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GC V7C164

(164) When leaving the island

Translator: Tseirp


“Ichino-sama, you’ve worked hard.”

In a certain hidden room in the center of the labyrinth, Carol came to greet me.

Sheena told me that night had already passed and it was about ten minutes past seven in the morning. In other words, I had continuously hunted monsters all night.

“Carol, did you not sleep by any chance?”

“Yes. Pionia-san has been constructing the ship so Carol figured that the least Carol could do was prepare everyone’s food — Pionia-san has already had her dinner and breakfast. Ichino-sama, would you like to eat now?”

Carol said as she showed me the breakfast arranged on top of a table beside her. That table wasn’t there yesterday so did she bring it over? I did leave the door to My World open after all.

Delicious dishes were lined up on the table.

Fruits took up the majority of the dishes but there were meat dishes as well. It looked like it took quite some effort.

“Did Carol make all of this?”

I considered Carol’s cooking ability. It’s a little rude but I don’t think it is possible for her to make this meal with her ability.

” … No, Carol isn’t really good with cooking so Carol had No.3-san’s help.”

I see, so Sheena made it. Just like Pionia, their specs are superb.

“I see. Thank you for helping too. I only munched on dried meat for dinner so I was feeling hungry.”

I looked at Sheena as well and said,

“Thank you too, Sheena.”

“Don’t mention it, it is Sheena No.3’s duty to help master. I am glad to be able to aid master before the end.”

As expected, Sheena had already given up.

Soon, the revived monster would come to destroy this island.

I went to train in order to do something about that monster but I couldn’t tell Sheena about it. I knew that she would oppose it and there was also a selfish reason.

(If I find that my life is in danger, I would most likely abandon this child.)

That in itself gave me an intense sense of guilt.

If I die here, Carol would also perish with me. Even if I sent Carol to My World, she would not be able to open the door that connects back to this world without me.

It’s not only Carol. If I die, I can’t tell what would happen to Haru and Malina who are registered as my slaves.


I ate breakfast together with Carol. Since I had to replenish my physical strength, I filled my belly as much as possible.

When I was about to drink my final gulp of tea, a large tremor hit our breakfast dining table.

“Master, please, it is about time you left this island. It is dangerous. The ship is already complete too.”

I thought that we still had more time but,

“I will ask once again. Even if I order you or appeal to you, you will not come with us?”

“Yes. Since it is an order from grandmaster.”

Sheena answered without missing a beat. She was adamant in showing her intention of not budging.

That Demon Lord Famiris‧Raritei also gave such an unnecessary command. Even though she has already died, that command still can’t be withdrawn.

” … I see. Thank you, I’ve been in your care. I want to show my thanks somehow but do you have anything you want me to do for you?”

Upon hearing my question, Sheena was a little troubled as she held her tongue.

Then —

“I have a phrase I wish to hear from master before the end — ”

“A phrase you want me to say?”

What exactly would it be?

Words of love? It wasn’t that kind of atmosphere.

“What is it?”

“The words『I’m going, see you later.』”

“That’s all?”


I wondered why Sheena wanted to hear those words but I said it to her.

“I’m going, see you later, Sheena.”

“Yes, take care, master.”

(TL: It’s the ‘Ittekimasu/Itterashai’ pair of phrases Japanese use, said to loved ones when they leave for work or go out etc. ‘Ittekimasu’ roughly means ‘I’m going, see you later’ while ‘Itterashai’ would be ‘Have a safe trip’.)

Sheena replied and bowed deeply. I was unable to see her expression.

However, I looked at her figure as I muttered ‘See you later’ once more and headed to the labyrinth exit together with Carol.

At the labyrinth exit, the monkeys sent us off from the treetops.

And then, looking at the sole exit, the pool of hot spring had apparently cooled significantly and it was the perfect temperature to swim in. It looks like Sheena No.3 had adjusted the water temperature.

“Ah that’s right, we must pass through here. Carol, please return to My World for now. Only I have to dive into the water.”

“Okay, please excuse me.”

I opened My World using my Hikikomori skill and allowed Carol to enter.

Then, I dived into the water.

I totally didn’t imagine something like this would happen when I first dived into this pool.

I surfaced onto ground.

Naturally, the ice I released had already melted.

Then, I walked straight through the forest and headed to the beach.

“I couldn’t make it in the end huh … I’ll make do somehow.”

I confirmed my jobs before arriving at the beach.


【Jobless Lv97 Fire Magician Lv60 ★ Water Magician Lv56 Wind Magician Lv56 Earth Magician Lv60 ★】


I reached the peak for Fire Magician and Earth Magician an hour before I had my breakfast.

I had to give up on maxing out Water Magician and Wind Magician as, according to Sheena’s announcement, the monsters’ respawn would not happen for a while but my current magical attack power was already heaven-piercing.

With this power, I can even defeat the Demon Lord.


Determined, I arrived at the beach.

An extremely calm sea was spread in front of my eyes.


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