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GC V7C173

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(173) Miri and Sheena

Translator: Tseirp

After ascertaining the Leviathan’s death, Miri turned around and looked at the condition of the island.

Due to the lightning strike, the island’s shape had been completely transformed and there was not a single vestige left of its past look.

(Amazing power … I didn’t think that it would revive. Who was it exactly who did that strike on the Leviathan?)

The faces of the Hero Alessio and the Magician Hagg floated across her mind but she shook her head.

It would have been a lot more troublesome if they were capable of something like that. She intuitively felt that it was more likely to be that perverted magic engineer Daijiro.

She didn’t know how it happened and where that attack came from but if her conjecture was true, she would prefer to leave the island as soon as possible. She thought to herself as she headed for the center of the island.

Perhaps because of a fault in the drainage system, the man-made hot spring had dried up and the underground entrance was exposed.

Miri looked at the hole that extended below ground as she summoned Fenrir from the space and rode his back.

“Go down.”

Obeying her command, Fenrir ran down the wall with Miri on its back.

Then, immediately before they crashed into the floor, Fenrir vanished into nothing and Miri leaped into a large hole to the side.

She continued walking down the passage as if nothing happened and leaped up another hole that led upward.

She came upon a place with many trees growing and the monkey monsters welcomed Miri.

The monsters were prostrating on the ground at Miri as if a new boss monkey was born but Miri ignored them and continued to the depths of the labyrinth.

(The damage is terrible. I don’t think it will collapse but it will be difficult to continue functioning as a labyrinth.)

Miri thought to herself that thankfully the lighting was still functional as she proceeded to the depths.

There weren’t any signs of monsters. After all, even if the labyrinth retained its function, monsters probably won’t spawn excessively here anymore due to the death of the Leviathan.

Miri continued walking forward and entered the hidden room.

Waiting for her there was the work doll that looked exactly the same as before.

She looked at Miri and spoke.


She listed a string of numbers.

” … Eh?”

Miri heard what she said but she couldn’t comprehend it.

“Please answer. I will not recognize you as master unless you give the correct answer.”

The work doll continued speaking.

In response, Miri raised her fist.

“Do you not recognize your owner’s magical power!”

And sent a horizontal punch to the back of her head.

” … Magical power recognized. Grandmaster recognized. It’s been a long time, grandmaster.”

Work Doll No.417 said with a voice without any intonation. It didn’t feel like a reunion after tens of years at all.

“It’s been a long time, Sheena.”

“Grandmaster. Unfortunately, No.417’s name has already been assigned. Please refer to me with the correct designation.”

“Did someone else come here and become your master? … Oh well, it doesn’t matter. So, what is your new name?”

“Sheena No.3.”

“Why number 3!?”

“Famiris‧Raritei-sama and Daijiro-sama also named Sheena No.3 as Sheena so I appended No.3 to distinguish between the names.”

“Daijiro … So Sheena’s second master was Daijiro … that pervert would certainly be able to decipher Sheena’s personal identification number.” (TL: The personal identification number is referring to the string of numbers Sheena asks, which is also the light novel identification number for the first volume of Growth Cheat lol.)

Miri nodded but never in her wildest dreams would she think that she can obtain No.417’s personal identification number just by asking her.

“Since Daijiro was managing this place, the third person is probably an acquaintance of Daijiro … hn, then the person who hurt the Leviathan was Daijiro after all.”

“Grandmaster, correction. The third master knows about Daijiro-sama but not the other way around, so they are not acquaintances.”

“Eh? Is that so?”

“Leaving that aside, Grandmaster. May I ask a question?”

“A question from Sheena? That’s rare. Sure.”

“Has the Leviathan been destroyed?”

“Yeah, I beat it. But it was quite substantially weaker. At my current condition, I won’t even be able to seal it if it retained its original strength so it’s quite a lucky break. My level also went up by 10 in one shot.”

“I see.”

Sheena smiled slightly — or so it seemed to Miri.

“By the way, Sheena. There should be a jewel sealed here but do you know about it?”

“Affirmative. I was asked to safe keep it by Master Daijiro. I handed it to former master this morning.”

“Wait a minute, this morning? Your previous master was here this morning?”

“Affirmative. I asked him to evacuate before the Leviathan revived.”

Miri pondered to herself after Sheena confirmed it.

In other words, looking at the circumstances, it was most likely the previous master who dealt that much damage to the Leviathan.

However, after defeating the Leviathan, she stretched her shadow a couple of kilometers to the surroundings but her Detect Enemy skill did not perceive anybody inside or outside the island.

The only object was an unmanned boat.

There was a faint residue of magical power remaining on that small boat so she believed that the person escaped using transfer magic or something.

“Who exactly was that previous master?”

Sheena perceived Miri’s mutterings as a question.

And she answered.


“His name was Ichinojo. Job class Jobless. A 20-year old male.”


Miri tensed up when she heard her words.

The room was silent before Miri returned to normal after a minute.

“Onii was here?”

“Negative, the person that was here was a male called Ichinojo.”

“Like I said — Argh, forget it! Did that Ichinojo person say where he was headed?”

“He mentioned that he would return to Port Kobe on the Western Continent.”

“Port Kobe … it’s all right. Onii is still alive. Onii is definitely on his way to Port Kobe.”


Ichinojo was unaware but Work Doll No.417 was set to automatically recognize the next human she discovers as her master if her previous master passed away. Because of that, Daijiro did not need to answer her personal identification number to become No.417’s master.

And then Daijiro ordered her to provide the answer if she was ever asked about her personal identification number.

Because he felt that it was more interesting that way.

And because Sheena asked for her personal identification number just now, it confirmed that Miri’s brother, Ichinojo, was alive.

“Sheena, we shall go to Port Kobe immediately. You’re coming along too.”

“Are you sure?”

“The Leviathan is already dead so you no longer need to stay here! More importantly, chasing after Onii takes precedence! I’ll make full use of your ability.”

Miri said as she grabbed Sheena’s hand and used transfer magic to first return to Korat to meet up with Norn and Kanon.


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