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Chapter 218: Paula’s miracle

Translator: Tseirp

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As we didn’t anticipate that an anti-magic barrier would be spread across the wide training ground, we had fallen perfectly into Dongahaha’s trap and were facing a desperate situation.

Seeing our state, Dongahaha laughed loudly as he constructed the magic circle that gave off a reddish-black light.

That light closely resembled the one made by the reincarnated individual we confronted at Grandol.


“Once you can’t use magic, even if you are a Sage, you’re just a human. Sage-dono, you have been a worthy foe.”

Immediately after Dongahaha said that, a human-shaped object begin to form from the magic circle. However, its appearance was clearly atypical as feathers, horns and even a tail formed.


“The one who summoned me … what!?”

A couple of seconds after the demon (?) was summoned, the control on the Golem standing at the training ground was severed due to the barrier and it began collapsing in the direction of the demon.


Everyone was surprised by the sudden turn of events and … quickly took some distance away from the Golem that was falling towards the demon from its dead-angle.


The demon misunderstood that everyone was fleeing from it due to fear and astonishment, so it began to speak in an arrogant tone with the edges of its mouth curled up when it finally noticed the falling Golem but it was already a little too late.

It was already too late to avoid the Golem as the demon was crushed beneath the Golem accompanied by the sound of a loud impact.

When that happened, for some reason I returned to the state where I could manipulate magical power and I had recovered my ability to use magic.

“Did the shock from that impact dispel the barrier seal as well?”

A Paula miracle that could make even Great Luck-sensei and Supreme Luck-sensei surprised had occurred.


I immediately returned the demonized knights trapped inside the Sanctuary Barriers into humans.

The terrifying aspect of the demonized individuals was the suicide explosion attack that cornered Shisho.

I imagined that they won’t self-destruct after they regain their consciousness so I prioritized that.


“Hey, raise some fighting spirit. You’re a demon right?”

“You can continue summoning them as long as you have magical power right?”

“Luciel, don’t dispel the demonization on these guys.”

“I’ll show them the reality that I can’t be defeated even if they rely on demonization.”

Shisho and Lionel were raring to fight but when the demon was being summoned, they had constantly moved into position to defend me and the Knight Corps.

However, for the two of them who were expecting a fight to the death with the demon, they either could not stomach that disappointing end or they had an excess of pent up energy as, of all things, they began taunting the enemies.

While feeling that their actions were unnecessary, I quickly thought that there was a need to hang the bait called ‘battle’ in front of the two of them. The instant that thought went through my mind, I noticed the many knights reflected in my eyes. I was immediately hit with the wonderful idea of offering them all to Shisho and Lionel as their fee for acting as a nuisance in this incident.


“Shisho, Lionel, stop provoking the enemy! If you want to fight, I don’t care if you chase all the knights here until they can’t stand so please read the air now.”

“Tch, very well. Luciel, you better keep your promise.”

“There’s no helping it then.”

The two of them reluctantly agreed to it but going by the grin on their faces unlike before, I probably chose the correct choice as my countermeasure.

The knights that witnessed my exchange with Shisho were startled and had looks of despair as the color drained from their complexions but nobody tried to contest it.

Certainly, compared to fighting with demons, they won’t have to worry about their lives if it’s just a mock battle so the choice was clear but they would probably catch a glimpse of hell.

Thinking of that, I felt a little of the stress I’ve built up lighten.


I finished my treatment on the demonized knights. However, perhaps due to the influence of the berserk state caused by the demonization, they all lost consciousness and collapsed on the spot immediately after the treatment ended.

“Their demonization has already been dispelled so just restraining them will do.”

After sending out that instruction, a couple of the knights obeyed and I entrusted it to them as I returned my sight to Dongahaha.

Until now, Dongahaha still had a stunned expression with his staff in his hand as he stared at the spot where he summoned the demon.


He demonized the knights, went further to make them go into berserk state, succeeded in fully catching our attention and then he activated the magic seal barrier.

Then, having grasped absolute advantage, it looked like he summoned a high-ranking demon.

He had achieved the formula to victory he set in his mind and it wouldn’t be strange if he was intoxicated with his own strategy as it was that excellent a strategy.

However, as that all collapsed due to an irregular occurrence, his mind right now was probably completely blank.

Even though he was an enemy, seeing how his carefully prepared plans were unreasonably shattered due to an irregularity cause me to feel slightly sympathetic towards Dongahaha.


Just as my thoughts reached that point, Paula’s Golem that caused that irregularity began to move once again.

It seemed like Paula had regained control on the Golem as the 10-meter class Golem stood up and slowly began moving.


Everyone’s eyes including mine were pulled towards the location where the Golem’s head was, at the convulsing demon’s body that had sunk into the ground.

The shocking thing was that even though its breathing was faint, the demon was still alive.

“It’s still alive in such a condition?”

As somebody was pulled back into reality after hearing those words being muttered, I immediately decided to use the Holy Dragon’s power as I gripped my Illusionary Sword but the summoner Dongahaha took action before me.

“Restore your energy with my magical power and destroy everything!”

Immediately after Dongahaha’s proclamation, a reddish-black line connected him and the demon and miasma spewed out from the demon’s body as it was wrapped in reddish-black light.


If it continued, we might have to face a high-ranking demon and I fear that the Church’s fighting strength would drop from this encounter alone so I convinced myself that it was the situation where I have to defeat it at full strength like I had prepared to just now.


“Holy Dragon, become the blade that will purify the evil demon … 『Don!』 ”

Just as I was on the verge of releasing the Holy Dragon’s power, Paula’s Golem that had played an active role in the previous irregularity acted quicker than I had.


While it was standing up, the Golem stopped with its knees bent and after rotating its body 90 degrees, it fell onto the demon with its elbow.

It was a splendid elbow drop.

The demon was releasing miasma but perhaps it had not regained its ability to move, it couldn’t evade the elbow drop and it became a ruthless blow towards the recently revived demon.


Dongahaha, having supplied his magical power to the demon, perhaps because the magical power that had to be supplied was increased significantly, his magical power was depleted and he collapsed on the spot.

Then, having just fulfilled its role, Paula’s Golem also disintegrated.


Everyone was terrified of the demon, everyone was stunned at the instant kill of the demon and everyone also shuddered at the strength of the Golem.

“Dahahahaha, the tasty parts of the battle had completely been snatched away.”

“The valuable experience of fighting with a demon has …”

Excluding the two battle maniacs …


After that, to be safe, I inverted the Sanctuary Barrier and expanded it to probe the demon but the demon had already died.

Then, I cast the spells to return a demonized person back to humanity on Dongahaha to be safe and we successfully arrested the person who personally admitted to being the main culprit, Dongahaha.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.

TL: Lol this chapter is a freaking troll. It did make me laugh though hahaha.


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