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GC V7C163

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(163) Martial arts competition for Haru and the others 6

Translator: Tseirp

After Stella’s win, the match flowed very smoothly for us.

“Winner, Kanon nya!”

“Kanon is the winner nya!”

After the declaration of the end of the 4th participant match was made, they moved on to announce the end of the first round.

“”With that, the first round goes to Stella-sama and her team!””

Kanon sheathed her obsidian knife.

After the 2nd match was over, Haurvatat and Kanon each won the 3rd and 4th matches so the round was decided without having to reach the 5th match.

It proceeded as Haurvatat and the others had planned.

“Kanon is really strong nya.”

“Were you doubting me?”

Kanon asked Stella with a laugh.

Unbeknownst to Stella, and naturally Haurvatat and Marina as well, Kanon’s actual combat style was not with daggers but with magic — furthermore, Darkness Magic was her specialty.

Similar to Marina, she did not use magic just then because she wanted to hide some of her abilities.

(Though with General Valf on that side, my abilities have most likely been revealed to a certain extent.)

Kanon sighted.

“What’s wrong nya?”

“Nothing, I may certainly be strong but there are those stronger than me in the world.”

Kanon smiled and down-played herself.

Only Norn gave a bitter smile as she knew about the person that was stronger than Kanon.

“As expected, I didn’t get to do anything.”

She said with regret.

Even though it was as planned, unlike Marina who had a good fight, she was chagrined at herself for not achieving anything.

“It’s fine it’s fine. It was Norn’s task to not do anything after all.”

“You’re referring to being a disposable piece?”

“That’s not it. Well, you might be able to tell tomorrow.”

As Kanon said words with hidden meaning, the next round had begun.

Julio, Sutchino, and Milky went up the stage together.

” … Why did the three of them go up the stage together?”

Haurvatat found it strange and asked nobody in particular. Stella answered her.

“It’s Mikke’s suggestion nya. In a one-versus-one match up, the three of them would have to win all the matches nya. However, Julio and Sutchino’s abilities aren’t a big deal so he thought that there was a better chance if the three of them faced five opponents nya. Since that Magic Journalist Milky seems to be quite skillful nya.”

” … I see, I get that logic but why is there only one opponent?”

That’s right, there was only one participant from Maru’s team.

A man with a clown-like appearance, with white and red makeup, stood there.

” … Participant Pierre. Where are the others nya?”

” … Where have the others gone to nya? Participant Pierre.”

When the judges asked, the man called Pierre,


Muttered and looked around his surroundings restlessly.

“Yup, nobody’s around. Does that mean this is my exclusive battlefield?”

Pierre laughed out loud.

“Are you okay on your own nya? Prince Maru’s team will lose if Participant Pierre losses though?”

“Participant Pierre’s loss would signify Prince Maru’s team’s loss as well so are you sure you are alright on your own nya?”

“I don’t really mind. Even though it is a match, Pierre’s role is to let the audience enjoy it!”

Pierre claimed with a smile.

Hearing Pierre’s declaration, the color of the eyes of Julio and Sutchino, who believe that they would lose, changed and they began to talk in whispers.

“Julio, won’t we be able to defeat that guy if he’s alone?”

“Yeah, Sutchino. Let’s defeat that clown and repay them for what was done to elder brother Jofre and elder sister Elize.”

“Don’t phrase it as if those two died … wait, they’re not in the gallery too, where have they gone to?”

Sutchino looked at the audience but couldn’t find the figures of Jofre and Elize.

And then, the two of them slowly drew back.

“With no further ado, the king determining martial tournament, first match of the second round —”

“The king determining martial tournament, first match of the second round will now —”


“”Begin nya!””


The judges exclaimed.

“”I leave it to you! Milky!””

They said together and devoted themselves to cheer her on.

And thus, Milky, having left to fight on her own, had a nosebleed.

Since Milky couldn’t hear the whispers that happened between Julio and Sutchino, she had arbitrarily filled the conversation in her own head. The end result was her nosebleed.

” … Fufufu.”

An eerie smile appeared on her face as she wiped her nosebleed with her right thumb and used the blood to complete the talismans she prepared the night before.

“I can fight any number of people.”

She said as she threw the talismans.

Those talismans all turned to handsome men. But all of them looked very frail.

“Amazing nya! She summoned a lot of humans nya!”

“She summoned tons of humans nya! Amazing nya!”

Milky explained as the judges shouted excitedly.

“A high-level technique even within Magic Journalists — a secret technique born from the 「Shikigami Summon」 skill that materializes what is drawn inside the circle, 「2D Summon」. Are you sure you can face these many on your own?”

“Great! Milky.”

“Get em’ Milky!”

Julio and Sutchino yelled from behind Milky. Those were not yells for the activation of skills but merely to cheer her on.

“I see~, it might~ certainly be difficult on my own.”

After Pierre said that, he followed with a question.

“By the way, do you like~ to see lions dive through flaming hoops?”

” … ? I’m not interested.”

Then, the next instant — Pierre raised his hand forward,

“If you are not interested then, by all means~, please be interested! Time for the lion that failed to leap through the flaming hoop to shine~!”

A Flaming Lion appeared.

Milky’s complexion paled.

The Magic Journalist’s greatest weakness was that their weapon was made of paper.

In other words, its durability will fall once in contact with water and if it touches fire —

” … Sigh.”

Milky sighed.

The 2D handsome guys she spent all night making were burnt to a crisp in an instant.

Then, the next instant, that Flaming Lion wrapped around Milky.


Julio body tackled Milky who was wrapped in flames and they fell over as Sutchino took off his top and covered the two of them to douse the flame as he declared.

“It’s our loss! Don’t attack any further!”

Thus, the second match quickly reached a conclusion.

Pierre extracted a silk hat from out of nowhere and tossed it. That hat then transformed into the shape of a cane.

He used that cane and walked off the arena.

” … That guy would be our match opponent tomorrow … it doesn’t look like we would be able to deal with him using ordinary means.”

Haurvatat stared at the leaving Pierre and said.

Nevertheless, she knew that she must win.

All for the sake of saving her master Ichinojo.


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