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GC V7C161

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(161) Martial arts competition for Haru and the others 4

Translator: Tseirp


That night.

To have a strategy meeting, Haurvatat, Malina, Kanon, Norn, and Stella were gathered at Stella’s Silver Vine brewery. And at the same time, Haurvatat was down. She was drunk from the smell of the alcohol in the brewery and was asleep. She was currently sleeping in the neighboring room.

She was muttering “Master … master …” in her sleep so Malina and Norn once again realized the importance of the tournament.


On the other hand, Malina noticed that Kanon was acting strangely.


” … Kanon, is something the matter?”


Malina asked worriedly but Kanon shook her head and said with a laugh.


“Since when has Malina become so praiseworthy as to worry about me? Have you treated your fear of people?”

“That … not yet.”

“Then please focus on that. I am all right.”


She said with a toothy smile.


“Our first match is with a team called Nyanto Six Stars.”


Having not met the Nyanto Six Stars, Norn muttered as she stared at the competition table.


“That’s right nya. Even though Mikke and Maru-onii are supposed to fight, it’s probably over for Mike nya. It’s critical to lose even a single participant and the combat ability of Julio and Sutchino can’t be counted upon in the first place nya. Mikke’s own combat ability is nonexistent as well so there’s no meaning in looking for substitutes nya.”


It would a tournament with 6 participants in a team. A substitution can only be done once during the fight.

However, that can only be done in special circumstances like if the scheduled participant didn’t show up or that they have suffered from serious injury or illness.

Even if they had prepared a substitute for Mikke only, it’s true that it won’t have any use in this case.


“And so, what about our order nya? Senpo, Jihou, Chuuken, Fukushou, Taishou (TL: 先鋒、次鋒、中堅、副将、大将1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th fighters in Kendo matches – They arguably each have a certain role to play. Look it up if you’re interested.). Normally the convention is to line up from the weakest participant first nya.”

“Norn and Malina are stronger than an average person but their combat ability doesn’t stand out so if possible, I would prefer if Haurvatat, Stella and I decide the match.”


Kanon said.

Kanon’s suggestion for the first match was to place Malina as the first participant, Stella next, Haurvatat as the third, herself as fourth and Norn as the final discarded piece.


” … Discarded piece.”

Norn looked like she was dissatisfied but she understood that she was the weakest among them.

” — I’m the first?”

Malina asked in shock.

“Malina has that skill so you are skilled at tricks right? Don’t worry, you can surrender if you think you’re going to lose. The Nyanto Six Stars aren’t that strong so Stella, Haurvatat and I will definitely not lose.”


And Kanon added on in her heart.


(By any chance if Stella or Haurvatat loses, as long as we don’t discard Norn, we would need Malina’s win. Under such pressure, that girl won’t be able to demonstrate her full ability.)


That way of thinking could be considered to be overprotective but she believed that it had the highest chance of winning.


“Then I’ll submit it nya.”

“Ah, wait a minute. I’ll submit the participation sheet. Stella and Norn, please nurse Haurvatat. Malina looks like she’s about to collapse from nerves so I want to let her walk a little and I have confirmed the location of the tournament headquarters in the afternoon. Come, Malina, get yourself together.”


Kanon said as she took the participant sheet, made the nervous Malina stand and walked towards the tournament headquarters.




Noon the next day.

The four team leaders of the teams participating in the tournament, the four Cat Siths, walked up the stage and made an oath.

Among them, only Mikke’s expression — his fur condition wasn’t looking good. He would probably have to give up from the start.


Nevertheless, Haurvatat and the others wanted him to try his best and compete.

Since they could not get their hands on information on the opponent team. They heard about Prince Maru, in other words, Stella’s brother, from Stella.

About him being the best Swordsman among the Cat Sith. But the ability of the people Maru brought was unknown.


(Valf isn’t around … well, he’s probably resting since he hates morning.)


Kanon pondered while keeping wary of her surroundings.

Vampires are weak in the morning and afternoon after all.


And once the opening ceremony was over, the tournament had finally begun.


As the first participant, Marina with her mask on and her Wind Bow stepped into the center of the arena.

And faced one of the Nyanto Six Stars — Nyai.


The fight to determine the new Cat Sith King has finally begun.


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