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GC V8C189

(189) You’re amazing, Pionia

Translator: Tseirp

The day after the negotiations.

The talks would be carried out at the same place at 3 in the afternoon so we planned to go to the cove where our ship was anchored at when it was noon. Before that, I entered My World while carrying something I purchased.

When I entered My World, Pionia came riding on a horse with a pure white coat of hair — Fuyun, and she respectfully bowed her head as she welcomed me. It seemed like that temperamental Fuyun had opened his mind to Pionia after spending most of his time with her in My World. He has never allowed anyone apart from Haru to ride on his back after all.

“Master, welcome back.”

“I’m back … this … this wasn’t here yesterday.”

“Yes, that’s because it was inside the shipbuilding hut until yesterday. I finished it this morning and carried it here. Does it suit your liking?”

” … Er, I do find it amazing.”

Standing there was an enormous sailing ship about 5 times the size of the one we were sailing with at the moment.

“But I think we won’t have any more chances to sail on a ship?”

“I see — then let’s create an ocean in this world. If I can procure 30 million MP from Master, I can create an ocean.”

“To create an ocean for such a reason — ah, that’s right, I brought the item we talked about.”

I passed a bucket with the item inside to Pionia.

They were small light brown semi-transparent spherical fish eggs. Such fertilized eggs could easily be obtained just by scooping with a net at the shallows near the estuary. I recalled that Malina once said that she wanted to make a fish reserve here so I discussed it with Pionia and Carol. I went to harvest fish eggs at the estuary via the information I got from Carol.

Pionia took the bucket and fixedly stared into it.

“How is it? They’re quite good right?”

“Yes — ”

Pionia nodded and transformed her hand. Her fingers turned slender just like tweezers as she threw egg after egg onto the ground and stepped on them.

“Pionia! What are you doing!?”

“I discovered harmful parasites within those eggs. It is a type of parasite that plants itself within fish eggs so these eggs won’t hatch. After these fish eggs get eaten by shellfish, the parasites will turn into an adult within the shellfish. If humans consume those shellfish, it would rarely cause death but will cause symptoms such as 3 days and nights of high fever as well as 3 weeks of diarrhea.”

“Pa, parasites — sorry, I didn’t think until that far.”

It is said that freshwater fishes have a lot more parasites in them compared to saltwater fishes.

But I didn’t expect that there would be parasites even within the eggs.

“I exist for that sake so there are no problems. Master, the remaining eggs are all okay.”

When Pionia returned the bucket to me, the eggs had decreased by 30% and the fish egg crushed by Pionia’s feet left a muddy color on the ground.

“Would it be fine if I just place them in the fish tank with water plants we made previously?”

“Yes, but the water temperature would need to be adjusted too so I will do it.”

“Okay, please do then.”

I once again handed the bucket to Pionia.

“With this, maybe we will be able to eat grilled fish or something similar. Sashimi from freshwater fish might be a little impossible though.”

“No, because the parasites have been removed, it is possible to make the sashimi Master spoke about — we can also make soy sauce if you want to.”

“You can make soy sauce!?”

“Yes, it is possible. Knowledge regarding soy sauce has been passed down by the transported people since hundreds of years ago. However, the soy sauce culture did not spread and it gradually declined. Now, although part of the name remains, the method to create it has been lost but we have soybeans thanks to Master Carol and as for the Aspergillus mold — Master, could you please take out a piece of bread from your item bag?”

“Hn? Okay — ”

I took out a piece of hard bread as I was told. I bought it as part of the portable rations but I still have it because it was way too tough.

“Are you going to grow Aspergillus using this?”

“No, to be exact, Aspergillus already exist in it. However, in this state, it will not be an Aspergillus that is appropriate for the creation of soy sauce so I will mutate it and create a fungus similar to Aspergillus sojae —I estimate that I will be able to create soy sauce in roughly 3 months.”

“It will take 3 months!? Actually, taking into account mutating the fungus and fermenting the soybeans, 3 months would, in fact, be record-breaking speed.”

She claimed to be able to create soy sauce in 3 months with the Aspergillus sojae in their original form after all.

“Then, I’ll leave it to you.”

“Yes, understood.”

“Now then, what should I do —. Should I make fish sauce to go with the sashimi?”

It would probably go well with the sashimi.

Maybe I should just make it since we’re going to make sashimi.

“Master, I do not recommend fish sauce to go with sashimi. Fish sauce has a fishy taste so if you wish to eat it together with fishy raw fish, we will have to prepare a triangular sink tidy.” (TL: I don’t know how to sink tidy fits into the sentence but going by the later sentence, they probably use it to strain the ginger and wasabi?)

“Guh, I’m glad I asked.”

I questioned why Pionia knew about the existence of triangular sink tidies but without wasabi or ginger, it is impossible to eat food that is extra fishy.

“Then, I’ll be leaving now. Ah, that’s right. Do you know about Shijimon shrimps?”

“Yes, they are miraculous shrimps that are the specialty of the southern parts of the West Continent. I have heard that they are extremely delicious shrimps with fleshy bodies that can be grilled, boiled or even fried. What about them?”

“I was wondering if we could farm them here if I got my hands on their eggs.”

“The Shijimon shrimps inhabit the deep sea except for when they spawn and we will also need to prepare seawater so I will have to obtain about 1000MP from Master.”

“Only 1000MP!?”

After all, if I set all my jobs to pure elemental magic jobs at their highest levels, my maximum MP can easily go pass 1000.

I see, so it’s possible.

Well, farming and selling them would probably negatively impact Port Kobe and Port Ithaca but it should be fine if I only do it for our personal consumption — as long as it suits our taste.

“For now, take about 1000MP. But I can’t guarantee that I will be able to obtain the shrimp eggs.”

I changed my jobs to magic-based jobs and took off my upper shirt before facing my back to Pionia.

“Are you sure? I heard that you will be having an important discussion after this.”

“Don’t worry, there won’t be anyone who would dare to attack after they’ve seen what I did yesterday. Even if there is, I’ll make do with using a sword.”

“Understood — Okay then — ”

Pionia gently rubbed my back as she absorbed my MP through the sweat pores on my back. That sensation of weakness and massage-like hand movements felt very good but I would probably not be able to stand if she overdid it and caused me to run out of magical power.

Then, 10 minutes late.

Just as the stiffness of my back was relieved,

“Master, I confirm the acquisition of 1000MP.”

I saw Pionia lick her lips with her tongue as she said that when I looked back.

“Is there any meaning in licking your lips if you didn’t eat with your mouth?”

“It suits the situation.”

Pionia replied instantly.

She really acts just like a human at times like these. She might even be better at joking around than Haru. Actually, Sheena also gave off a similar vibe.

“Now then, it’s about time I leave.”

I staggered a little when I stood up too quickly.

“Master, are you all right?”

“Sorry, sorry, it’s just a little bit of light-headedness. It won’t affect my movements and it’ll go away soon.”

I said as I waved goodbye with a smile and passed through the door to return to the fishing inn operated by the Fishing Union.

As soon as I returned to the room,

“Ichino-sama. Hallock-san has been wanting to see you and is waiting at the neighboring room.”

“Is that so? Okay — do we still have time?”

“Yes, he seemed to have something urgent.”

Urgent matters?

I wonder what it is?

I left my room and knocked on the neighboring door.

“Sensei, sorry to bother you when you’re busy.”

“No, it’s all right, what is it?”

“We’ve received a courier seagull from my people from Port Ithaca.”

Carrier seagull? Maybe it’s similar to carrier pigeons.

I was really curious but it wasn’t the time to find out so I let it slide.

“Actually, those Port Ithaca pirates seemed to have hired an amazing mercenary and might suggest a one-versus-one match.”

“Mercenary? That’s allowed?”

“Normally I would warn them against doing that but well, we’re also …”

True, they were also doing the same thing.

“Well, I don’t think I’ll lose to a mercenary.”

“Please don’t let your guard down, according to the report, that mercenary only had the support of one companion but that person single-handedly took on dozens of pirates and took control of the pirate hideout without suffering any injuries.”

” … That’s amazing.”

Maybe I really won’t be able to drop my guard

Shit, if this was going to happen then I shouldn’t have given my MP to Pionia. However, if I switched my magician jobs to swordsman-type jobs, my MP would also fall accordingly and there’s a high chance that I would genuinely fall into magical power depletion. In other words, I would have to fight in this condition huh.

“Well, I’ll probably be fine.”

I took it easy and replied.

When needed, I can just use my trump card.



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