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(193) Battle with the Demon Lord

Translator: Tseirp

Turning time back a little, Miri and the others were preparing for tomorrow’s departure.

She found out that the pirates would be having talks today and will have the same talks tomorrow as well so she planned to crush those pirates.

” … Kanon, what are you doing?”

Miri looked at Kanon’s hands with a gaze as if she was looking at something trifling.

She looked at the hammer held in the girl’s hands and looked at the bronze armor.

“I am matching the armor to Miryuu-chan’s size.”

Kanon replied with a grin.

In that former pirate hideout, a number of armor sets were left behind.

Because there was a tradition whereby the captain would wear armor to have the talks between pirates.

“Why are you matching it to my size? I don’t plan to wear something like that.”

“I’ll be in trouble if Miryuu-chan doesn’t wear it.”

It was Norn who said that.

She had quite a weary expression. It was the fatigue from moving between Port Kobe and the pirate hideout multiple times to purchase food. Because of that, she was the most familiar with the inner workings of the town.


Miri complained to Norn.

“Miryuu-chan is quite a celebrity in the town of Port Kobe! You’re being called a Demon Lord and your name is being circulated widely. Moreover, they even have information on your appearance in quite considerable detail! If you act violently with your face visible, you will really not be able to walk into town without hiding your face.”

“What, I’m not bothered by something like that. It’s not like I’m doing anything bad.”

“Are you sure? If you draw that much attention to yourself by going on a rampage, you won’t be able to stroll together with your Onii-san you know?”

“Uu, I don’t want that to happen.”

Miri faltered after Norn said that.

“Now that I think about it, I have not been to the sea with Onii for many years with just the two of us. Onii has always been working part-time after all — right, did I bring my swimming suit? More importantly, are there even beaches at Port Kobe? Watermelons exist here so I would love to split watermelons together with Onii.”

Miri grinned to herself as she imagined the time when she reunites with Ichinojo.

“It won’t be just the two of you though, Norn and I are here too.”

As she adjusted the size of the armor, Kanon caressed it lovingly and looked at Miri.

“You’re really dextrous with your hands, Kanon-san.”

“Ah well, I’m a self-proclaimed blacksmith after all so I can at least do this much♪”

She twirled her hammer in good mood.

“By the way, should I add a function to change your voice?”

“You can do something like that?”

“Of course, Norn. I am a Magic Sword Craftsman after all. My hands are itching after such a long time — hmm but if I add the voice changing function, the sounds you hear would be distorted too … Miryuu-chan, you don’t mind right ― ?”

“But going to a swimming beach might not be good for Onii’s education. It will be bad if he gets excited after seeing other girls in swimsuits … Maybe it will be better if we just reminisce about the past at some seaside town cafe. As a younger sister ― yup, that should be the correct choice as a younger sister right?”

“She’s not listening huh … well, I’ll just tinker however I like and get her approval after I’m done.”

Kanon took out a magic stone and created an indentation as well as clasps to embed the magic stone.

“Ah, but before that, we should take a commemorative photo. I brought my camera too ― the developer fluid and fixer fluid, yup, I’m sure I brought those too. I can just make the darkroom using magic ― I can move about normally in a darkroom too with my current body.”


Thus, Miri’s delusions continued, Kanon continued her work and Norn started to prepare food.

Then came the next morning.


“Hey, Norn. The armor size is just right but my voice is strangely muffled?”

“I told Miryuu-chan yesterday. That I would be attaching a voice changing function.”

“Kanon’s voice sounds weird too.”

“That’s the downside of having the voice changing function. Because to change your voice, I attached a function to alter sound quality on the surface of the armor … ”

“And so why are you laughing?”


Miri glared at Norn and Kanon.

Norn was doubled over desperately trying to resist from laughing while Kanon was grinning widely.


“What does my voice sound like?”


Kanon and Norn couldn’t answer her.




“Pwepware yourshelves! Pywates!”

The young girl wearing the bronze armor shouted.

I unconsciously frowned.


(Eh? Is she actually a young girl?)


Rather than that of a young girl, that voice sounded more like the lisp of an infant.

Haru and I looked at each other.

Of course, neither of us were stupid enough to loosen our guard from that. Even from afar, we could understand the power of that attack on Hallock just now.

“Don’t be careless.”

“Of course.”

Haru and I drew our swords.

While thinking to myself that it would have been better if I kept my magical power, I investigated that Bronze Armor.

Their job.

I ended up seeing it.


【Demon Lord: Lv39】


(― !?)


You’re kidding me? I checked their job once again.

” ― Demon Lord!?”

I inadvertently shouted.

“Thwere are shome who cwalls me that.”

“The real deal? ― you’re the Demon Lord ― ”

“Sheesh, rheal or fwake, I have nwo intwest. Dwie! 「Dark Ball」!”


Killing intent suddenly wrapped around us as the Demon Lord released a huge ball of Darkness.

(That’s trouble) That thought crossed our minds as Haru and I instinctively jumped to the side. Immediately after that.

The place we were standing on was engulfed by Darkness.

And when the Darkness dissipated, the ground was hollowed out.


“You gwuys are the piwate bosses rwight! Evewything will be shwettled once I dwefeat you!”

“I don’t really understand but looks like you’re all fired up ― I don’t have anything against you but I will defeat you before you defeat me! 「Slash」!”


Haru and I sent out Slash at the same time.

They won’t be able to dodge that. Or so I thought but,

“「Dark Shield」!”

A shield of Darkness appeared in front of the Demon Lord which swallowed up our Slash.

Shit, a maxed out Darkness Magic is this difficult to deal with? It can function as both attack and defense.

Of course, having maxed out all four elements, I can also do something similar but I pretty much have no magical power left now.


“If that’s the case, we just have to use an attack that the shield can’t defend against.”


Haru and I split and ran in opposite directions.


“Sho you pwan to attack from bwoth sides ― a good pwan but.”

The Demon Lord took action after saying that. She moved straight to Haru.

Having anticipated that, Haru greeted her with a sword attack. Flames engulfed the Flame Dragon Tooth Sword. She released a ball of flames towards the Demon Lord. I immediately knew what was Haru’s plan.

She wanted to attack the Demon Lord after they slowed down to avoid that attack.

However, the Demon Lord didn’t evade. She plunged herself into the flames.

“「Dark Armor」”

The Demon Lord was clad in Darkness. Immediately after I saw that, the Demon Lord clashed into the fireball and an explosion occurred.

That was a miscalculation on Haru’s part.

“「Dark Needle」”

Dark needles flew out from the flames.

Normally, Haru would be able to dodge attacks of such a degree. However, the armor impeded her movements and she could not tell where the attack would come from due to the explosion so Haru wasn’t able to evade it.

One of the Darkness Needle stabbed into Haru’s right shoulder.

The Darkness Needle disappeared after Haru sliced it off using the short sword she held in her left hand but it wasn’t like the injury disappeared too.

“Damn youuu!”

I kicked the ground hard, flew towards the Demon Lord and swung my steel sword down.

The Demon Lord flew to her side and evaded.

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t speak ― 「Petite Heal」!”

I applied Healing Magic to Haru’s shoulder.

I actually wanted to apply Heal but this was my limit at the moment.

“You stay back.”

“No, I can still fight.”


As I said that,

“My World!”

I opened the rift to my world and lifted Haru up.

“Sorry for the rough treatment.”

“Spwace Mwagic?”

The Demon Lord murmured in doubt. As expected, even the Demon Lord didn’t know about Jobless magic.

If that’s the case, it’s my turn now!


I heard Haru’s voice from the other side of the rift.

If I left it like that, she might return ― even if she has to disobey my orders.

“From now on, I’ll show you the fighting style of a Jobless! Prepare yourself, Demon Lord Miryuu!”

I closed the rift to My World as I said that.

“―!? Please wait, fighting that person ―”

I heard Haru’s voice.

It’s true, fighting her was troublesome but I will show her the way a Jobless person fights.


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