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IS B11C226

Chapter 226: Alias/Nickname

Translator: Tseirp


Joined by the owner of the Ryina Magic Tool Shop, Ryina, and her shop assistant Nanya, we arrived at the Adventurer’s Guild.

“Luciel-sama, this is the Adventurer’s Guild.”

Ryina was excited to see the flying ship but her expression stiffened slightly when she saw that our destination was the Adventurer’s Guild.

“Because this is our destination. It’s probably not as Ryina imagines it.”

What came to her mind after hearing ‘Adventurers’ would probably be the image of rough individuals carrying weapons as they quarreled and drank liquor. Likewise as a reincarnated individual, being a man I was afraid as well so it’s natural that she would be afraid too.


Upon entering the Adventurer’s Guild, the Adventurers directed their gazes at us and then called out to me.

“Deviant Saint-sama, have you already caught the mastermind who spread the rumors about you?”

“Since you’ve already given out the request, at least let us get the reward.”

“Leaving that aside, we’ll have to think of a new nickname … Geh, why is Tempest here?”

“Evacuate! Tempest is here to destroy the guild again!”

“Geh, even after Master banished her from entering.”

“Deviant Saint’s strange tastes are way too extreme.”

“No, it’s definitely because Deviant Saint-sama wishes to save that troubled lamb who would become a Destruction God.”

“Ah~ I see. Certainly, if it’s Deviant Saint, it would be possible.”

“We expect good things from you, Deviant Saint-sama.”

Since a while ago, the Adventurers had been speaking frankly while somehow directing respectful and expectant gazes towards me as they inched a certain distance away from us.


” … Ryina-san, what in world did you do?”

“Heh~ To test out my magic tool, I borrowed the underground training ground but somehow the magic tool malfunctioned and went berserk, blowing away the barrier around the training ground and even destroyed the training ground wall. Hahah.”

Ryina-san averted her eyes as she said with a twitch in her facial expression.

I could no longer see a shadow of previous her excitement to board the flying ship.

At that moment, Nanya-san gave the final blow.

“It’s not something to laugh about. It was a grave deal that time, most of the sales from the shop had to be spent on repairs and maintenance expenses so we nearly got chased out into the streets.”

… Well, researchers and engineers also thread a paper-thin line.


“It’s common for magic tools to malfunction. Failure is a stepping stone to success.”

“If you fear the conclusion, you would not be able to move forward.”

“Paula-san, Rician-san.”

Ryina was overcome with emotion and was brought to tears but she was unaware.

That she would be put down from there …


“But normally even if it malfunctions, there should be a mechanism to safely suppress the power and output.”

“To reduce the budget, I usually don’t do that.”

I understood Paula’s point but for Rician, didn’t she borrow money to develop magic tools and ultimately get sold to a slave merchant? Or was it a conflict within the same race?

“No, I do put that mechanism in now. It’s just that at that time, I had a request to develop a means to defeat flying monsters and I barely made the due date.”

Ryina’s competitiveness was triggered.

Pulling her tension up after it was deflated, these girls might become good compatriots.


I looked at Dolan and Dolan looked at me and shrugged his shoulders.

It looked like we were thinking the same and I quickly led the way to the dining hall.


Upon reaching the dining hall, Shisho called out to us.

“Ou, you guys are early. I ordered the dishes in advance. And I’ve secured those seats over there.”

Shisho was surrounded by Adventurers.


“You’re quite popular.”

“Ou, I’ve been talking about going to the underground training ground after this.”

Shisho said with a smile but if he intends to do the same as he does at Meratoni’s Adventurer’s Guild …

I wouldn’t blame the Adventurers if they wish to escape from Shisho after that.


” … You plan to fight even more?”

“Nah, I just want to see some moves.”

And it looked like his switch had been turned on before I knew it.

But I guess it was their long-cherished desire to have a bout with the admired Shisho.

“Alright. I’ll give you a call when we’re about to leave.”

“Ou. I leave the healing to you if the need arises.”

As expected, he’s full of fighting spirit.

I didn’t see a need to needlessly douse Shisho’s excitement.


” … Okay.”

“Very good, let’s go.”


To the Adventurers, the man called Whirlwind is someone they actually wish to seek guidance from and it might be a good opportunity for them to be encouraged.

“Have a good bout.”

“Ou. Call me if something comes up.”


Shisho and the Adventurers left for the underground training ground.

After sending them off, I directed everyone to their seats.

“Now then, Lionel and others, please take your seats first.”

” … Alright.”

With a slightly regretful reply, Lionel went towards the seats where Cathy and the others were at.


“Ah, Ryina, come along with me.”

“Ye, yes.”

And then, together with Ryina who has been forbidden from entering the Adventurer’s Guild, I walked over to where Granz-san was.


“Good afternoon, Granz-san.”

“Ou, I’ve heard. You’ve already found the mastermind. Well, leaving that aside, nobody would believe what happened here the night of the day before yesterday after you left.”

Granz-san shrugged his shoulders before his gaze fell onto the person behind me and this time he crossed his arms.

That gaze was directed at Ryina behind me but he didn’t seem particularly angry.


“Well, usually that would be the case and even I also didn’t expect it to turn out this way. For now, as the request contents have been completed, please help me remove the request. Of course, please distribute the reward to those who have been working on the request for these 2 days.”

“Are you sure? That would save a lot of my work but …”

This world runs on give and take.

Since they worked for my sake, it’s normal to pay them and deep down, my actual reason was that I didn’t want to be the object of anyone else’s hatred.

On the contrary, it would be cheap if I could build trust with just that.

“Yes. I submitted the request with the expectation to do so. On another note, has there been any new information these past 2 days?”

“No, there hasn’t been any information on this matter but … why is Tempest here?”

He looked like he was about to talk more on the matter for a moment before he commented on Ryina-san who he has been curious about since just now.


“Hah. I’ve already been told about her nickname Tempest that came from when she destroyed the underground training ground but this time, I have decided to invite her as a development staff for Luciel Corporation so if possible, I hope that you would be able to rescind her banishment. I won’t ask her to do her experiments here after all.”

” … You’re making quite a brave decision.”

“As long as she has the ability and her personality isn’t broken, it shouldn’t be that much of a problem.”

“Deviant Saint … you’re whimsical after all.”

“Hahah. Having one more unmanageable person when there is already 2 doesn’t change the situation much and since I have Dolan as the pillar of the Development Department, it will work out somehow.”

“I would hate to be in that position.”

Ryina spoke when Granz-san stared at her.

“I sincerely apologize for what happened that time. Next time, I will not use the guild for my magic tool verification tests so please forgive me.”

“It’s not a problem if Deviant Saint-sama takes responsibility.”

“Well then, please.”

“Sure. In the future, I can claim everything from Deviant Saint-sama so feel free to go wild.”

Granz-san disappeared into the kitchen after saying that.


Looking at his retreating figure, I requested Ryina to do just one thing.

” … If possible, please experiment outside of the town.”

” … Yes. Thank you very much. From now on, I will work hard to create magic tools.”

She took a fighting pose so I had a bad premonition but I decided to believe in her for now.

” … I’ll look forward to it.”

After releasing Ryina from her banishment, I returned to the table where everyone was seated at.

The dishes were already lined up on the table but nobody had touched them and were waiting.

We joined everyone and after asking Ryina and Nanya to introduce themselves, we enjoyed the meal.


Then, I asked Kefin about the thing he spoke about before, where we could sell favor to the Church.”

“Ah Kefin, about what you wanted to tell me earlier …”

“Yes. Actually, regarding the barrier that protects the Holy Capital, it may be possible to fix it.”


“It’s just a possibility. Actually, the barrier for this Holy Capital apparently uses a magic tool.”

“Magic tool?”

It was certainly unbelievable but if that was true, then how was it destroyed? The fact that it exists wasn’t uncovered after all …


“Yes. And I found information stating that someone intentionally destroyed it.”

I didn’t think that Kefin would come to that conclusion so easily just based on that information.

Maybe he has even secured that said magic tool.

“Kefin, how did you come to that conclusion just from that information alone?”

“According to the information that investigated the mechanism of the barrier, the magic tool has the condition that fire, water, earth, wind and holy attribute magical power has to be imbued into it at the same time.”

” … That’s the only information we have?”

“Yes. However, the flying ship created by Dolan-dono and Paula has a magic barrier spread across it that completely negates wind resistance. If that can be activated with all five attributes, won’t it be possible to construct something with similar mechanism?”


I asked Dolan who was listening to the conversation.

“Dolan, what do you think?”

“It just a guess but the barrier surrounding Rockford might be the same one as well.”

“Ah~ that’s quite possible.”

If that’s the case, then it would be the same for Nelldal too.

After all, Rainstar-dono is good at taking care of people.

As I was smiling, Kefin asked.

“Then are we heading for Rockford next?”

If nothing was going on then it would be fine but now it was a world crisis so there’s no helping it.

Why can’t a cheat reincarnated individual crush the Principality for the sake of world peace?

While wistfully hoping so, I told everyone my thoughts.

“We’ll first head for the Empire and cut through the darkness within the Empire.”

At that instant, everyone’s gazes gathered on me.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.



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