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GC V7C156

(156) Sign of resurrection

Translator: Tseirp


“I see … are there transfer circles or any transportaion of that sort here?”

“Yes, Demon Lord Famiris‧Raritei used Transfer Magic to reach this island while Daijiro-sama used a magic tool called an airship to come here.”


I asked 417 if there was any way to escape from this island but neither ship nor transfer circle was present on this island.

Daijiro-san actually created an airship in this world … he’s seriously impressive. Isn’t that a vehicle that can only be obtained at the final stages in role-playing games?


“Oh right, 417 is a mouthful so …”

“Only master can set a name. Would you wish to set one?”

“Ehh … ah, since I don’t have any naming sense. 417 … Yoina … no, Shiina then.” (TL: He’s just joining the numbers 417 in Japanese, 4 = Yon or ‘Shi’, 1 = ‘I’chi, 7 = ‘Na’na)


I just read the numbers as they were but,


“It’s basic but it is easy to call so Shiina, yup, it would be Sheena if I match this world’s language. Is it alright?”

“Yes, that’s wonderful, Ichino-sama. I think it is a wonderful name.”

“Understood. My name shall be set as Sheena No.3.”

“Why number 3!?”

“Famiris‧Raritei-sama and Daijiro-sama also set Sheena No.3’s name as Sheena so I appended the number 3 to distinguish between them.”

“Serious … they all named you Sheena? But, just now you said you don’t have a name.”

“That is because the two of them called me Sheena but they did not set my name as it.”


I see, so they just called her that without going through the trouble of setting her name.

Uwa, it’s slightly embarrassing.

But it is kind of strange to hear the name Sheena No.3, as if she is a different person compared to number 1 and 2.


“Erm, Ichino-sama. I have a question, why did everyone call her Sheena?”

“Eh? That’s naturally because 417 is read as Sheena … wait?”


That’s wrong, 417 is only read by Japanese as Sheena.

Americans would definitely not read 417 as Sheena. Only the Japanese language reads 4 as ‘Shi’ … I think.


What does this mean?

I understand the reason why Daijiro, a Japanese person, called her Sheena but why did the Demon Lord, a resident of this world, call her that?


“It is unlikely … to be just a coincidence. Hey Sheena. Could you tell me what you know about the Demon Lord?”

“I apologize. Even if you are my master, I cannot reveal information on the previous master.”

” … I see, no, my bad. Since the Demon Lord should be something like a parental figure to you. You won’t be able to betray him/her.”

“No, it is because I have been ordered so. Originally, I would, by all means, want to expose every single detail about that selfish arrogant Demon Lord and even include some half-truths. He/she abandoned Sheena No.3 for over a hundred years after he/she made me.”

” … Eh?”


I doubted my ears when I heard those bitter words coming from the expressionless Sheena No.3.

I thought for sure she was a robot-like being.


“We would be troubled as to how to judge the information if you included half-truths in them.”


Said Carol.

No, I don’t think that is the issue here though.


Those words showed a completely opposite image of the Demon Lord I heard from Haru, a completely different feel.

Well, I guess personality can change over the span of more than 80 years?

Now that I think about it, just how old was the Demon Lord?


After that, I asked her about the location of the island this facility was built on.

We were on a solitary island to the south of the Western Continent we were previously on, or to the west of the Southern Continent and the nearest continent was 300 kilometers away.

300 kilometers … it is a somewhat feasible distance by boat.


After hearing our detailed position, it seemed like Carol was thinking of an escape plan.


Haa, so I still don’t know the reason why I was transferred here.

During that time, monsters appeared on the monitor — and the monkeys that were at the hot spring just now came by and defeated the monsters.

It seemed like the facility wasn’t only made up of traps as it also utilized the monkeys to exterminate the monsters.


“It’s strange. It’s unthinkable that monsters would appear at such a pace for an island like this.”

“The magical beast that devastated the coastal waters of the seas around this island has been sealed. Because of that, it became easier for miasma to accumulate and monsters to appear. If Sheena No.3 wasn’t here, there is a high possibility that this island would become a monster’s nest.” (TL: It’s unclear if it is a single beast/monster that has been sealed or a bunch of them)


She had an expressionless face as usual but somehow I felt that she definitely had a smug look on her.


“Although that seal would be released within another 48 hours.”

” …… Eh?”

“Even after Demon Lord Famiris‧Raritei-sama was defeated, the seals she constructed at the four corners of the world that serves as a foundation for the barrier had remained strong but a part of that barrier has been unsealed so the monster of this island is reviving. That’s why I believe that if you wish to leave this island, it is better to do so soon. If not — ”


She said.

If not, we would definitely be annihilated by the revived monster of this island …


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