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GC V8C184

(184) Arm wrestle without honor and humanity

Translator: Tseirp

“Sensei, here!”


I was led to a warehouse-like building near the harbor. Rather than a fishery union headquarters, it felt more like a place for thugs to hang out. Maybe they actually really hated me and wanted to completely beat me up here and escape with my ship … At the very least, it was a frightening building that I wouldn’t have dared to enter in my previous world.

Ah, actually I did enter something similar once. If I remember correctly, during my middle school days, my classmate’s girlfriend was the unrequited love of a juvenile delinquent leader from the neighbouring school (A delinquent leader at this time and age … moreover during middle school … that’s what went on my mind at that time) so he was abducted and confined in a similar warehouse.

At that time, that classmate was abducted in front of my eyes and they threatened to break his fingers or something if I called the police so I sneaked into the warehouse because I couldn’t abandon him.

Well, I remember that time …


Right, Miri was worried because I didn’t come home so she used the GPS tracking application that she secretly installed on my mobile phone to thoroughly investigate the warehouse and drove the delinquent group to destruction.


Miri was seriously almighty from that time. Even though she was only a primary school student, she was a genius who was invited by some professor to be the team leader of some omnipotent cell development team. I have no idea where she got that connection from though.


Even though Miri wasn’t around this time, well, I’ve shown them that much strength already so I guess they won’t be stupid enough to still make an enemy out of me.

When I opened the door to the warehouse-like building, I thought to myself, is this some kind of yakuza den? Men with faces that was as bad as it could come by were staring at me and Carol, as well as the former pirates.


“Oo, have you decided to stop your Pirate game, Hallock?”


Among them, an extremely rough looking enormous man about 2 meters tall smiled, showing his missing teeth.


“We didn’t stop! Danan! Ah, we did quit from being Pirates but we now have a strong helper here! With Sensei here, we might be able to snatch all the fishing spots from those Ithaca bunch.”

“Not all, it’s half, half.”


The Pirate leader man apparently called Hallock corrected the man.


“Sensei? That man? From what I can see, he looks like a kid who just grew his pubic hair. Gahahaha.”


Danan laughed loudly and I approached him.


“Ooo, he’s seriously a kid after a closer look.”

“You’re giant when I see you close up — As expected of a man who is at the Peak of Fisherman.”


As a matter of fact, when I looked at this Danan man’s level.

【Fisherman: Lv50★】

He was at counter stop for his level. He had far greater power than the other pirates.


“So, what will you be teaching us? Are you going to teach us something like words?” (TL: They’ve been referring to him as Sensei, so it can mean mister, teacher, master etc.)

“It’s not something I won’t teach you if you ask but — going by the flow, this is when you verify my strength right?”


I have felt the same atmosphere in the Adventurers Guild several times.


“Hah, that speeds things up. Hey, bring that over.”


It didn’t look like it would turn into a battle immediately as Danan got people to bring a large barrel over. I didn’t think that I would win if I had to drink tons of alcohol in one go.

Or so I thought but Danan placed his elbow on the barrel.

That posture —


“Arm wrestling — Arm wrestling huh.”

“Oo, that’s right. It has to be this when it comes to a match between men!”

“That saves me from the trouble. I would have had to hurt you if it was a sudden battle. A peaceful fight is right up my alley.”

“Peaceful? Let me tell you first, I have sent three people to the hospital with broken arms in the past. I cannot guarantee that you will not be the fourth person.”

“Then I’ll make the guarantee. I won’t send you to the hospital.”


I said as I placed my elbow on the barrel while Danan had round eyes and was at a loss for words for a split moment before he processed my words.


“That’s a given.”


He said as he gripped my hand.

Isn’t the palm of his hand nearly double of mine? It was such an unnatural match-up.


“I admit you have guts.”

“Thank you.”


Danan and I matched gazes before the match.


“Ichino-sama, do your best!”


While Carol was cheering me on, for some reason Hallock was the referee.


“Are you both ready?”


“Ready, fight!”


And gave the signal to start.

At the same time, I applied strength to my hand.


“Hoh, I thought that I would win in an instant but you look like you still have some leeway — how about this then!”


The man’s muscle bulged up.

Oh man, don’t tell me I never warned you.


“Can you relax a little? But I guess it’s useless to say that.”

“Hah, what the heck are you talking —”

“If you have that much force applied —”


When I applied force, the man’s arm or shoulder bent in an unnatural direction.




And he collapsed while holding it with his left arm.


“That’s why I told you to relax your muscles. See.”


I returned the screaming man’s arm to the correct position,




And applied healing magic.


“Healing magic!?”

“That’s the first time I’ve seen it.”

“I saw it only once when my brother fell from a horse but — it didn’t work this quickly.”

“It’s not the Petite Heal of an Apprentice Practitioner, it was a Heal of a Practitioner.”

“Don’t joke around, the weak arms of a Practitioner can’t win against Danan.”

“But the fact is he used Healing Magic and defeated Danan.”


The surroundings were making noise. There really are very few people who can use Healing Magic.


“You’ll be surprised to hear more! Sensei’s physical strength is like that but he can even use Offensive Magic that is extremely powerful! With just a threat from Sensei alone, those Pirates from Ithaca will run away from fright.”


After Hallock said that, the fishermen all faced me and prostrated on the ground.

And among them, Danan who was just treated for his injury was prostrating the most. Even though the pain should still be present —


“Sensei, for testing you — no, I apologize for not believing you. Please be our sensei and save this harbor. We will all be your faithful servants.”


That seemed to be the wishes of all the fishermen as all 30 of them looked at me and nodded.

Even though I only wanted to lend a hand, I ended up getting more than 30 subordinates.


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