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GC V7C175

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(175) Haru’s martial arts competition (Vice-captain battle)

Translator: Tseirp

The vice-captain match (fourth match) for the Cat Sith King determining tournament was fierce.

For the second match, Stella and Prince Maru put up a good fight but the brainwashed Maru drove Stella back with relentless attacks and she had to surrender when her sword broke.

The third match was a match between swordsmen which might become the deciding match if Haru and her team lost. The match between Haru and the swordsman dressed in black ended literally in an instant.

Before anyone noticed it, the swordsman dressed in black collapsed after Haru appeared behind him. Not to mention showing off his skill with the sword, he didn’t even have the chance to name himself.

And so, the vice-captain match began.

Kanon’s opponent was a Pugilist — a mass of muscle of a man named Boride.

In the beginning, that man was very much at ease.

“(You understand right, Kanon)”

The man spoke to Kanon in a volume only audible to her.

Kanon nodded without a word.

Valf had instructed Kanon to lose in that match. That was why the opponent could afford to be complacent. Boride intended to sink Kanon into the ground with a single strike but Kanon dodged that strike by a paper-thin margin.

For two whole hours since the start —  Kanon had single-mindedly and continuously avoided his attacks.

“What is the meaning of this, Kanon! Why do you keep dodging!”

Boride bellowed in a loud voice. You would imagine that the audience would begin to question why she didn’t attack back but the reality was different. They were wondering why the attacks weren’t hitting her.

It wasn’t like all the attacks weren’t connecting.

As Kanon was avoiding his attacks with the smallest possible movements to conserve her stamina, fine scratches could be seen on her, born from the force accompanying the fists.

As the Cat Siths were beginning to tire of the match which had no end in sight, they started booing and a riot might even begin.

However —

“Shut up! Who dares to insult fighters who are giving their all to fight.”

Marina reproached them.

And together with Haru, Norn and the first princess Stella’s intimidation, the riot was suppressed.

Naturally, Haru and the others, as well as Marina, were not aware of the reason for her inexplicable behavior.

However, they believed in her. That there was a reason behind her actions.

Marina only knew that the light in Kanon’s eyes shone brighter with each passing minute.


Then, as the sun began to set, the tournament staff started preparing bonfires.

“Finally here!”

Kanon who had been silent since the beginning shouted that.

Countless bats descended from the sky and transformed into a human figure.


A man with blood-like crimson pupils wearing a black mantle glared at Kanon.

“What do you intend to — ”

“It’s been a long time, Earl.”

Kanon stopped moving and made a bow at that man — Valf.

“Did you not hear my command?”

“No, of course, I heard it — however.”

Then, Kanon stretched her arm to her back while still smiling.

The black blade held in her hand pierced through the belly of Boride who was trying to attack her from behind and he collapsed on the spot.

“The winner is Kanon nya! Medical team please quickly carry Participant Boride away nya!”

“Kanon is the winner nya! Quickly, medical team carry Participant Boride away nya!”

The judges declared Kanon’s victory and instructed for Boride to be transported to the medical office.

After doing so, Kanon addressed Valf.

“The captain’s match after this will be during the night where you can participate without any penalty. Why not grasp victory with your own hands as the captain?”

Kanon bowed and descended from the arena.

“Kanon, I knew that you would win. Leaving that aside, do you know that man?”

To Marina’s question, Kanon answered with a wry smile “Kind of, in the past —” as she faced Norn who was acting stiff.

For this tournament, Norn was the most unrelated as well as being the weakest. As someone who was practically as strong as a regular person, the role of captain was probably a heavy weight on her.

“Kanon-san, you welcomed him when he came so were you waiting for that person to arrive?”

“Hn? White Wolf Tribe Onee-san, you know the Earl?”

“Yes, I’ve seen him once when I was young. If I remember correctly, he is a vampire who served Demon Lord-sama and according to Demon Lord-sama’s words, he is an untrustworthy person.”

“That’s correct. He is a person that you must not trust no matter what.”

Haru asked with an irritated voice while Kanon stared off into the distance.

“Why did you wait for him to come? Vampires are weak towards sunlight. If you won while it was still bright, won’t we have an advantage during the captain’s match?”

“Ah, regarding that. The person I was waiting for was not the Earl.”

After she said that, the judges moved to the center of the arena.

“Participant Boride’s condition is not life-threatening so once again, this match’s victory goes to Participant Kanon!”

“Participant Boride’s condition is not life-threatening so once again, this match’s victory goes to Participant Kanon!”

After hearing those two judges announce the same sentence word for word, Norn let out a small sigh of relief.

“I’ll give it a try since I have nothing to lose. After all, killing the opponent is forbidden so I won’t die.”

As Norn said that, Kanon, with an apologetic smile,

“Ah, about that, I have not told you yet.”

She said as she scratched her forehead.

Before Kanon explained herself, the two judges called for the next participant.

“With no further ado, for the king determining tournament, Captain Valf please step up.”

“With no further ado, for the king determining tournament, Captain Miryuu please step up.”

The members apart from Kanon thought that there was an error in the name called.

However, they did not hear it wrong.

An enormous white wolf descended from the sky.

And a young girl jumped down from that white wolf.

“Seriously, Kanon, Norn, what are you thinking, leaving the inn without letting me know!”

The Captain Miryuu looked like she was extremely angry.


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