lv14Apprentice Swordsman Lv40★Apprentice Magician Lv40★Peddler Lv6
Apprentice Spearman Lv8 (7↑)Swordsman Lv60★Archer Lv1Apprentice Alchemist Lv37
Magician Lv67 (3↑)Axe-user Lv1Hammer-user Lv40★Pugilist Lv60★
Philanderer Lv13Magic Journalist Lv1 (6↓)?Apprentice Practitioner Lv40★Dismantler Lv1 (15↓)?
Apprentice Blacksmith Lv40★Alchemist Lv33 (4↑)Practitioner Lv48Musician Lv1
Singer Lv1Dancer Lv1Artist Lv10Magic Swordsman Lv12
Fire Magician Lv12 (11↑)Water Magician Lv1Wind Magician Lv1Earth Magician Lv12 (11↑)
Samurai Lv1Sword Saint Lv1Gladiator Lv1Hammer Warrior Lv1
Blacksmith Lv1*
20x experience point acquisition
1/20 required experience points

TL:*I had a typo in the previous status page where I wrote Blacksmith was at Lv29 but it was actually Alchemist. The other job levels I re-checked so I have no idea why some of them dropped, especially Dismantler. Also, I won’t be calculating the rise/fall in stats from the previous status page since his stats vary greatly whenever he puts in new Lv1 jobs.


Making sure Stella can’t hear me, I whispered into Haru’s fluffy ears.


“Haru, I’ve become weaker now so I leave my safety to you for a bit.”

” … Yes, master.”


For an instant, really just for an instant, I noticed Haru’s face flushed red.


“What’s wrong?”

“It just kind of felt good when master’s breath was on my ears.”

” … I see … thank you for the meal.”


Or should I have said ‘thank you for providing the meal’ instead?

Just as I was thinking that,


“I guess the saying that Humes are constantly sexually excited is true nya … nevertheless, even though it is a beginner’s labyrinth, it is still a labyrinth so I’d prefer if you two are at least a little more cautious.”

” … My bad.”

” … Sorry.”


Haru and I apologized straightforwardly at Stella who was glaring at us.


“There’s no monsters …”

“Makes one miss Carol’s ability right?”

“No, I didn’t mean it to that extent.”


Carol’s ability is a double-edged sword. Especially since whenever we use her that ability, I would also need to go into full power mode.

At the very least, I can’t use her ability to train my lower level jobs.

If by any chance we get injured from that, it would damage all the effort we put into making Carol accept her own ability.


“Master, a single monster is approaching our direction.”

Her nose twitched. As usual, Haru’s sense of smell is a cheat.

My Detect Enemy skill still have not registered any presence of monsters … no, it just caught it.

Wait … there’s a lot!


“They are called Flat Rats nya.”

“A large number of flat rats appeared ― Ichino was surprised.”


I inadvertently muttered that due to the sheer number.

They were rats that looked like flounders.

Because they were flat, cutting down a number of them with a horizontal swing would be difficult.

Looks like Rotational Slash won’t be effective.


“For now, 「Slash」!”


Using a Steel Sword, I released a sword wave at the Flat Rats.

Hit by the sword wave, blood splashed from three Flat Rats as they collapsed on the floor and disappeared, leaving a couple of items including magic stones.

However, those magic stones were quickly buried under the large swarm of Flat Rats.


“As expected, magic would be best in this case ― ”

” ― I’ll go next.”


Haru held two swords and charged into the rat swarm.


“Well, the attack power of Flat Rats aren’t that strong so Haru-san would be all right on her own nya.”

” … Stella won’t be fighting?”

“I don’t really like rats nya.”


… So she hates rats despite being a cat huh?

Similar to a blue cat robot I know of.


“But, that Haru, she sure is motivated.”


Using two swords, she annihilated the rats while mixing in Slashes as well.


“For people like Haru-san, they are usually motivated when it is for the sake of people they like nya.”


… Ah, it’s because I said that I would be relying on her.

It felt like it was constantly Haru’s turn as the enemy’s bite was completely ineffective.

I also supported by sending Slashes but it looked like she didn’t need any more assistance.


Then, after a short three minute intense battle, the remaining Flat Rats fled.

The end of the battle was accompanied by the usual level up announcement.


【Ichinojo Leveled up】

【Jobless skill: 「XXXX」acquired】

【Dancer skill: 「Moon Walk」acquired】

【Dancer skill: 「Step Exchange」acquired】

【Singer skill: 「Loud Acoustics」acquired】

【Singer skill: 「Sleep Song」acquired】

【Blacksmith skill: 「Blacksmithing」has skilled up to「Blacksmithing II」】

【Samurai skill: 「Katana Equip」acquired】

【Samurai skill: 「Quick Draw (Iaido)」acquired】

【Recipe acquired】


… Eh?

Jobless level reached 90 so I probably learned some kind of skill.

However, that system message was somewhat strange. What the heck is XXXX?

I looked at my skill list but the skill that I should have acquired from Jobless wasn’t displayed.


” … Ah, is it a bug?”


Well, in the first place, learning the skills from Jobless was a bug in itself anyway.


TL: Bug? I’m sure we will find out the effects of the skill soon.


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