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Book 12: The Empire and the two Sen’oni General

Chapter 232: Minor issues before the serious matters?

Translator: Tseirp


It turned out that, unlike yesterday, the Knights piled up before Shisho and Lionel had begged Shisho and Lionel to teach them.

Apparently, witnessing my morning training where I faced Shisho and Lionel no matter how many times I fell down struck them in their hearts.


And when they saw that I wasn’t with them when Shisho and the others returned, they had challenged Shisho and Lionel to mock battles.

“They had more spirit than yesterday so I had fun.”

Shisho said cheerfully.

Lionel was also able to have a fulfilling training since the morning so he looked like he was in an extremely good mood.


The defeated Knights thanked me after I treated them and they returned to the Knight Corps.

Shisho directed words to the backs of the Knights when he saw them leave.

“You will surely become stronger if you feel vexed and possess the heart to not give up.”

After he said that, the Knights who fought with Shisho and Lionel stopped and bowed before disappearing into the midst of the Knight Corps.


“Luciel, you don’t have to go to Meratoni to send me off. I’ll also go to the Empire with you … or that’s what I wish to say but I’ll return to Meratoni this time. Thankfully the Church lent me a horse so I can return on my own.”

Shisho voiced his intent to return to Meratoni alone with an expression full of regret.

“But it won’t take more than half a day using the Flying Ship?”

“But that would require Magical Power and Magic Stones right? Those are unnecessary expenses before a fight. I also want to go to the Empire but since Garba-san lowered his head that desperately this time, I have no choice but to return.”

Originally, it would be unthinkable that Shisho would not go to a place that might turn into a battlefield but Garba-san persuaded him and he came here without getting approval from Grulga-san either so he restrained himself.

Now I can only view him as a battle maniac but he was originally a much more prudent person after all.

Well, it doesn’t change how much of a battle maniac he is though …


“Shisho, please be careful on your way back. Since I hope that Shisho can lend your help once I stop the demon uproar in the Empire.”

“Rather than worry about me, make sure to not fail.”


Hearing my reply, he turned to Lionel.

“Sen’oni, I leave Luciel to you.”

“Yeah. I swear to protect him even if I have to bet my life.”

Shisho and Lionel exchanged a firm handshake.


“Now then, I will be off.”

Shisho walked off towards the Knight Corps without sending us off.

“Well, sending us off would be a wrong term too … Lionel, we’ll first have a strategy meeting in the Flying Ship. We’ll depart for the Empire after that.”


Lionel seemed to look the same as usual but he was exuding a slight air of enthusiasm.


I gathered everyone at the canteen in the Flying Ship and started the strategy meeting.

I kept the contents simple, refining the Flying Ship’s course, countermeasures against the Winged Dragons, and strategies depending on how the Empire soldiers act.


“Is it possible for the Flying Ship to reach the sky of the Imperial Capital?”

“I believe it is possible. For the Winged Dragon platoon, there is a squad sent to the front line against the Rubruk Kingdom and a squad to defend the Imperial Capital but the Winged Dragons do not routinely patrol the sky.”

“Are there any armaments designed to shoot down any incoming flying objects?”

“When I was living in the Empire, the air defense consisted of crossbows called ballista and magic. Of course, they are meant for monsters and demons and not humans.”

From the details I got from Lionel, it didn’t look like there would be a problem with the Flying Ship route. However, the other problem would be …

Ballista … I’ve not seen it in person before but it’s definitely at the level that would cause death if a single shot hits the center of the body.

What about we raise the speed as much as possible and go to where the bows can’t reach? But then it would lead to the problem of descending.

If we descended using conspicuous parachutes, we would definitely be targeted and we don’t have parachutes in the first place.


“As expected, perhaps we have no choice but to walk in. Or we are left with the only option of descending into the Imperial Capital under the cover of night.”

“If you are worried about the crossbow bolts, you don’t have to worry.”

Dolan voiced his opinion.


“But there’s a possibility of being shot down if it hit us.”

“There’s no problem at all. This ship can’t be sunk by something of the level of a strong arrow. If the Winged Dragons persistently bite the Flying Ship or continuously bathe it in dragon breath then there’s a possibility that the armor will come off but something of the level of an arrow won’t be a problem.”

I could feel that Dolan’s eyes were telling me to believe in the Flying Ship made by the Earth Dragon.


“I’ll believe what the Head Engineer says.”

“Umu. The magic barrier will protect against ranged magic attacks so unless it is a forbidden art, there’s no need to worry.”

Dolan’s follow up report raised a flag but I decided not to worry about it.


“Very well. Then our route will be a straight line from the Holy Capital over the mountains and we will invade the Imperial Capital by descending from the sky above it. The problem is where to descend, I’m caught between getting off directly at the castle or at the land near the castle …”

“There are plenty of routes to infiltrate the castle nya. Neither choices will pose any problems nya.”

Cathy might have experienced slipping into the Imperial Capital castle before.

Or does she know about them because she was part of the dark society? Either way, the priority is safety.

However, Lionel’s face is needed to seize the citizens.

If that can lay pressure on the opponent then we must set up Lionel to be the beacon to right the Empire.


” … I said it previously but if possible I want Lionel to expose his face and grandly invade.”

“Then we should openly walk to the castle from the center of the Imperial Capital. If we get assaulted there, it might be by demons or instigators from my imposter so we might be able to gain some information.”

Lionel had already made his resolve.

Cathy also had eyes with the same resolution so I felt that the Imposter Lionel’s life was like a candle in the wind.


While that was all happening, the person who wanted to go to the Empire, Estia, was showing a dejected face.

“Estia, what’s wrong?”

“There are many child slaves in the Imperial Capital. They are mostly made up of children dragged there against their will so I wanted to rescue all of them.”

So she was asking to protect those child slaves huh …

Even if she has to take it slowly, I want Estia to not rely on the Darkness Spirit. I decided with that in mind.

“Slaves huh … all right. After we destroy the research centers for demonization, we’ll move on to release the slaves.”

“Thank you very much.”

After nodding my head to Estia’s thanks, I looked at all the members and asked the final time.

“Please let me know if I missed out something.”

Lionel raised his hand and verbally prepared everyone.

“The Imperial Soldiers are strong. It is very possible that you will lose your life if you lose focus for a split second. Please do not drop your guard at any moment from the moment you are confronted until the opponent can no longer fight.”

Lionel’s words sounded like he was addressing it to himself as well.

After all, it’s highly possible that he will have to confront the troops and acquaintances that he brought up.


I wondered how unusual it would be if I was in the same position.

Everyone’s gaze gathered back at me so I ended the meeting.


” … I’ll reiterate it to end. Our aim this time is the destruction of the demonization research facilities and documents. As well as to dispel the demonization done to people and confront the fake Lionel. Everyone, make sure you return with your life.”


Thus, we ended the strategy meeting and set off on the Flying Ship towards the Imperial Capital.


It was the second time I took the wheel for the Flying Ship but as expected, flying in the air gives an overwhelming sense of joy.

As I was lost in thought, I heard voices that shouldn’t be heard in the cockpit.

“Even though we are flying in the air at such speeds, I almost don’t feel any shaking so the control system is really doing its work. Furthermore, I also don’t feel any G-force so perhaps the magic barrier outside the airframe is dispersing the pressure …”

“We’re already this far from the Holy Capital.”

Ryina was mumbling to herself while Nanya spoke like a child taking a flight for the first time.


“Eh? Didn’t you two get off the ship yesterday?”

“Good morning, Luciel-sama.”

“Good morning, owner.”

I was puzzled as I asked them and they greeted me and looked at each other before Ryina said something I didn’t expect.

“Er, Shisho and the others talked until dawn so we borrowed the guestrooms.”

Dolan definitely did that intentionally.

Nevertheless, they spoke until dawn with Dolan … and others? That means Paula and Rician were involved too.

I guess it can’t be helped.

I would have preferred if they told me earlier though.


” … I guess you don’t understand the current situation … ?”

“Situation? What’s there apart from flying in the sky?”

“About where we are headed …”

“Isn’t this a test flight?”

” …… ”

Nanya-san already realized that something was wrong as the blood on her face gradually receded.


“This Flying Ship is already on its way to the Imperial Capital of the Elimasia Empire.”

“I hope that you can U-turn immediately.”

“I don’t want to die yet.”

The two of them seemed to realize their position and asked to return to the Holy Capital.

However, I can’t stop the Flying Ship that easily.

It has only been about half an hour since we started flying but I need huge amounts of magical power to start up the Flying Ship.

That’s why my magical power was already close to half its original amount.

Well, there’s practically no expenditure when flying so it is fine but if I stopped now, I would have to cancel our plans to infiltrate the Imperial Capital today.


Since we have already prepared ourselves for it that much, I want to go to the Imperial Capital now … but it’s too overwhelming for these two if they are brought there without any resolve.

After sighing, I decided to land the flying ship within the Saint Schull’s Allied Nations and set off for the Imperial Capital the first thing next morning.

However, I don’t intend to U-turn so I searched for the nearest town but I wasn’t able to detect any towns.

“Is anyone familiar with the geography around this area?”

“I am.”

Estia raised her hand.


“Estia, you know the topography of this area?”

“Yes. If you travel along the road slightly to the left, you will be able to find the town Ebiza, second nearest to the Empire’s territory.”

“Ebiza … I feel like I’ve heard of it somewhere before.”

“It is the town I hail from.”

That means it is the town she became a slave in.

Is it a town with bad public order?

“I think it should be fine if we stay at the Healer’s Guild.”

Perhaps she read my mind as she said it before I could ask so I trusted her and turned the ship towards the town of Ebiza.


I would have had to U-turn back to the Holy Capital if Estia wasn’t around.

Maybe this was a stroke of good luck that has finally happened after such a long time.

I thought positively as I steered the Flying Ship.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.


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