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IS B12C244

Chapter 244: The Darkness Dragon’s wish

Translator: Tseirp

The Imperial Special Forces were arrogant due to their obtained powers so the battle itself ended without any issues with them being annihilated.

However, we failed to get much information from them. Even though they held a certain degree of strength, I judged that there was a high possibility that they were sacrificial pawns.

Otherwise, they wouldn’t have divulged so much about their internal situation.

Nevertheless, even though they were demons, it still didn’t feel good to kill former humans.


“Luciel-sama, thank you for the help. I didn’t think that they would still be alive even after they had been beheaded.”

“I was certainly surprised by their raised vitality. I only cast it to be safe so it was just good luck but we’ll be able to make use of that information for the next fight.”


“What about these equipments nya?”

Cathy, having returned to ending her sentence with ‘nya’, pointed at the equipments and asked.

“I’ll purify it to be safe then we’ll bring it home. But just don’t touch that large magic stone.”

“Of course nya.”

“Luciel-sama, there’s a return magic circle floating there.”

I saw the magic circle by following Estia gaze.

And behind it was a sealed door.

“Luciel-sama, it’s there as feared?”

“Yeah. I pray that it won’t turn into a battle. I’ll be going off to dispel the seal on the Darkness Dragon.”

“Best of luck.”

“Lionel, I leave the rest to you. It might take some time. If I don’t come out after a day passes, please return to Ebiza.”

“Shouldn’t it only take a few hours from now?”

“It took me quite some time when I was with the Water Dragon and Wind Dragon.”

“Are you sure one day is enough?”

“Yeah. I have Fornoir so I won’t have any issues returning. I feel sorry for how you all will have to walk back to Ebiza instead.”

“I shall pray for Luciel-sama’s swift return.”

“I will pray the same nya.”

“Luciel-sama, do your best!”

“Luciel-sama, we believe in you.”

It totally turned into a situation where they were sending me off. However, this time I felt that I must be fully prepared so I had to resolve everyone’s misunderstanding.

“Opening the door would consume my magical power so I’ll be resting first.”

When I said that, perhaps because the embarrassment showed on my face, everyone burst out laughing.

But that was all there was to laugh about.


As usual, the door sucked my magical power the moment I touched it and the pattern on it was illuminated with violet black light.

Then, the door opened.

As I activated 「Sanctuary Barrier」 via 「No Chant」, I jumped away from directly facing the door.

Immediately after doing so, I heard something strike the Sanctuary Barrier, causing it to creak and cracks to gradually appear before the barrier broke and a violet-black ray shot out.

I immediately checked to see if everyone was safe and because nobody was standing in the line of fire, everyone was all right.

I didn’t think that it would immediately attack. I wanted to somehow resolve it peacefully but it seemed like a fight was already confirmed.

I gave out orders after resolving myself.

“Everyone please escape quickly. That attack just now was definitely the Darkness Dragon’s breath attack. I can’t guarantee that this room would be safe.”

“Luciel-sama, can you promise that you will return safely?”

“Yeah. If I don’t return within a week, do not go to the Empire. Kefin, Cathy, and Estia, watch over Lionel okay. Well, trust and wait for me.”

“I believe that Luciel-sama won’t die apart from dying of old age.”

“Yeah. Okay, go on.”


“I trust that Luciel-sama will be able to dispel the seal.”

“A lot of people will be troubled without Luciel-sama so please work for many years to come nya.”

“Luciel-sama, please do not give up.”

“Luciel-sama, I would feel a lot of regret as a retainer if we can’t walk into the future together. That’s why, please survive. And please give us the chance to play an active role in the Empire.”

“All right, I’ll definitely come back alive. I have no idea what will happen so please be careful when going back to Ebiza.”

Listening to my words, they entered the return magic circle and disappeared.

“Now then, let’s begin. Seeing how it broke my barrier that the weakened Evil God couldn’t break, it’s definitely the Darkness Dragon I saw in the dream. I pray that it can be negotiated with.”

I muttered and walked down the stairs.


“About as dark as the 30th floor. Darkness Dragon, can you hear me?”

『A mere human dares to speak to me, do you wish to die?』


“You hate humans as much as I remember in the dream. Didn’t you want to build a new world with Sir Rainstar?”

『That man was a liar. While I was holding myself back, that man died before he could achieve everything.』

“Sir Rainstar created a flying city, he set up a Church in the middle of the world, and made a technological state where people could work while living in harmony right? Compared to the dragon race and the long-lived tribes, the lifespan of the human race is short. Nevertheless, didn’t he put in the effort as promised?”

『I view results over presumptions. That man fulfilled his lifespan as a human … but, he broke his promise to me. Without that abominable chain, I shall destroy this world.』

I understood that the Darkness Dragon was lying at that point. After all, the Darkness Dragon was sealed here for 50 or a 100 years at most.

And yet, he had kept his promise with Sir Rainstar who died 300 years ago and have not destroyed the world.

I believe that was because the Darkness Dragon still believed in the world Sir Rainstar drew out.

Moreover, the power of that breath he released on the 50th floor just now …


“And you intend to destroy the world with that breath just now?”

『Yes. Under my breath that destroys everything, the order of the world will return.』

Regardless of the opponent’s condition, being careless for a split second when going against a superior enemy will lead to the end in an instant.


While preparing my magical power, I thought about the conversation in my dream and asked the Darkness Dragon.

“However, you can’t destroy the world now. After all, I have not unsealed the Light Dragon.”

『Don’t lie. The Light Dragon’s seal has already been dispelled.』

The pressure emitted from the Darkness Dragon increased instantly and there were traces of anger.

However, the Darkness Dragon’s words conversely made me shocked and confused.

“What!? I have only unsealed the Holy Dragon, Flame Dragon, Earth Dragon, Thunder Dragon, Water Dragon, and Wind Dragon. I shouldn’t have unsealed the Light Dragon yet.”

『It is of little importance if you dispelled the seal or not. The result is all that matters.』


I prepared myself.

” — If, I get you to acknowledge me and dispel the Evil God curse on you, will you teach me more about that matter?”

『Fine. If you want me to obey you, you will have to make me acknowledge you like Rainstar.』

” … That’s a promise. Suuhaa (TL: Breathing sfx). Then, here I come.”

Usually, I would have activated Sanctuary Circle immediately but I intentionally stopped myself from doing so.

It’s not as if I could imitate Sir Rainstar’s combat style even though I’ve seen it but I had a sense that the Darkness Dragon was testing if I could be trusted.


【By the holy hand, by the breath of Mother Earth, by my wish use my magical power as sustenance, with the wings of an angel, protect us from all impurities, create and impart an armor that creates a sanctuary. Sanctuary Armor.】

Since Sanctuary Armor was a condensed and compacted version of Sanctuary Barrier, even if the dragon released another breath attack, I would be able to barely evade it.

『Well, it doesn’t matter if you borrowed the power of my compatriots before you came.』

“Wind Dragon, grant me wings to fly freely in the sky.”

I flew into the sky. Then, I suddenly thought if it was possible to use magical power barrier as a scaffold to run on and it succeeded.

Normally, that would have been something to be ecstatic about but considering the current situation, I raised my magical power to the limit and chanted as I raced toward the Darkness Dragon.


『Fool, to serve yourself up to my breath, die.』

The Darkness Dragon went out of his way to warn me before he spat out a breath in my direction.

The place I stood on was swallowed by a violet-black breath in an instant.


『… Disappointing. Despite raising my expectations, he was still human after all …』

That dreary and dejected mental voice resonated in my brain.


I activated Heal from behind the Darkness Dragon, causing it to be illuminated in pale light.


『Guhh bastard, so you’re still alive.』

Even though it was just a Heal, the Darkness Dragon shouted in a pained voice as I addressed it through mental communication.

“Yeah. After all, I still don’t want to die yet and it was all improvised but it somehow worked and I could get a hit in.”

『 … Why are you there? You should have been engulfed by my breath.』

“Yes, but to be exact, that was my clone made of the Flame Dragon and Water Dragon’s power. I created a magical power object using the Flame Dragon and Water Dragon, manipulated my magical power such that it didn’t leak out, and utilized the Thunder Dragon’s power to circle around you instantly. So, the one bathed in your breath was my clone.”

『You created something like that?』

“Yeah, but that plan could work because of you. Since you guided that breath so that I could avoid it.”

『What!? I would never do something like that for a human!!』

“If it was a sudden and hard to avoid powerful breath like the breath you released at Sir Rainstar in the past, I would have disappeared without leaving behind a single dust particle.”


“Moreover, you have weakened since you have only been detecting me with just magical power and presence. That’s why my childish strategy could succeed. Just how long have you been under the curse of the Evil God?”

Just now, the Darkness Dragon that emerged from the darkness due to the Heal already had miasma leaking out of his body and his body was almost completely rotten or was left with bones.

Although he has not completely turned into an undead, it was a terrible and mysterious condition.

『When did you realize?』

“When your breath flew to the 50th floor and my Sanctuary Barrier wasn’t broken immediately. The Darkness Spirit showed me your fight with Sir Rainstar and I could tell just now unimaginable an existence you are. That’s why I found it strange.”

『Hou. It seems like it wasn’t just luck that you relied on to release my compatriots. But you are neither a coward nor brave. You aim for peace by relying on hard work and the courage to stand against fate … I shall ask you. How will you protect the balance of the world?』

An ordinary person like me won’t be able to answer such a grand topic.

However, that was probably the only way to convince him so I just replied with whatever that came to my mind.


“The topic is honestly too large so I don’t really know. But even though this world has plenty of people, I don’t think that it is a world so small that people have to fight for it.”

『You believe that co-existence and co-prosperity are possible? Then why couldn’t Rainstar prevent the fight between fellow races?』

“That might be because it is tied to living. People want to live more luxuriously, people want to be happier, and people want to be more loved. It’s because such desires exist.”

『Then, won’t that mean that conflicts will never go away?』

“No, I believe people can either unite or divide. If one person grasps the hand of the person beside him and uses his other hand to hold onto the hand of another person, conflicts will go away. But, this is not achievable by a single person. Even though Sir Rainstar was alone, he created a Church to heal people, created a technological village with an environment that was easy for people to live and survive in, and created a country to research on magic. It’s just that he didn’t have enough time.”

But I found various flaws with that line of thought.


『So you understand that guy so well. Then, you are that guy’s successor.』

The Darkness Dragon said with a tinge of happiness but I can’t live up to be his replacement.

I will only do what I am capable of doing.


“No, I will only work hard within my limits for the sake of living a peaceful life. I will not be able to live up to it if you place excessive expectations on me. Incidentally, about the Light Dragon’s seal, has it really been dispelled?”

『… Yes, without a doubt. However, for some reason, his consciousness still remains in this current world.』

The Darkness Dragon imparted to me important information in a serious tone.

If that’s the case, maybe the power to rule over the world the Blange people talked about was the Light Dragon.

“But he has not been turned into an undead?”

『Yes. But most of the time my voice can no longer reach him.』

“If the Light Dragon attacks, how will you defend against it.”

『Fundamentally if I retaliate against his breath with my breath, I will not lose. Well, there’s no reason to fight though.』

“Hypothetically, if a summoning circle was constructed for enslavement, what would happen once they summon the Light Dragon?”

『He would be enslaved. Summoning is a contract so it will follow that rule.』

“Is it possible to dispel it?”

『It should be possible. But I would just destroy that country. That Light Dragon wouldn’t be any wiser.』

“Incidentally, what would happen if the demonization technique used on the humans was used on the Light Dragon?”

『I’ve never been subjected to it so I cannot say for sure but we dragons have a magic nucleus so I wouldn’t worry about it.』

“I see. Then, Darkness Dragon. May I dispel the Evil God’s curse that has been placed upon you?”

『Well then, Sage Luciel, show me the way you construct the world that you envision by working within your limits.』

” … I’ll do my best within my limits.”

『Yes, within your limits, your limits that released all my compatriots including me except for the Light Dragon.』

“Eh!? But the necklace has nine slots for the jewels, was I wrong?”

『You will understand when Dragon God-sama bestows upon you his power. Farewell Sage Luciel, I entrust the task to you.』



Thus, I dispelled the curse on the Darkness Dragon and the Darkness Dragon disappeared.

Taking out the Light, I picked up all the gold and items as usual apart from the dungeon core trap that summons the Evil God and entered the return magic circle.


Ping 【Title: Blessing of the Darkness Dragon acquired】

Ping 【You have succeeded in dispelling the seal on all Reincarnation Dragons】

Ping 【Title: Blessing of the Dragon God】


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.


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