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GC V8C186

(186) Foe that can’t be beaten even by leveling up

Translator: Tseirp

We docked the boat and stepped onto land. Naturally, I still had the armor on.

The visibility was bad and the armor was noisy as it would make 『Gacha gacha』 sounds whenever I walked. Within that narrow field of view, I felt a sense of nostalgia as I spotted the figure of the rabbit that was the first thing I killed when I came to this world but it reacted to the noise coming from the armor and ran away.


“Sensei, are you alright?”


Hallock who was walking in front looked to me and asked.


“It’s not as hot as expected … but it’s still hard to walk in — gah, almost tripped on a tree root.”


At any rate, it was difficult to walk on an unpaved road while having bad field of view.


“Please endure it a little longer, we’re almost there.”

“I heard those same words 10 minutes ago — there’s still some time before the appointed time right? Let’s rest for awhile.”

“Really? Ah, here, water.”
He passed me a jar of water with a straw in it.


“Please don’t remove your iron mask. The rule is that you can’t take off the armor once you land on the island.”

” … What about when I need to go to the restroom?”

“Please hold it in.”


I made a difficult face as I accepted the jar of water and returned it to Hallock after drinking half of it.


“Is that enough? Water is a luxury here in this town.”

“I’ll have the rest once everything is over …”


If by any chance I had to use the restroom, I’ll resolve it by opening a door to My World and settling it there.

I rested for a bit as I thought about that before we started walking once again. It took another half an hour before we reached the plaza which was our destination but the pirates from Port Ithaca had yet to arrive.


“Why aren’t they here yet? Maybe they won’t show up because they heard the rumors that the pirates from Port Kobe were annihilated?”

“No, they will be regarded as having abandoned the right to monitor the fishing if they do not come today so they will definitely come.”


Hallock’s subordinate replied but I really want it to end soon — that’s when it happened.

It came.

Not the pirates — the need to urinate.


I want to use the restroom.


“Hallock, I’ll go look for the pirates there —”


I wanted to pretend to go look for them and go to the restroom.

Just as I wanted to say that.


“Oo, I don’t have a good feeling about them boss.”

“Gahahaha, that’s right — they are a gathering of pirates made up of failed fishermen after all. I, who was born to live in the sea, will kick their asses.”


A giant armored pirate spoke haughtily as he came into view but —


【Axe Warrior: Lv31】


He wasn’t a pirate — but an Axe-user. His level was at the range where he would be able to claim to be first class as an Adventurer though.

Well, the pirates around this parts don’t steal or kill but instead mainly manage the fishing industry so it was not unreasonable that he became a pirate.


“Very well, it’s time for the discussion but the conclusion is already set.”


Said the Axe Warrior pirate. His size was a lot clearer when viewed up close. He was a giant man that was 2 meters tall and probably weighed about 120 kg.

That’s right, the conclusion was already set. Each take half as usual. So the discussion could end there, I can let them have some wine I made in My World and we can go home.

And I really wanted to go to the restroom.


“Yeah, that’s right. The fishing ground will be split into half just like every year.”

“Gahahaha, you’re wrong. Port Ithaca will take the entire fishing ground this year. You guys will not be touching a single rock of the fishing ground!”


Said the leader man as he looked down on me.


“Don’t mess with us! We will split the fishing ground and we are already giving you concession by doing so!”


Hallock raised his arm and shook it as he provoked them with a shout.


“We’re not messing around. Do you really think we don’t know anything? We know that the original pirates from Port Kobe have all retired. After all, they all travelled through Port Ithaca to head inland. You guys are either the remnants or fakes masquerading as pirates right? I had no intention of negotiating with such people from the start — ”

“Stop droning on and on. Hallock have already said it, we’re giving you concession by letting you have half. Hurry up and go with that.”


I was so focused on holding my urge to urinate that I said that with a low voice without suppressing my anger. I didn’t want to shout.


“Gahahaha, you only know how to bark, aren’t you shivering? Are you going to wet yourself?”

“I’m not playing around. How is your laugh always the same? Do you have some laughing bag fixed inside your stomach? Go home if you don’t wish to negotiate.”

“The ones going home will be you! It’s about time you give up your pretend pirate act — ”


The man grabbed at me.

I’m at my limit! Not anger. My bladder.

Of course, it wasn’t like I was going to leak but taking into consideration the time to take off the armor, it was quite serious.

I’ll have to end this now. I dived into bosom of the man who was coming at me and raised him up.

He was about 130 kg including the armor weight but that didn’t matter. (TL: That’s an extremely light full plate armor weighing in at 10 kg :x)

I spun that man above my head and threw him away.


The armor crashed into the rocks.


“My bad if that gave it a dent. You’re the one who attacked first.”


As I said that, I wanted to chant the same spell that I used before Hallock and his gang but,


“Sense — Boss. Please shot the magic into the sky instead of the sea.”

” … Oh yeah. Then — ”


This time, without using a staff,


“Ancient Nova!”


A huge blaze flew into the sky.

The pirates from Port Ithaca were so shocked that they couldn’t say a word while Hallock and the others were seeing it for the second time and they were allies this time so they had broad grins on their faces.


“That guy has probably passed out so it’s impossible to have any further negotiations. Come here the same time tomorrow. Or do you want to settle this here with fists and magic?”

“””” … We, we’ll remember this!””””


And they screamed lines like that of defeated villains.

As I watched the pirates flee,


“As expected of Sensei!”

“Hallock! I’ll be returning to the ship first!”


I ran off at full speed acting like I was going to the ship but I entered My World instead.

Carol was playing card games with Pionia.


“Master, this place is not an emergency toilet.”


She said with a disgusted tone but I didn’t have a choice.

No matter how much I raise my level, physiological phenomenon can’t be beaten.

Well, I scared those Port Ithaca pirates that much so they would probably yield half of the fishing ground.

I didn’t tell them to hand over the entire fishing ground after all, only half like last year.



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