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IS B11C227

Chapter 227: Reason to go to the Empire

Translator: Tseirp


Previously I did not want to ever step foot in the Empire.

Because it was a militaristic country that was centered on the policy of ‘prospering country, empowering military’, focusing on wars to widen their territory and develop their economy. (TL: Thanks Sora for the recommendation for the phrasing!)

With their war with the Rubruk Kingdom, their maneuverings with other countries and their human experimentation on demonization, I believe nobody would want to go to that country.

However, I decided that I had no choice but to go there.


Our table fell silent as if the joyous chatter moments ago was an illusion as all eyes fell on me.

To calm myself, I closed my eyes and exhaled, before I inhaled lightly and told them my reason for deciding to travel to the Empire.


“I decided to go to the Empire … because I do not want to fight with the strong Empire soldiers.”

” … You want to go to the Empire because you dont want to fight?”

While everyone was befuddled by my words, Lionel asked for the meaning behind my words.

It was out of the blue after all so I guess they wouldn’t understand …


“If Lionel wasn’t with me, I would not intend to go to the Empire nor would I even think of it. Cathy, how many citizens recognize Lionel, General Sen’Oni’s features? And how many common soldiers know him?”

“Only newcomers would not know him nya. Lionel-sama was the apex of fighters in the Empire so everyone knows him nya.”

She proudly boasted to me. And I was convinced after hearing those words.

If this plan works out, I would be able to smoothly resolve the issue of demonization and capture the fake Lionel …


“Thanks Cathy. Actually, in Dongahaha’s will, information on demonization came up. It’s written that the mastermind is the Principality. But the hands of the demon from the Principality has already grasped onto the Empire. If left alone, the Saint Schull’s Allied Nation will face a pincer attack.”

“If that is, in fact, true, with the strength of the Church’s Knight Corps, they would not be able to beat the Empire soldiers.”

“Yes. That’s why I plan to resolve it by getting into the Empire before it’s too late and treat all the demonized Empire soldiers before they further lose their sanity and fall into a berserk state.”

The risk wasn’t small and of course, battle was probably inevitable.

However, if even the Empire citizens became demonized, the world would definitely be dominated by the demon race and the Evil god, and the world would be destroyed before the Hero can appear.

I realized that if I do not prevent that from happening, my peaceful life would never come true no matter how much time passes.


“Luciel-sama has already proven that you can reverse demonization so there’s no problems there but how do you intend to enter the Empire? The Flying Ship would be targeted by the Winged Dragon Brigade.”

Lionel’s concern was the most pressing one.

I assumed that as long as we can reach the border, it would be fine to travel by horse after that.

Furthermore, I thought that there would be people on that side that would notice Lionel.

“If the Winged Dragons appear, we can disembark from the Flying Ship and break through the front.”

“That’s reckless. No matter how strong Lionel-sama is, the Empire is full of soldiers that I have trained up.”

The Empire where the soldiers trained by Lionel gather.

My head was hurting just thinking about it.

However, that was hundred times better compared to getting attacked by those Empire soldiers when they have been demonized.

Moreover, I didn’t think that it would definitely turn into a fight.


“It would be a different story if they hated Lionel for over-training them but I’m sure to them, Lionel, you are an object of admiration. That’s why we will be making a triumphant return to the Empire with you, General Sen’Oni.”

” … Triumphant return huh.”

Lionel’s expression turned into confusion and was also slightly gloomy.


“Yeah. We can announce to the Empire soldiers that we plan to defeat the traitor Cloud that used Lionel’s name and tricked the Empire.”

” … I wonder if the Empire soldiers would believe me.”

I shifted my gaze from Lionel to Cathy and she nodded.


“Even if it doesn’t work, if it is the Lionel I know, won’t you fight in the amusement center called a battlefield?”

Was amusement center too much? Lionel’s body was trembling.

“Sorry … “Fufuwahaha. It really makes my heart dance.” or I guess not. Did it motivate you?”

Looks like there won’t be any problems.

It was probably only Shisho and Lionel who thinks of a battlefield as an amusement center.


“If it is Luciel-sama’s command, I would abide with my all. Moreover, my goal is to defeat my imposter and occupy the Empire soldiers right?”

“Yes. I want to assume the worst scenario.”

“The worst scenario?”

“Yes. The scenario that the Empire’s Emperor promotes this demonization plan or that he has been demonized.”

If Cloud, the fake Lionel, enticed the Emperor and promoted demonization, the situation would be completely different.


” … If he has only been demonized, I can hold down the Emperor until Luciel-sama is able to cast your healing magic. And if by any chance the Emperor has been promoting this demonization act, I will defeat the Emperor.”

I could sense the resolve in Lionel’s eyes.


I looked at everyone and re-stated our aim this time.

“This time our goal of going to the Empire is to destroy the research on demonization as well as the research facilities and escape from the Empire with every member alive. No matter how close you are on the verge of death, I will definitely save you so just avoid instant death.”


Among the replies from Lionel and the others, Ryina also voiced out, although sounding slightly confused.

“Erm, Luciel-sama, I don’t get the story but am I and Nanya coming too?”

I totally didn’t think about it but perhaps I should leave them here after all.


“Both choices doesn’t matter but since there’s a possibility that it would turn into a fight, maybe it would be better for you two to stay here. This time the ones fighting in the Empire are me, Lionel, Cathy and Kefin only but the danger still won’t be zero.”

“I see..”

The two of them looked at each other and looked visibly relieved.


“Luciel-sama, what about us?”

Nadia asked the same question.

But I had already thought of the role those two would take.

“Nadia and Lydia, please face the Winged Dragons that might come attack the flying ship. And once we give Dolan the signal, please come and get us with the flying ship.”

“You know Luciel, you are the only one capable of maneuvering the flying ship.”

Dolan chimed in before the two of them could reply.


“Dolan-san, I am sure you will not develop the greatest masterpiece that you yourself can’t operate.”

” … So you noticed.”

“Eh, of course.”

There’s no way an engineer would create something he can’t tamper with himself.


“I see. But, I refuse.”


I was flustered after hearing Dolan’s unexpected refusal.

Because Dolan had never refused to do anything before.

“That’s because the Empire has made me face a bitter experience before. I have a debt I must settle.”

Then, Dolan began to explain the reason for this refusal and it was unexpectedly for revenge.


“Er, you plan on bringing Paula and Rician to a land of death?”

“We won’t die with Luciel around. Furthermore, we can buy time with the golem.”

“I also have not forgotten how we were pushed to the brink of starvation.”

… Not only Dolan, the two of them also totally intended to tag along.


“Dolan, our main purpose is not to go there to fight you know?”

“I understand. But the Empire tried to destroy the Dwarf Kingdom. I have to pay that back no matter what.”

Yup, he totally doesn’t understand.

I’ve heard that Dwarves were stubborn once they had made their decision.

But that won’t do.

There’s no choice. I’ll have to shift Dolan and their minds towards invention.

“Dolan, it is not like all the Empire citizens are the enemy and don’t you still have many things under development?”

“Those can be developed after this is over.”

“I don’t mind if there is a later but I assume that if we have the off chance that we need to escape from there, we will need the flying ship. I do not want the all-important flying ship to be shot down by the winged dragons.”

“Muu …. ”

Dolan had a sour expression as he crossed his arms.

It looked like I would be able to persuade him with another breath.

I’ll give the final push.


“If we are to safely escape with the flying ship, I believe that the magic cannons would be indispensable. In addition, we would also need the magical power radar. Would it be possible to prioritize those?”

“Ku, you’re targeting where it hurts most … very well, if you go that far, I will take responsibility and develop the magical power radar and magic cannons.”

“Thank you.”

It worked out somehow.


“Luciel-sama, so when would we be going to the Empire?”

“If possible it would have been better to go once we discovered the hidden plot behind the Empire and the Principality but I will have to meet Pope-sama after this … and I have to send Shisho and the others back to Meratoni so I plan that 2 to 3 days would be the soonest we would set off for Empire.”

“I see. In that case, I would have plenty of time to work out a strategy.”

Lionel was already fully spirited and I could see he was focused on challenging the Empire.


“Everyone, I will have to ask you to lend me your strength again this time, thank you for your aid.”

Since everyone was moving along with my selfishness, I had to thank them at least once as I looked at everyone and lowered my head.


“Luciel-sama, please raise your head. What Luciel-sama intends to do is something no one else is capable of doing. Furthermore, I will finally be able to get settle my grievance with the Empire.”

Lionel urged me to raise my head and remarked that it was also for his own sake.

“That’s right nya. At that time, the best we could do was escape but this time, we will be clearing the Empire of its darkness nya.”

Cathy also wanted to clear her humiliation of being made into a slave.

“It is a good opportunity to add to Luciel-sama’s legend.”

It felt like Kefin was on a slightly different tangent but thus we had officially decided on our next destination.


However, I had forgotten something at that time but I wasn’t able to notice it.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.


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