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IS B11C224

Chapter 224: Promise

Translator: Tseirp


I asked Kefin when we left the archive.

“Did you find anything new?”

“Nothing in particular. In addition, although they were singing praises for the Human Supremacist movement, there aren’t that many documents regarding it.”

It was a little strange how they were Human Supremacist given that they knew that the Church’s leader is a High half-elf.

It might have been a camouflage to take control of the Executives Department.


“Those documents might be in the other rooms but shall we return to the large training ground for now?”

” … If Luciel-sama permits, could I investigate the other rooms a little more?”

“Something bothering you?”

“Yes. We did not find the drug that caused the demonization in this room. So, to support this will, I would like to investigate the other rooms too.”

“Understood. We’ve captured most of the members of the Executive Department so do as you please. But don’t overexert yourself.”


Then, Kefin guided me to the entrance of the Annex and we parted ways at the path to the large training ground.


When I returned to the large training ground, I saw the bloodied figures of Shisho and Lionel with dozens of fallen Knights but all the other Knights were practically uninjured.

But their facial expressions were not calm in the slightest.

“Cathy, what’s the situation here?”

“Ah, Luciel-sama. Lionel-sama and Whirlwind said that they would not be able to hold back in this condition and might kill someone so they fought without using their hands nya.”

” … Did they want to fight that badly?”

These two were seriously battle maniacs.

Well, they should be good training partners for the Knight Corps.

Although it might leave a large mental scar.


“Making training challenging is exactly right nya. And it is the dignity of a strong warrior to maintain a cool and smart attitude when it comes to a real fight nya.”

Cathy watched Shisho and Lionel with her hands folded.


“That sounds cool. But I have a feeling that in those two people’s case, they just want to fight with all their strength …”

” … Only now you see it nya. Since Luciel-sama is back now, the ban on their weapons is lifted nya.”

Cathy said with a tone that sounded like she had given up as she walked towards the two of them.


Then, after some sort of conversation passed between them, Shisho and Lionel turned their sights to me and after giving a ferocious smile, they slowly took out their weapons and declared to the Knight Crops.

“Now then, play time is over.”

“The weapons ban will be lifted now. With Luciel-sama around, he can treat a missing limb or two in a jiffy so rest easy.”

“Anyone who loses focus would be sent to the other world in a split second so if you want the training to end, pray that Luciel runs out of magical power.”

“Now then, come at us!”

“If you guys don’t, we will be the ones attacking instead.”

Immediately after Shisho and Lionel challenged them to come at them, they charged towards the Knight Corps.


” … They are combat maniacs no matter how you look at it. Moreover, they involve others without hesitation, they really are way too evil in nature.”

There shouldn’t have been anyone who heard my mutterings to myself.

“Despite all that, those two are Luciel-kun’s martial arts masters.”

But, Lumina-san appeared behind me and said to me.


I was focusing on Shisho and Lionel but I still got a shock as I didn’t sense her.

“Since when were you there? I didn’t notice you at all.”

“Fufu, it’s because Luciel-kun’s focus was there. I wanted to give you a little surprise.”

Lumina-san giggled at the success of her prank.


I explained to Lumina-san slightly what Shisho and Lionel meant to me.

“Shisho and Lionel might very well be my martial arts masters, my seniors in life, and a father or brother-like existence that I look up to for how to live my life as a man.”

“You trust them very much.”

“Yes. If I didn’t meet Shisho, I would most likely still be a Healer at Meratoni now and if I didn’t meet Lionel and the others, I might even have died at Ienith. Thinking of it that way, perhaps I have good interpersonal luck. That includes how I was helped by Lumina-san at Meratoni.”

“It’s slightly embarrassing when you say it like that.”

“But if I didn’t meet Lumina-san at the start, my entry into the Healer’s Guild would not have gone so smoothly and if I didn’t hear about the reputation of Healers, I wouldn’t have been able to take such drastic actions.”

Thinking back, if I had shunned adventurers, I probably wouldn’t have gone to the Adventurer’s Guild.

I feel that choice was my turning point.


“Everything you achieve is due to Luciel-kun’s effort. Now you’ve even reached the Sage job. It can’t be achieved through normal effort.”

“It’s been nothing but life and death situations so I’ve just not been given the choice to give up.”

I was happy to be praised but it was true that if I gave up at any point in my journey, I would not be standing here now.


” … By the way, it looks like the number of dwarves and elves has increased?”

“Ah, my followers are all people who were once slaves. I treated them when they were injured but they felt indebted and chose to become my followers.”

“Do problems not arise from there being so many races involved?”

Lumina-san surprisingly asked on the topic of race.

I paused for a moment after hearing Lumina-san’s question but I had not heard of and had not felt any problems.


“Yeah. On the contrary, I am always thankful for them. For example, the cat beastwoman Cathy and the half-wolf beastman Kefin take on the dirty work without me noticing while I could develop the flying ship thanks to the help from the dwarves Dolan and Paula and the elf Rician, it is unrelated to race.”

Lumina-san listened to my words as she silently nodded and chimed in.


” … I see, the reason why the people around Luciel-kun are all lively might be because Luciel-kun holds respect towards them.”

“Is that so? I’d be happy if that is true. Since I’m aware that I didn’t properly build up interpersonal relationships with the people in the Church … I wanted to foster a relationship where there was mutual respect among the companions who I am always together with.”

After becoming an S-rank Healer, I felt lonely when I somewhat noticed a distance between us when the girls from the Valkyrie Paladin Corps other than Lumina-san interacted with me.

“Luciel-kun sure is peculiar.”

Lumina-san’s smile didn’t give off the feeling like the happy smile she had when she succeeded in her prank just now, it felt somewhat like a smile for something nostalgic.


” … People often say that about me but am I really that peculiar?”

“Luciel-kun holds a high position in the Church. But when you are on the streets, you interact with anybody in a friendly and relaxed manner. I feel that it is extremely rare to be capable of doing so and to actually do it as well.”

“That’s because I don’t feel that I am anybody great. I originally wanted to stay in the same position I had in the Church …”

I implied that I didn’t want to take control of the Church’s internal dealings and Knight Corps any more than this and I didn’t want to be involved with troublesome matters.


” … For what reason does Luciel-kun throw yourself into battle? Depending on the way you do it, it might be possible to avoid combat.”

I had never once thrown myself into combat merely because I wanted to like Shisho and Lionel.

“That way of saying it sounds like you think I am a combat maniac too.”

“Ah, no, I didn’t have that intention …”

I answered with a laugh and Lumina-san also gave a troubled laugh.

Lumina-san was probably worried for me for living in a life and death situation.

I felt like I somehow always end up making Lumina-san worry.


Nevertheless, why I fight huh …

Without a doubt, it started from the time I met the Holy Dragon.

After releasing the Reincarnation Dragon by clearing the labyrinth, I found out the truth, the future where the hero loses.

That’s why if I didn’t take action within my means, many innocent people would definitely lose their lives.

I didn’t want to accept such a future so I promised to offer my strength within my means to counter the demon race. There’s no way I can go against my word.


Furthermore, even though it is really unreasonable, I really hate to admit that it is the most accurate choice to make to survive.

After all, this is a world that has the concept of levels …


“Actually, lately I came to the realisation that I somehow have the constitution of getting caught up in issues and moreover if I leave them unresolved, it would result in the worst case scenario.”

Evil God and demon race, if I don’t aim to quickly settle each and every problem that comes out, I would definitely ultimately be caught up in them.

Well, I am already knee deep in it so if I don’t take action here, it would definitely lead to the worst case scenario.


” … Luciel-kun, do you no longer have the intention of returning to the Church?”

” … Why do you ask?”

“I somehow felt like that was the case.”

She glanced at me and I felt like she had guessed it correctly.


“I see … I will be honest with Lumina-san. I do not intend to intervene with the Church any further. Without being bound by the Church, I will continue to defend the Church by healing people like I have done all this time.”

“I see … if possible, erm … I would be delighted if you would come visit occasionally.”

All time seemed to stop when I saw Lumina-san’s slightly embarrassed expression.

I felt that I should at least say something so I gave a reply for now.

“Erm, yes.” “Luciel, please restore this person as soon as possible.” “Okay. Lumina-san, once everything is settled, I’ll put aside some time to talk to you.”

Shisho’s call came at an exquisite timing.

While praising him for a good job, I decided to procrastinate with my reply.

Love and hate are easy simple words but without understanding my own feelings, giving a reply at a time like this would be way too disrespectful.

It might be unfair of me but at the moment I wanted more time.


“Fufu, alright. Go quickly.”

Lumina-san didn’t show any signs of unhappiness as she instead smiled and urged me towards Shisho.

“Okay, until we meet again.”

“Yes, till we meet again.”


Thus, I headed towards the Knights that had collapsed at Shisho and Lionel’s feet and began treating them.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.

Tseirp: Wah, I’ve been thinking how the author has been avoiding deeper interpersonal relations for our MC with the opposite sex but this last part has been a very refreshing change :) So the title of the chapter could mean both his promise to the reincarnation dragons to prevent the future where the hero loses as well as his promise to Lumina.


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