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GC V7C171

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(171) The name of the strongest monster

Translator: Tseirp


It looked like there was no end to the monster numbers.

Even though it wasn’t as much as the numbers from the labyrinth near Ferruit, I didn’t expect this many monsters here.

“Most likely the surrounding monsters gathered after being exposed to the miasma from the revived monster ― ”

Carol said. It’s true that these monster numbers could only be explained that way.

It wasn’t limited to only large monsters, there were also large shoals of small sardine-like fishes passing below the boat.

It wasn’t as if all the monsters were coming towards the boat, only the monsters who were coincidentally escaping in the boat’s direction got agitated and attacked.

If it’s like this, maybe I should open the door to My World for now and escape there before coming out with another boat ― no, I can’t do that.

It is dangerous to open the door without ensuring the safety of the surroundings.

It’s better I leave it for when we really have to escape completely.


Since that is the case, I guess I’ll have to use magic and 「Slash」 to cut down just the dangerous monsters ―


Just as I was thinking that.

A gigantic turtle appeared.

It looked like it would be hard to break its shell with 「Slash」 so I guess I’ll have to resort to magic ―




Carol shouted. Charm is a magic useable by Temptress or Song Magician that once cast, is able to make monsters become their allies for a certain duration.

When that happened, the turtle stuck its head out of its shell and turned around, poising itself in front of us to protect the boat.


“Ichino-sama, Carol is here too! We should be able to endure with this!”

“Thanks, Carol!”


After that, the fish monsters slammed into the turtle’s body and bit at it but they were not able to crack the monster turtle’s shell. I guess I have to thank the turtle for protecting us at the expense of wounds on its shell.

Then, after dozens of minutes passed, there were no more monsters.

“Ichino-sama, I will release the charm on the turtle. Let’s leave this area for now.”


After all, we would be attacked by the turtle once the charm was dispelled if we stayed there. Even though it happened while it was charmed, I don’t want to kill the turtle that protected us.

After moving the boat and dispelling the charm condition, the turtle sunk back into the ocean on the spot.


【Ichinojo Leveled up】

【Water Magician skill: 「Water Magic V」acquired】

【There are no further levels for Water Magician】

【Title: Peak of Water Magician acquired】

【Wind Magician skill: 「Wind Magic V」acquired】

【There are no further levels for Wind Magician】

【Title: Peak of Wind Magician acquired】

【Title: Four Elements Magician acquired】

【Job: Light Magician is now available】

【Job: Dark Magician is now available】


With that just now, I had finally reached the peak for the remaining two jobs.

My current jobs, excluding Jobless, the four elements Magician jobs were at counter stop.

I should have become … the greatest Magician class in the world.


“The wind … has stopped.”


Carol commented.

Due to the lull, the ocean surface was calm.


“Carol, when the enemy appears, I will be releasing 「Boost Thunder」. In my current condition, I can easily shoot 5 shots of it.”


Lightning should be effective since it’s a sea monster. The power of a Boost Thunder that expends ten times the MP of a regular Thunder should work on any monster.

Carol nodded to my words.


At that moment.


Thunder clouds suddenly gathered above head and the sky became dark.

What’s happening? Just as I was pondering that.


A whirlpool appeared on the ocean surface a distance away and strong winds buffeted the boat, rocking it greatly.

“Carol, hold on tightly! My World!”

I opened the door to My World.


“Thunder clouds — Mighty monster — Don’t tell me.”


Carol cried out like she had a hunch.


From within the whirlpool, a huge blue snake — no, a dragon-like monster appeared.

What amazing size — but even so, I can do it now.


I poised my wand and was about to release my magic but —


“Ichino-sama, don’t!”


Carol exclaimed.


“A spell like that will not work on that monster — the sea’s demon lord, Leviathan.”

“Leviathan!? Carol, do you know about that monster?”

“It is a dragon race capable of manipulating thunder, known as the demon lord of the sea. Carol has only heard about it from legends. It is a mighty monster that even the six pillar Goddesses would have difficulty with. It is said that the Goddesses had no choice but to kill the male Leviathan as the world would perish if its child was born.”

A monster that the Goddesses have difficulty with, what absurdity.

“Thunder and water, it has strong resistance to both.”

“It’s weakness?”

“It is said to be able to endure any kind of Light Magic and that those tough scales cannot be penetrated by any sword. Wind Magic is originally meant for area attacks so it doesn’t have enough power while Earth Magic cannot exert sufficient power in an environment like the sea — also, the lore mentioned that it is capable of calling thunder clouds so most likely Thunder Magic is also — ”

“Doesn’t that mean it is practically invincible!”

“Fire Magic might perhaps work …”


Fire Magic huh … then I’ll have to use that …


“I’ve acquired 「Fire Magic V」 so I plan to use 「Ancient Nova (Ancient Purifying Flames)」 with 「Boost」.”

“「Ancient Nova」― Carol has heard of it before. It’s said to be the pinnacle of magic that was used by angels to purify evil monsters. Only a few people in this world, including the Magician Hagg-sama, is capable of casting it.” [TL: Translated the Magician’s name as Hack previously  (the companion of Hero Alessio) but the pronunciation is nearer to hug/hag]

“I’ve only learned it recently and have not tried it before. Since I felt that it would have been a waste of MP. I don’t know how would it turn out after using boost and expending ten times the MP but I’ll have to give it a try. I’ll open the door to My World so if I lose consciousness from Magical Power Depletion, please drag me into the hole.”


I said and poised my Rod of Asclepius.

At that moment, the Leviathan stared at a different direction away from us.

That direction was ―


“Not good!”


The horn on the Leviathan’s head released lightning that swallowed the island that we stayed on just this morning.


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