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IS B11C225

Chapter 225: Appointment

Translator: Tseirp


A mountain of Knights from the Knight Corps had piled up in front of Shisho and Lionel.

As if undeterred by the difference in levels, the two of them struck them down like they were practice partners for returning attacks … or the so-called counter technique.


As the Knight Corps of the Church holds the title of Knights, they possess a certain degree of strength.

And the combat style of those Knights was not individual combat but group combat.


Shisho and Lionel felt that it was a valuable experience that they could not obtain by fighting with Adventurers so they were serious in their fight with the Knight Corps.


To the Knight Corps, seeing how Shisho and Lionel stop for me to heal them after they incur a certain degree of wounds before they show off a ferocious smile and charge at the Knight Corps once again after their wounds are healed, it was as if the two of them were spirit soldiers.

Gradually the Knights began to get serious and they earnestly began to attack with the intention of defeating the two of them to end this training.

But the Knights had no way of knowing that those actions merely further fanned their fighting spirit.


From then, it was as if a sword battle scene from the movies as the two combat maniacs avoided and parried the Knights’ attacks.

Then, with their backs against each other, Shisho and Lionel gradually spun on the spot as they avoided the fierce attacks of the Knights and adopted the tactic of occasionally slicing flesh and breaking bones as the number of Knights decreased.


Fear towards their overwhelming strength was being born within the Knight Corps.

And the two of them took advantage of that.


The two who were focusing on parrying began going on the offense … by guiding their opponent’s attacks to one that was easy for them to deal with, they separated the Knights from their groups.

Because the Knights were structured as a group, that action also increased the danger of hitting their own allies so the Knights as a group crumbled on the spot.


The body and spirit of the Knights were shattered one by one and sensing that, Shisho and Lionel began knocking them out.

“Are they even capable of protecting the Church from the demon race if they are so weak? Luciel is far better.”

“Yeah. With them in this state of affair, just what do they plan to protect?”

Shisho and Lionel spoke ill of the Knights but none of the Knights stood their ground on their two feet.


It seemed like the Knights’ attitude threw a wet blanket over their excitement.

“We will be your opponents from here.”

“We can tell that Onii-chans’ are strong but any more would damage the Knights’ reputation.”

It was Elizabeth-san and Saran-san from the Valkyrie Paladin Corps.

And they had apparently finished their task of locking the demonized Knights in jail as the others also came holding their weapons looking like they intend to join the fight.


“Hou. That’s some spirit there.”

“Umu, these girls are without a doubt the backbone of the Knight Corps.”

Ever since the establishment of the Valkyrie Paladin Corps, they have continuously been receiving orders to go on expeditions as their duty.

At that time, it was likely done to crush the Knight squad made entirely of women but that instead became food for their growth that allowed them to raise their levels and technique as well as build a trusting relationship amongst themselves.

The Squad Captain Lumina-san was probably the strongest among them.

And I believe that the Valkyrie Paladin Corps that she leads is the strongest among the Knight Squads.


However, the fight didn’t start.

“Luciel, I’m hungry.”

“Luciel-sama, it’s about time you brought me to the magical tool store you mentioned before.”

“Luciel-sama, I already tire of looking at the fights so I wish to return to the flying ship to design the magic cannons.”

The Luciel Corporation Production Department was already bored.


It’s true that we arrived at the Holy Capital when the sun was directly above us and now it has steadily sunk down the western sky and was already setting.

Shisho and Lionel probably have already fought for close to three hours.

Putting aside the combat mania of the two, I could see that the body and spirit of the Knight Corps other than the Valkyrie Paladin Corps were already in a tattered condition.


It might be alright for Shisho and Lionel as they are combat maniacs but it might become troublesome later if I ignored the wishes of Rician, Dolan and Paula so I put an end to the mock battle today.

“Shisho, Lionel, let’s end it here for today.”

“Luciel, a chance like this is extremely rare you know.”

Ah, as expected, looks like I couldn’t convince Shisho.

Without the lure called combat, I would not be able to stop him …

Then maybe I’ll just have to give a suggestion that would alert the crisis awareness of the Church’s Knight Corps.

“The guys that you two beaten black-and-blue have already lost their fighting spirit. And if you fight with the Valkyrie Paladin Corps now, the sun would completely set. Since everyone would not be able to give their best, let’s end for today.”

“Luciel … fu~ alright. Well, you still have things you wish to do right?”

Shisho surprisingly calmed down immediately and compromised. Well, it should be expected.

A hot-blooded person would not be able to serve as a Guildmaster.

But I also properly followed up.

“Since we have the flying ship now, from today onward, Shisho can come visit the Church for training whenever you wish and if the timing allows for it, we might even be able to enter the labyrinth together as well.”

“Ou. Then next time we drop by, I’ll bring Object X to the Church and let the Knights with broken spirits drink it to rouse them. Since drinking that has tremendous effects.”

Shisho said it so that the Knights could hear it and at that instant, blood draining from the faces of the ones who knew of Object X.

They would probably work slightly harder to become stronger from now on.

Thus, the mock battle between the Knight Corps and Shisho and Lionel ended.


By right, I should be visiting Pope-sama’s room, handing her Dongahaha’s will and reporting but this time, I prioritized my personal tasks.

I had decided to go and greet Ryina, visit the Adventurer’s Guild to cancel the request I put in as well as enjoy a meal with Granz-san while I’m there.


Leaving aside Garba-san and Catherine-san who have not returned even now, it was just time for me to go when Kefin came to find me.

“Luciel-sama, I’m sorry for being late.”

“Perfect timing. So did you discover anything?”

“Yes. It might be possible for Luciel Corporation to make a huge profit from the Church with it.”

“That piques my interest but at the moment I plan to walk the streets of the Holy Capital and head for the magic tool shop and Adventurer’s Guild.”

“Then would we be staying in the Holy Capital?”

“That depends on the situation. I’ll be having my meal at the Adventurer’s Guild so tell me the information you found out then.”


Kefin replied and walked to Cathy.


“Dear Knights, thank you for having the bout with Shisho and Lionel. Well, please have a simulated fight with the two of them again sometime soon. I believe that you all will definitely be able to win against Paula’s 10-meter class Golem someday.”

At that moment, it was as if the souls had left the Knights’ bodies like they had lost all feelings, showing an expressionless face like they were all wearing Noh masks.

And Paula tilted her head after suddenly hearing her name mentioned.


After leaving the Church Headquarters, I asked Shisho and the others to head to the Adventurer’s Guild first as I went to visit Ryina’s shop with Lionel, Dolan, Paula and Rician as my escorts.


『Welcome to the Magic Tool Shop Commedia.』

“This is wonderful.”

“I see it’s a mechanism set to speak automatically when people come in.”

After entering the shop, Paula and Rician’s excitement rose as they immediately moved to the speaking golem and began touching it all over. I was comforted to see they act like children but I also wished that they had a little more restraint as well.


“Welcome. To the Magic Tool Shop Commedia, welco … ah, are you perhaps the person from before?”

The person who came to greet us was the shop assistant from the previous time.

“Good evening. Is Ryina in?”

“Yes. Please wait for a moment.”

She disappeared into the backroom for a short while before Ryina, who I feel is a reincarnated individual as well, came out immediately.

“Welcome, Luciel-sama. A lot of rumors had been circulating so I’ve been worried about you.”

“Good evening Ryina-san. The rumors are just rumors. Today, I’m here with the top three of Luciel Corporation’s Production Department. Well, there’s only the three of them officially.”

“Ah, nice to meet you, I am the owner of Magic Tool Shop Commedia.”

“Dolan, head of Luciel Corporation’s Production Department. I mainly work on blacksmithing.”

“Paula from the Production Department, expert on magic tool production. I am currently working on a fully automatic cooker.”

“Similarly, ace of the Production Department, Rician. I am working on a monster detection device.”

Putting aside Dolan, the two of them sure were exaggerating their introductions.

“Uwa~ the two of you have amazing ideas too. Even I am still in the production stage for a magic tool capable of Appraisal.”

Ryina smiled but … it felt as if there were sparks flying from their looks at each other.


“So, I think I mentioned it before but would you consider coming to Luciel Corporation’s Production Department to demonstrate your capabilities?”

I had previously obtained her approval already so I did it more as a formal invitation.

However, even here my expectations were betrayed.


” … I’m sorry. I won’t enter Luciel Corporation.”

She bowed her head gently.

I did not expect to be rejected so I was stunned for a moment but I asked to at least know the reason.

” …… May I ask why?”

“Actually I had a dream. To create a flying ship that can fly in the sky. Did Luciel-sama see the flying ship that landed at the Church Headquarters today around noon? I have decided to go to the Church Headquarters and learn from the unknown master who created that.”

Her resolve was shown in her eyes.


” … Dolan, what do you think?”

“Umu. It’s good that she has the drive.”

Dolan had been appraising her from the very beginning but it looked like he was positive to Ryina becoming a member.

“Paula, Rician, does it look like you will be able to get along?”

“Engineer’s speak with their techniques, magic tool producers speak with their magic tools.”

“It depends on how much actual imagination and ability to actualize it she possesses.”

The words the two of them said were different but it somewhat felt like they were happy.

An insightful genius and a hardworking genius, together with a person who possess memories of the alternate world, I look forward to what would come of it.


“Erm, like I said, I don’t intend to enter Luciel Corporation though …”

Ryina put a stop to us moving the topic forward as we please.

“This is Dolan, the flying ship creator, Paula, the person in charge of space expansion of the interior, and the owner is me. If you feel like coming to our company, you will be able to ride the flying ship soon “I’ll join!” Yup. There’s a lot to settle regarding the employment of your shop assistant as well so what about we all have dinner together?”

It was an instantaneous answer.

But this pattern would be a pattern where Dolan gets called ‘Shisho’ (TL: Teacher/mentor).

While giving a wry smile, I looked to see Dolan with his hand on his forehead.


“Yes. I’ll get ready immediately. Nanya, you’ll be coming along too.”

When Ryina said that to the shop assistant at the counter, she had a look of surprise as she was worried for the shop.

“Er, what about the shop?”

“We’ll be closed for today. It’s something important so I want you to come along. I’ve found my Shisho.”

“Okay. Understood.”

As expected, she called him Shisho.

But her excitement level was totally different from how she was moments ago.


“Please wait for me for a little while.”

“Ah, yeah.”

The quiet Ryina suddenly transformed into a powerful manager for an instant.

That’s probably her forte and even though she was a queer one as a business partner, that strangeness showed me how I could not understand girls after all as I quietly waited for them to get ready.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.


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