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GC V7C169

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(169) Before the Storm

Translator: Tseirp


Pionia’s recommendation for sending the sailing ships out was to sail a small boat off the coast during high tide and enter My World from there.

Then, during low tide, open the door below the sailing ships and drop it into the ocean.

However, widening the door just slightly will increase the MP consumption and as I am anticipating a fight, I didn’t really welcome that idea.

“Er, Pionia-san … where is that small boat meant to sail out offshore that you mentioned?”

“It’s loaded inside the sailing ship.”


After climbing up the ladder tossed over the side of the ship leading to the deck, I found that the small boats were certainly loaded on the ship. Even though they were just rowing boats instead of regular sailboats, they were made quite sturdily. At the very least, they seem to be more robust than the boats found in the ponds of large parks.

They probably won’t sink even if we use them out in the sea as long as a big wave doesn’t come by.

“Pionia, I’ll be using this small boat! No problems right?”

“Yes, I made it with the intention of boarding the large ship.”

“It feels a little weird to ride a small boat in order to ride a large ship.”

I wanted to secure the boat with rope to lower it down but after thinking about it, there was no need to lower it from the sailing ship since I could just make the portal door appear there.

All things said and done, we’ve secured our ship.

The next problem would – – just depend on my ability.

Regarding that, it was already too late to try to struggle and change.

I jumped down from the deck and took out cooking tools like the kitchen knife from my item bag.

“We still have time so let’s have an early lunch. Since there’s still time until the monster appears.”

“That’s true – – although, the things Carol can assist with is limited.”

Yup, I can’t say that Carol is particularly good with cooking.

“Carol doesn’t have to mind – – right. Please harvest some tomatoes.”

“Okay, Carol can do that.”

Yup yup, please level up your Harvester job.

Maybe I’ll make soup or something while waiting.

“Master, how can I help?”

“Ah. If you wish to help then please cut the dried meats into bite size.”

I applied Clean on the table.


Pionia replied as she transformed her right hand into a kitchen knife and her left hand into a chopping board but she stopped moving after that.

What’s she doing? I wondered before Pionia looked like she came up with an idea and used her mouth to hold the dried meat.

“Heyyy can’t you just return your transformed right arm back to normal! Just tell me if your hands are occupied and you can’t place the meat on the chopping board. I mean, you can’t even hold down the meat with your arms occupied like that now.”

“That’s a miscalculation (blind spot).”

“That’s a huge miscalculation (blind spot).”

“Master, there is no huge miscalculation (blind spot). In the first place, a blind spot refers to the small portion of your eye that can’t detect light ―”

“I know.”

It’s something like ― if you draw two small dots on a piece of paper, when you concentrate on one spot and move the paper forward and backward, sometimes you won’t be able to see the other dot.

Miri taught me that a long time ago so I knew that much.

Talking with Pionia is tiring sometimes.

… I wonder if Sheena was able to enjoy conversing like this too?

If the enemy I’m facing later is as powerful as Sheena makes it out to be, it might not be an opponent I can cross swords with so maybe I really should have conversed with Sheena more. I ended up having such thoughts.

“Master, are you thinking about the Automaton Demon Lord Famiris‧Raritei constructed?”

” … Yeah, a little …”

“If that is the case, there is no meaning in dwelling on it. The greatest wish for an Automaton is the wish of its master. Currently, master is certainly that Automaton’s master but her real wish is to uphold Famiris‧Raritei’s wish to protect that island. If you intend to bend that wish and save that Automaton, I can only say that is master’s ego speaking.”

” … That’s a very direct and severe manner of speech coming from you.”

“I apologize.”

” … And gentle as well ― ”

Even though she’s an Automaton.

I swallowed those words. Or rather, I was lost for words.

The distinction between Automaton and human within me had become ambiguous.


After that, we drank soup and rested for a bit.

Pionia cleaned up the remaining soup and the tableware we used.

“Carol, shall we go?”

“Yes, Ichino-sama.”

Carol nodded with a serious expression ― but she didn’t seem nervous.

I want to have a little of her courage.

“Carol, if you think it is dangerous, please evacuate at once.”

“Of course, I will make sure Ichino-sama evacuates too when that time comes.”

“I know. Now then, Pionia ― please pray that we can get the meat of a huge monster for dinner!”

I said as I opened the door and lifted the ship.

It’s heavy ― but I was able to somewhat move it.

I pushed the ship out of the door.

“Yes, master. I shall make preparations to grill it and await your return.”

“You sure specialize in grilling.”

“Because most food ingredients can be consumed once it passes through fire.”

That looked to be Pionia’s mantra.

Although I personally felt that it was better to stew instead.

I thought as we returned to the beach.


The sea was extremely calm and the sound of the waves was quiet as well.


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