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IS B11C230

Chapter 230: Anxiety and adjustment

Translator: Tseirp


I wasn’t able to speak to Garba-san on the way to the large training ground.

Because Catherine-san was speaking endlessly to Garba-san with a gentle air like when I first met her.

My instinct was telling me that it would turn ugly if I interrupted them.


I gave up and instead wanted to speak with Nadia and Lydia but on this side, they wore a heavy atmosphere because they were worried about their homeland, the Principality of Blange, so I left them alone for now.

While walking, I thought about how it would be better if the world was simpler … as I reviewed what had happened for the day.


If everything written in Dongahaha’s will was to be true, there would be a lot of troubling points.

First would be a worrying element in the Empire, we didn’t know how many people were there that have been demonized through the embedment of magic stones inside them.

If possible, I would prefer to return them to sanity compared to killing them. However, if that number was in the tens or twenties, or perhaps even past the hundreds, it would become a problem with my magical power amount so it wasn’t that simple.


Next, once we entered the Empire, I have to consider the aftermath of sealing those that have been demonized.

If the Emperor is involved in this incident, it would likely be for war.

We would have to attack the Emperor if it comes to that.

I must then speak with Lionel who is knowledgeable about the Empire’s inner workings to find out what to do with the aftermath of our actions.

If possible, I wish that everything would end when we just stop that Cloud fellow who I hope perpetrated the demonizations on his own …


It’s tough seeing how we can’t judge without stepping foot there if it only involves the Blange royalty or if that Earl Kamiya who has been monitoring us is involved as well.

Moreover, if they have the power to control the world, I’m also wondering why did they not use that power to invade Ienith.


The more I thought about it, the more uneasy I became.

Previously, when I heard about the Empire and the Principality utilizing demonization, I thought of it as fire on the opposite shore and remained a bystander.

However, such demonization rituals were being carried out even in villages within the Saint Schull’s Allied Nations.

Thinking about it deeper, if I leave it be any longer, the world would be overrun by demons before I knew it and there was a high chance that we would fall into a critical situation.


It would probably be easy to throw everything out the window.

But I knew that I would regret that decision in the near future if I did so.


“I just can’t live how I want to.”

I muttered in a soft voice.


After arriving at the large training ground, Catherine-san looked up at the Flying Ship before she returned to her room alone.

Garba-san had begun talking with Shisho so I moved to my allocated room inside the Flying Ship.


Lying on my bed, I pondered on the questions I would ask Pope-sama and Fornoir tomorrow.

First would be why was Dongahaha holding on to that Spirit Crystal.

Pope-sama mentioned that it would be impossible to touch a Spirit Crystal if one did not possess a Divine Blessing.

If that’s true then it would mean that Dongahaha did possess a Divine Blessing.

It showed that there were still plenty of mysteries surrounding Dongahaha.


Then, Estia comes to mind when we come to the topic of the Empire.

She somehow escaped from the Empire by exercising the Darkness Spirit’s powers so there’s a possibility that she knows of the darkness within the Empire.

And since Fornoir is around, the Darkness Spirit should be able to utilize its power too.

I didn’t bring her along to Nelldal due to manpower shortage and mental instability but she is also one of my retinues.


However. There’s a chance that her emotions would destabilize if she goes to the Empire so compared to bringing her along to a land of death, it might be better if she stayed together with Pope-sama.

The Darkness Spirit would deal with anything that dangers her or Pope-sama after all.


In any case, I will be asking Lionel to work hard in the Empire.

Resolving myself to not let anyone die and to overcome this aspect, I drifted to sleep.


I wonder how long has it been since I drifted to sleep?

I opened my eyes due to a sudden draft and I saw Dongahaha standing there.

“?! Uoo!”

Now that I think about it, the Hermit Coffin is set to eject a person once they regain their consciousness.

“You don’t have to be so surprised.”

Dongahaha said calmly.


But it’s normal to be surprised.

While retorting internally, I dealt with it calmly.

“Of course I would be surprised if you suddenly stand beside me while I’m sleeping without any lights on.”

… I wasn’t able to deal with it calmly.

There was also the aspect of him being an enemy so it was more frightening than Toretto-san in a sense.


“Looks like I failed to die at that time.”

He said as he moved his body around to verify.

“I would be troubled if you died on me so easily.”

“Unfortunately, I will die in the near future. Summoning a demon involves a contract of the soul so I can’t escape it any longer.”

A soul contract, so is it a different dimension compared to a pledge(covenant)?


” … Shouldn’t you be fine since the demon that you contracted with is already gone?”

“A soul contract does not involve the body but is engraved in the soul so it is impossible to dispel it.”

“If you knew about that then no matter how weak your body was, why did you resort to demonization and demon summoning?”

” … I see you have read my will. I think you should understand since you have read my will but it was because I understood that there was no path forward anymore. Furthermore, I believed that having Pope-sama vanquish me would serve as a source of drive for Pope-sama.”

How selfish, I was left with nothing but doubts about why he demanded such responsibility of Pope-sama.

However, talking anymore about it would be meaningless at this point and would serve nothing but to satisfy myself.


More importantly, I have mountains of other questions to ask.

“Normally that would devolve into a heated dispute but I have something I want to ask you.”

“As long as it is something I can answer.”

Dongahaha lightly nodded and sat down on a nearby chair.


I decided on what I wanted to ask first.

“How did you obtain the Spirit Crystal kept inside your desk drawer?”

“Spirit Crystal? So that jewel was a Spirit Crystal.”

“You held onto it without knowing?”

“Yes. That room was originally my father’s room. I inherited it.”

I see. Then the necklace he spoke about during the battle at the large training ground was referring to that.

However, that would mean that it would be Dongahaha’s father that sealed it but Dongahaha would probably not remember as he was still young at that time.

But it is undeniable that Pope-sama’s trust was deep.

I will probably ask Pope-sama directly regarding that.


Nevertheless, to be honest there are plenty of things I didn’t know about the Church.

But having two generations within the Executive’s Department, I can only see them as excellent.

Moreover, since they both served as the leader of the organization, I could clearly see the contributions they’ve given to the Church.

I felt that it was a pity how this incident occurred due to a moment of rash thinking.


I shook my head and asked a new question.

“I will now ask you more questions but I don’t mind if you wish to stay silent and not answer.”

“I will not be surprised if I come to an end anytime. I will answer everything.”

He was resolute.

“Firstly, you said to go to the Empire but what are our odds?”

“If it is Sage Luciel who dispelled the demonization and your retainers, or more precisely, if without you, the infiltrators would be caught before they reach the center of the Empire.”

“I see. Then tell me everything that you know about the Empire.”

Dongahaha nodded and began speaking.


“I will start with information that I believe Luciel-sama wants to know.”

“I want to know everything. I’d be grateful if you tell me without putting on airs.”

“I see, then, I will talk about the widespread rumors about the General Sen’oni in the Empire.”

“About Lionel?”

“Yes. During a battle with the Rubruk Kingdom, there was an attempt on General Sen’oni’s life using poison by the citizens of the town he controlled. Due to that, it was said that the General wandered on the edge of death and his memories were hazy.”

“Nevertheless, he appeared at the front lines right?”

“No, it was said that after that happened, he seldom left the Empire and placed emphasis on defending the Imperial Capital.”

I wonder what would Lionel say if he heard about that? For an embodiment of a warrior to escape from the battlefield like that, he would probably say that he would prefer a dignified death instead.

(TL: They are likely talking about the fake Lionel, the guy named Cloud.)


“You knew that Lionel is General Sen’oni right?”

“Of course. There were such rumors spreading within the Empire as well but under the Emperor’s orders, the people who voiced such rumors were beheaded so the rumors were forcefully buried.”

Resorting to tyranny means that the Emperor most likely knew about it too.


“Incidentally, how has the border with Rubruk changed this two years?”

“The Empire is getting pressed slightly at the moment. As expected, the absence of General Sen’oni exercises an impact on the morale of the troops on both sides.”

There’s also the possibility that they couldn’t release information because they were losing …


“Do you think that the Emperor is involved with the Lionel case?”

“That can’t be said definitely. Because there have also been cases of chaos in the Empire due to the appearance of demons.”

“Everything leads back to Blange huh.”

” … I have a hunch that those incidents are due to the Empire’s own actions. That fake General Sen’oni has been plotting various plans after all.”

If he’s a reincarnated individual, why can’t he just remain a little more low key? Compared to researching demonization, aiming to be invincible or aiming for a harem would be a lot healthier.


But a worrisome aspect surfaces there.

Lionel’s level has dropped and I can imagine a duel between him and that fake Lionel but … I have a feeling that this whole situation should be resolved in a flash.

The quickest method would be to descend into the Imperial Capital’s Royal Castle from the Flying Ship but would it be so easily achieved? They have Winged Dragon Squads protecting their skies so we have to plan our strategies.

Leaking a sigh, I suddenly thought of something.

“That’s right. How did Blange find out that I defeated a demon at Grandol?”

“I heard that they were approached by Sage Luciel and his retainers when they were acting as Adventurers. Incidentally, it was apparently Kamiya-dono who guided them but I could not confirm the facts.”

Just getting that information was amazing but was it really information obtained by only the Church’s Executive’s Department?

“Did the Executive’s Department collect that information?”

“No, it was from an envoy from Blange.”

If that was true then it means that they are properly keeping track of what goes on in the backgrounds but I was slightly doubtful of what Dongahaha was saying.

That’s why I asked about the characteristics of that envoy.


“I see. But why did the envoy who came to contact your side reveal so much?”

“He apparently carried hatred towards Sage Luciel. He claimed that you seduced his younger sisters.”

I was confused by the unexpected answer.

Younger sisters … since it is sisters, it can only mean Nadia and Lydia.


” … Younger sisters? Are you referring to Nadia and Lydia?”

“Yes. It is the brother of the two people Luciel-sama has as retainers. He wasn’t a person inclined towards scheming and he was quick to turn emotional so he was an opponent that was easy to acquire information from.”

Dongahaha said so indifferently and unamused so I could tell that he was speaking the truth.

After knowing that truth, the number of worries I have increased as I had to think if I should tell the two of them or not.


” … I see. What about the ability to control the world?”

“Naturally, he didn’t disclose something like that.”

“I see.”

So even though he was so loose-lipped, he didn’t reveal that many secrets.

While my head was hurting from all the worries, Dongahaha lowered his head to me and said.

“If you are headed to the Elimasia Empire and the Principality of Blange, please conquer the labyrinths. And please protect the Holy Capital.”

While thinking that it was too much with the Empire, Principality, Demons, and Labyrinth, I nodded with a sigh mixed in.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.


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