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Chapter 242: Imitation

Translator: Tseirp

The Darkness Spirit showed me the battle between Sir Rainstar and the Darkness Dragon that happened in the past.

Both of them boasted tremendous strength.

Especially Sir Rainstar’s movements which were not just the usual kind of strong and there were various movements that could come in handy.


“That strength is a cheat. But reaching such a level would be wonderful …”

Changing directions in the air not with one’s feet but with your whole body.

While probing for the opponent’s weakness with magic attribute attacks using a magical power sword, one could dish out close range attacks and long range attacks and also take action while considering the efficiency of it. It gave way to huge variations in one’s means of attack.

But the thing that shocked me the most was his defense. During that breath attack, he activated magic barriers many times and also cast healing magic on himself. I also often did that but I never thought of putting up magical power barriers.

Even for close range attacks, the thickness of the magical power barrier slowed down the opponents attack speed for a moment. One could use that instant to either evade or perform a counter.

It was like a secret technique that would need an ability to accurately assess the situation and a physical body that can function on par with that ability.


” … But, I have already acquired Thought Acceleration and Body Strengthening skills and although I have not learned Magical Power Barrier, my Healing Magic should not fall short of that of Sir Rainstar.”

I traced Sir Rainstar’s fighting style and movements I was shown in the dream and resolutely absorbed all the ones that I was capable of doing.


When I sat up, Lionel was the only person awake so I urged him to take a nap.

“Lionel, I’m awake so I’ll keep guard, you can get some sleep.”

“Luciel-sama, when we fight with the Imperial soldiers, I will definitely not have the leeway to hold back. Because of that, apart from those who are weakened due to Luciel-sama’s spell, I will have to cut them all down.”

“I see. But, if there happen to be any acquaintances who you wish to save, you can feel free to let me know.”


Lionel replied before moving closer to the wall.


And I noticed something.

When I told them that we would be attacking the Empire, the wild fighting spirit that usually emitted from Lionel stopped.

“I didn’t notice until now but it seems like Lionel has returned to normal. That means Lionel was probably troubled too in his heart.”

Discovering that even Lionel who I saw as someone who could do anything perfectly was troubled, I was reminded that everyone was standing firm to support me so I silently swung my sword until everyone woke up.


Estia was the first to wake up, followed by Cathy and Kefin.

I had a brief mock battle with Kefin until Lionel woke up.

“I have something I wish to try. Kefin, do you mind if we have a light mock battle?”

“That’s surprising. If it is Luciel-sama’s request, I will gladly comply at any time.”

“Thank you. I’ll be holding a shield so please come at me with your all. But I’d like it if you avoid dealing life-threatening attacks.”

“I won’t do that but Luciel-sama, if you are only going to defend, please be prepared to have your arms or legs separate from your torso.”


Kefin’s expression told me that he found it slightly unexpected as he readied his sword.


I also extracted my shield from my magic bag and after taking a deep breath, I faced it towards Kefin.

“I’m ready.”

“Then, here I come.”

In that instant, Kefin’s body blurred.

As expected, I could tell that Kefin had applied Body Strengthening.


I also quickly applied Body Strengthening and activated Area Barrier before I firmly controlled the magical power that I expelled out of my body and began constructing a magical power barrier.

I searched for Kefin’s movements through Presence and Magical Power Detection.

Accompanied by the sound of a swish, it was really only for an instant but I noticed that Kefin’s attack had slowed. However, as a price, my arm was cut slightly.

But I was certain that I was on the right track. Judging it to be so, I continued the training.

“Don’t hold back. Keep coming at me.”

I increased the magical power I kneaded into the Magical Power Barrier and further materialized it with an image of a dense and hard shield.

After doing so, in the beginning, I was able to defend against Kefin’s attack with my shield but when I further strengthened my Magical Power Barrier, I was able to not rely on only defending with a shield as I was able to evade his attacks once or twice out of ten times, although it was only by the skin of my teeth.


“Kefin, did you feel anything when you were attacking?”

“No, I didn’t really feel anything. Only that it felt to me that Luciel-sama’s reaction speed had increased …”

Kefin replied with a tilt of his head.

“I see. I thickened my Magical Power Barrier so I felt that Kefin’s attack speed slowed down for a split second when it touched the barrier but perhaps it was because my increased concentration detected the danger instead. Well, thanks to that, I’m feeling slightly tired now.”

This would probably take some time to master but I was honestly glad to have found a new goal.

“As expected of Luciel-sama to try to improve himself so quickly.”

“No no, it’s thanks to everyone.”

This time, the battle of the past that the Darkness Spirit showed me was a gift to me for not missing a single day of training Magical Power Manipulation and Magical Power Control since coming to this world.

I should have realized it sooner … but I should be happy. Since the possibility of everyone surviving increases as long as I don’t die.


After Kefin, I requested Estia for the same thing.

To be safe, I wanted to make sure if a magical sword could cut through a magical power barrier. And the findings were shocking.

Unlike Kefin’s attacks, the moment the magical sword contacted the magical power barrier, the speed dropped drastically.

“Did you feel anything?”

“Yes. It felt like I was obstructed by something extremely hard.”

“I see.”

Maybe magical power can repel an attack with magical power channeled in it.

I felt that I could somewhat see the complete form of my weapon that Shisho had been training me for.


Because I had a lot to think about, my cooking was done by the time I realized and Lionel woke up in time.

But I was worried as that nap time was short so before we started our meal, I made him promise that he would take a long rest before we marched to the Empire.


And when we descended to the forty-first floor, the darkness was to the extent that we could not see beyond a meter ahead of us.

“I guess you won’t be able to disarm traps like this. I’ll shine the Light. It might actually draw the monsters to us but it is better than dying instantly to some trap. In the worst case, we would just have to hug barrels of Object X and run but let’s go as far as we can.”

“If the monsters are drawn to us, it might activate the traps so that will be great.”

“Well then, let’s aim for the fiftieth floor!”

“””” Yes!””””

I held the Light in exchange for a shield so I entrusted the fighting to everyone.

And when I shone the Light forward, all the monsters that we have fought until now flocked towards us.

It was a series of continuous battles from there.

As expected with the numbers, we were not able to deal with all the attacks so all the members including Lionel suffered quite some injuries.

Nevertheless, we could sweep clean all the monsters in one go and go down the stairs.

After crossing the forty-fifth floor, humanoid monsters suddenly appeared.

Headless knights called Dark Knights, living armor monsters that emerge from the shadows called Shadow Knights and from the forty-eighth floor onward, Dullahans started appearing.

Lionel and Cathy were originally experts in fighting against humans and while Kefin and Estia’s movements didn’t change, they were able to move more aggressively maybe because the attacks were easier to read.

And it appeared that it applied to me as well as the counter-attack timings against the attacks towards me were easier to calculate as I cleaved through the opponents with my Magical Power Sword.


However, contrary to those smooth battles, I felt a sense of unease from the lack of chests in the labyrinth dive.

And it was when we finally arrived at the front of the door leading to the fiftieth-floor boss room.


A tremendous roar echoed from within.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.


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