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GC V7C165

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(165) Martial arts competition for Haru and the others 7

Translator: Tseirp


The morning of the second day of the tournament.

Preparation for the final round was steadily progressing. Although I say that, the preparations were for a large banquet that would serve as both the celebratory party as well as a social gathering, the arena remained the same as yesterday.

Stella visited the room Maru was resting at on her own.

There weren’t any bodyguards stationed in front of his room and she could only detect a single presence inside the room.

Stella knocked to confirm if Maru was there.

“The door isn’t locked nya.”

Hearing Maru’s voice, Stella opened the door without a word.

“Stella huh? … What do you want nya?”

“I came to request for something from Maru-onii nya. Crystal Ball of Far Sight. I wish to use that nya. If you let me use it now, I will yield the King position to Maru-onii nya.”

That was the conclusion she came to after pondering throughout the night.

In the first place, her goal was to create the supreme Silver Vine Wine so she was not interested in the King position.

However, since she was helped by Haurvatat in the past and Ichinojo was currently missing, she was just lending her help.

Maru-onii would willingly accept. That’s what she thought.

“I can’t do that nya, Stella. The Crystal Ball of Far Sight — — once used, it will need 10 years to regain its magical power nya. And only members of the royal family are allowed to use it nya.”

“Please bend the rules for me nya. If Maru-onii and I give the approval, nobody would oppose it nya.”

” … I see … You wish to have it no matter what nya?”

Maru said as he took a step forward with his paw forward. Maru’s paw slowly approached Stella’s eye.

“Onee-san, I am not interested in such backroom deals. Do you know? That’s called match-fixing.”

Kanon appeared at that moment.

She was looking at them from the opened door while leaning against a wall.

Neither Stella nor Maru knew since when was she there.

“Kanon-san, this —— ”

“I can tell that it is for that Onii-san’s sake as well. However, I believe you understand that act of forming a secret agreement behind a serious match is an act of betrayal to the people’s trust as well as the previous King’s feelings? Well, that’s also why it took you a whole night of worrying before you could come up with that decision.”

“That is ——”

“Okay okay, this conversation ends here. Prince-sama, the match will be held earnestly —— right?”

“Of course nya. Stella, I do not plan to hold my hand so Stella should compete with all you got as well nya. We’ll talk about the Crystal Ball of Far Sight after the end of the tournament nya.”

” … All right nya.”

Stella nodded and left the room.


Then, after sending Stella off down the corridor with her eyes, Kanon posed a question to Maru.

“Kanon, is there something else?”

“I see that you’ve turned into a splendid puppet —— what were you intending to do to Stella just now?”

Maru’s complexion changed when he heard Kanon’s question.

“Kanon-san. You should have already realized but —— ”

Switching from his speech pattern just now, Maru spoke in words that were easy for Kanon to understand.

“Yeah, I know. That you are already Valf’s dog.”

“Dog … huh. That’s a strange way to put it —— It’s not like I’ve turned into his kin. Well, it’s kind of like a hypnotic state. I also retain my ego. But I can’t go against Valf-sama.”

“What did you intend to do to Stella just now.”

“Just some minor hypnotism —— that girl trusts me so she’s in a condition that is easily hypnotized but … I won’t be able to do it during battle —— you really did something unnecessary.”

Maru said and laughed.

“Since I don’t want to kill my sister —— ”

Maru directed his anger at Kanon.

Kanon realized. That Maru retained his ego and it was also probably true that he wanted to apply the hypnotism on Stella for her sake.

“You would do better to not look upon that child lightly. Her swordsmanship is quite formidable.”

“That’s true. But she can’t beat us. Ones we would have to watch out for would be those at the level of that white wolf race girl. We’ve not seen the ability of the last participant but she seems to be a throwaway piece.”

“Oya, are you sure you don’t need to be wary of me?”

“Yeah. After all, you ― ”

Maru narrowed his eyes and said with a laugh.

“You are under contract to not go against Valf-sama right? Last night, you’ve even been ordered to lose the match. Am I wrong?”

He said to Kanon.

Kanon didn’t deny nor affirm that statement.

“That child is an idiot too. Lend her the Crystal Ball of Far Sight and she will give way to the throne? It is set in stone that I would become King even if I don’t lend it to her. After all, the matchup is already 4 versus 6, no, counting in that throwaway piece, it is 3 versus 6 so that side has no chance of winning at all.”

Maru wiped the dust from the windowsill with his claw and blew.

Kanon found his complacent expression annoying as she asked.

“Hey ― where is Valf-sama now?”

“That esteemed person rests in the day. He will be here when night falls but ― why does it matter? Ah? Were you aiming for a walkover for the last match? Unfortunately, Valf-sama may be weak against the sun but it’s not like he can’t move at all under it? If it ever reaches his turn, he will come out. Well, I would be punished if it ever reaches that stage though ― ”

Then, Maru ― instantly hid his evil expression and smiled.

Kanon silently turned her back to him.

“See you, Kanon-san. I pray that we would be able to have a good match.”

Hearing Maru’s voice from behind, Kanon walked down the corridor on her own.


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