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IS B11C228

Chapter 228: Prudence/Taking care of oneself

Translator: Tseirp


After finishing my meal with everyone at the Adventurer’s Guild, I went to the basement to collect Shisho before we left for the Church.

What I witnessed with my eyes there was a beaten up Shisho with a fearless smile and the Adventurers who were even more beaten up clinging on to me with their eyes.


“Shisho, you guys really went at it after all.”

“Yeah. These guys are quite strong you know.”

Shisho said joyfully but the expressions on the Adventurers were gloomy.


They probably thought that he was holding back and playing with them.

“We’re leaving now so I came to get Shisho. Everyone looks like they are exhausted from being Shisho’s opponent. I’ll treat them immediately.”

“Oi, don’t say it like they were forced to do so.”


I lightly ignored Shisho and applied Area High Heal on Shisho and the Adventurers.

“Whirlwind-sama, thank you for your guidance.”

“We still have a long way to go.”

“Thank you, Deviant Saint-sama too.”

“As expected, only Deviant Saint-sama can serve as Whirlwind-sama’s disciple.”

“We will do our best as well.”

As they thanked Shisho and me, they gradually took their distance and ran up the training ground stairs without hearing Shisho’s reply.


Shisho leaked a faint voice after looking at the backs of those Adventurers.

“Tch, those guys have no guts.”

This world sure has plenty of unreasonable things.

While having that thought, we returned to the Church.


After reaching the Church, everyone was agreeable with sleeping in the guest rooms on the Flying Ship apart from Shisho, who decided to sleep under the sky at the large training ground.

He claimed that he felt restless sleeping on the Flying Ship and he was no longer the Shisho who was so excited to see the Flying Ship before.

“Shisho, are you really going to sleep here? The Church has guest rooms too.”

“I might be able to spot the ones who want to sneak into the Flying Ship. So I will sleep here. If you understand then hurry up and get me a bed.”

“Then, I’ll leave the guarding of the Flying Ship to you.”

“Yeah, leave it to me.”

After I took out a bed from my magic bag, Shisho sat on it and began meditating.


After I left Shisho, I saw Ryina and Ninya who I thought had returned to their own shop.

I wondered why did the two of them come here.

And like Shisho was this morning, they were in high spirits.


Including the two of them, all of my followers could enter the Church as an exception but actually, it would normally involve the Executive’s Department.

Well, I’ve had them make various pledges so I don’t think the confidential information would leak outside …

While thinking that, I spoke to Ryina.

“Is it fine leaving the shop unattended?”

“It’s because I never know if such an opportunity will come around again.”

“As expected of the technical capabilities of Dwarves to achieve something like this.”

“That can’t be judged just on the outer appearance. Make your judgment after seeing the interior.”

Dolan’s words and expression didn’t match as he tried to resist from grinning, giving his usual smug look as he gave them a tour of the Flying Ship.

And Paula and Rician were also following behind with smug looks.

” ….. I’ll … just leave them be.”

While muttering that, I went to find Pope-sama.


This time I also brought Nadia and Lydia along.

That’s because I could tell that they wanted to do so from their gazes.


After leaving the large training ground, Nadia spoke.

“Luciel-sama, did you find out anything about the Principality of Blange?”

It looks like she was already curious.

Apparently, it was people from Blange who brought the talks about demonization to Dongahaha.

“You’ve heard what Dongahaha said before he collapsed right?”

“Yes. He said that Blange was the mastermind. But there’s too much we don’t know with just that information …”

“Are you worried?”

“Yes. If I did not come from the position of a noble, Blange is a very nice country.”

“It is a country with calm climate and abundant nature as well as the final resting place for the Sorcerer who made the Hermit series magic tools.”

And that country has now become a country that breeds the demon race. It’s hard to believe.


“Was only the royalty involved in the summoning of the Hero?”

“No, there was also the Knight division and Mage division there for security. But I don’t think they knew about the method for the summoning ceremony.”

“Has people other than the Hero been summoned before?”

“I’ve not heard about that before.”

“Everyone knows that there is a summoning circle but it has never been reported that there has been an incident where a person other than the Hero was summoned.”

“I see. I’ll say it now that if the royalty are either demons or have been involved in demonization, I will also not be able to pardon them?”

“Yes. I have prepared myself for that.”

“We can’t pardon demons after all.”

But I could see that the two of them were hesitant despite their words.


I don’t intend to antagonize them but I had to consider if I should leave them in the Church.

All the things that I have to consider are popping up one after the other.

“What I plan to tell Pope-sama is that, as you two already know, a person from Blange contacted Dongahaha. And that man apparently summoned something more powerful than a Hero from the hero summoning ritual.”

“” ……… “”

Perhaps they were in shock, or that they knew something but the two of them froze without saying anything.

That might have been a normal reaction too.

Since even though they left home to be independent, they have found out that their family and friends are facing danger.


“If that being is a demon or something that causes demonization, then the rich nature of the country you two spoke of may end.”

The expressions on their faces became even more uneasy.


However, even if the problem wasn’t handled poorly, the Saint Schull Allied Nations will definitely be caught in war.

If left alone, the country would face a pincer attack from the Empire and the Principality, and the Free City-State of Ienith behind would be in danger too.

The peace I sought would be gone no matter how I look at it.

I wanted to avoid that by all means.


“I do not want to fight … but I am able to dispel demonization and I can also weaken demons. I will do what I am capable of so the two of you can just do what you two are capable of.”

Ending the conversation, I entered Pope-sama’s room.


After obtaining the permission to enter, I saw that Rosa-san, Estia as well as Garba-san and Catherine-san there.

“Pope-sama, I apologize for the late visit. I think that the judgment you made during the day which was mixed with your kindness was a good judgment.”

” … I’m glad to hear you say it that way. I’ve been doubting myself all this while wondering if that was the correct decision.”

“That is the responsibility of those who judge. That just shows that Pope-sama is sincerely facing the incident this time.”

“I see. It’s seriously stressful.”

Pope-sama had a sorrowful look as she looked down.


“I believe Pope-sama will definitely be able to do it. However, for that sake, I think it is crucial that there is a person inside the new Executives Department who will pass all the information to Pope-sama.”

“By the way, why is Garba-san here too? Furthermore, he looks quite exhausted?”

Beside him was Catherine-san who was looking satisfied and was giving off a warm fuzzy aura like the in the past when she was manning the labyrinth shop.


“Umu. Catherine recommended Garba-dono for his skilled information gathering ability so after having a confidential pledge done, he shall be assisting as a Church personnel.”

“Garba-san!? What about the work at Meratoni’s Adventurer Guild?”

” … I would be grateful if Broad returns to Meratoni tomorrow.”

“Shisho said he would be sleeping at the large training ground so please persuade him yourself.”

“Ah, is that so, okay. As expected, one can’t hope that life goes their way.”

It was unlike the usual Garba-san but he only nodded after bringing unnecessary trouble to himself.


“So Luciel, I don’t think you came all the way here at this time to see my condition.”

“Yes. Firstly, I have decided to go to the Empire soon.”

” … Will you be alright?”

“Who knows? But if I don’t go, the Empire will be dominated by the demonized people or be destroyed. Once that happens, the next target might be here.”

“The elite of the Knight Corps are all here.”

“I will not call a Knight Corps defeated by two people, my mentor and follower, as an elite force.”


“Knights may have their own way of fighting but if we are talking about individual strength and not collective strength, it would be hard for them to even endure a single day. They might even be completely annihilated. There’s no choice but to whip the Knights into shape as well.”

“Seriously … has the Church’s combat capability fallen that far?”

The Captain of that Knight Corps was listening in but she didn’t say anything at all.

I’m sure that if Garba-san wasn’t around, she would have snapped.

But I also don’t have the hobby of stirring up a hornet’s nest.

I entered the main topic.

“Pope-sama, regarding Dongahaha, he has left a will.”

“A will!?”

“Yes. Pope-sama will likely feel pain once you see this. However, I felt that it might serve as a source of encouragement to Pope-sama so I am passing this to you.”

After passing Dongahaha’s will to Rosa-san, she passed it to Pope-sama.

“Also, inside Dongahaha’s table, we found an unfamiliar jewel that looks like it has been sealed but do you recognize it?”

The instant I took the jewel out from my magic bag, for some reason Pope-sama was in front of my eyes … ?! I totally didn’t see her move.

That might have been the Teleport skill. Moreover, there wasn’t even a fluctuation in the magical power.

I was reminded that as expected of being Rainstar-dono’s daughter, Pope-sama is also out of the ordinary.


“Where was this found?”

After Pope-sams took the jewel from my hands, she immediately asked to find out so it looked like my words just now did not reach Pope-sama.

I once again explained where I found the jewel.

“It was inside Dongahaha’s drawer but what is it exactly?”

“This is a Spirit Crystal, meant to contain the power of a Spirit … thank goodness, really thank goodnessss.”

Pope-sama was overjoyed until her tears overflowed while I could do nothing but stand there stock-still.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.


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