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GC V8C195

(195) The accumulated stories

Translator: Tseirp

“So, why is Onii a pirate? Do you want to become a Pirate King? Miri will help if that’s what you want.”

“You don’t need to help. You’re the reason for it in the first place.”


I explained the situation.


“I see ― it’s so like Onii to stick your head into such troublesome matters. Didn’t you want to live rationally?”

“Guh, I certainly did think of living rationally. However, after I obtained strength, I felt that it was my duty to use it for the good of the public … am I wrong?”

“Mmm, you’re not wrong. Miri has always liked that part of Onii. Well, in the past Onii didn’t have the strength to back it up so Miri only thought that you were an idiot. Miri always had to follow up for Onii.”

“ … I have no words to refute that.”


Ah, I still can’t win against Miri even after getting stronger.


“Hey hey. How did you feel when you found out that I was the reincarnation of the Demon Lord Famiris‧Raritei?”


Miri faced me to ask with a slightly nervous expression. I answered honestly without adding any lies.


“I was surprised.”

“That’s all?”

“That’s all. Even if you were the reincarnation of a Demon Lord or a Goddess, to me, Miri will always be my one and only younger sister. Can we go into more details later? Also, let Haru know yourself when you are ready. Although, her respect towards you might diminish a little seeing how the Demon Lord-sama she admired had turned into a shorty like you.”

“Ahh … so the person in the Silver Armor just now was Haurvatat?”



When I nodded, Miri hung her head like she was regretting it.


“By the way, what about the other pirates? Don’t tell me you murdered —”

“I didn’t kill them but they should be unconscious for a couple of hours.”

“Then it’s fine. I’ll apologize to them later.”


It’s not a nice way to put it but right now I don’t have the luxury to be concerned about them.


“That’s right, Miri. Wait here for a bit.”

“Eh, I don’t want to wait.”

“It’s an order from Onii-chan.”

“Mou, I’ll obey if it’s Onii orders.”

Miri obeyed after I exercised my brother authority.

“Oh right, did Miri come all the way here — with just Sheena and that wolf?”

“Erm, there’s also Norn-san and Kanon-san, the three of us. That wolf there is called Fenrir.”

“Norn and Kanon!? Norn as in that Norn from Florence and the Magic Sword Crafter Kanon!?”


I thought I mistakenly saw Norn at Port Kobe but looks like it wasn’t a mistake.

Furthermore, isn’t Fenrir a legendary magical beast? I’m surprised she got something like that to follow her.


“Yup. The two of them were helped by Onii so they helped to guide Miri all the way here. But if Kanon-san didn’t attach the sound converting function in the armor, Miri would have recognized Onii in an instant …”

“Sound conversion huh. I recall your voice returned to normal halfway through the battle.”

“I think it was probably because the magical power was depleted. She used a cheap magic stone after all.”

“I see. In any case, you’ll have to properly thank them later …”


Especially Norn since she has her own job too.


“Maybe five pieces will suffice. Miri, please call Kanon and Norn over.”


Miri nodded and,


“My World”


I opened the door to my own room.


“That’s Space-Time Magic right? It’s magic that I have never heard of before though.”

“Well, it is a unique kind of magic after all – – I’ll explain it later too.”


I entered My World.

When I entered, Haru and Carol who heard about the situation came running over.


“Ichino-sama, you’re safe.”

“Master, Miryuu-san is ——“

“I just spoke to her. I never imagined that Demon Lord Miryuu would be my younger sister Miri.”


I said with a bitter laugh.


“Eh!? Master’s younger sister!?”


Haru was shocked. She will be even more surprised once she hears that Miri is the reincarnation of Demon Lord Famiris‧Raritei but I’ll leave that to Miri to tell her.


“Ah also, it seems like Norn and Kanon are with her too.”

“I am aware of that.”

“You knew!?”

“Yes, I met Miryuu-san once at the Cat Sith village. Norn-san and Kanon-san were with her at that time too.”

“Wow … something like that happened too.”


That’s unexpected too.

Oh, so that’s why Haru tried to stop me when I said the name Miryuu.


“Well then, I’ll be calling Miri and the others over.”

“Yes, we will be waiting.”


The reason I entered this world was to ask Pionia to prepare five pieces of the permission seal.

I received them and returned.


“Eh? Only Miri?”

“Yup, Fenrir and Sheena No.3 went to get Norn-san and Kanon-san.”

“I see —— By the way, just now Miri said that we aren’t actually dead? But I’m pretty sure I died after I was kicked by that horse.”

“To be exact, you recall right until just before you were kicked right?”

“Isn’t it the same?”

“It’s totally different. After all, was there blood on Onii’s clothes?”

“ … No?”

“For me as well, if I died by burning myself in a crater then my clothes would have been burnt right? The Goddesses transfer people who are on the verge of death. Also, they intentionally make people with strong souls face death.”

“What! Doesn’t that mean we were killed by the Goddess-samas?”

“Ah, don’t misunderstand, Onii. Koshmar or Torerul most likely do not know anything. After all, those Goddesses are like a part of the system of this world, something like the furthest part from the core of the organization.”

“Goddesses treated as the furthest part of the core of the organization —— then, the person who killed us —— no, tried to kill us? Pretended to kill us? Who was it?”

“I also don’t know. Setolance and Libra probably don’t know either. It won’t be surprising if Minerva knew but the likely culprit is Tet.”



Now that I think about it, I recall seeing her statue at Belasra.

If I remember correctly, it was a girl with a bob haircut. Her figure somewhat resembled that of Pionia and Sheena.


“She is the Goddess of Life. The Mother of all living beings. Although now she is passed down as the Goddess of Safe Delivery so only pregnant women and those seeking treatment for infertility believe in her so she is currently the least prominent Goddess.”

“Perhaps it’s due to the changing of times — so it was her?”

“It’s possible that she might have changed it intentionally. The only other person who might know is Daijiro? That’s guy researches the topic of souls after all.”

“Daijiro-san huh — oh, to you, Daijiro-san is a mortal enemy from your previous life right?”

“I don’t hold a grudge towards him for that. I did wish for it and without Daijiro, I wouldn’t have been able to meet Onii.”

“The way you phrase it sounds like you are very much in love with me.”

“Yup, Miri has always loved Onii since long ago.”


A sudden unexpected confession!?


“As a younger sister.”

“I’m more blessed than I deserve.”


Or rather, it’s a given that she said it as a younger sister. I’d be troubled if she said that she loves me as a member of the opposite sex.

That was when Fenrir returned.

Riding on its back were Kanon and, with her eyes spinning in circles, Norn.

Even though it has not even been two months since I parted with Norn, it felt like it has been a long time since I seen her. Well, it’s because I’ve not had time to rest at all since coming to this world.


“It’s been a long time, Norn-san. Kanon too.”

“Ho~ Long time no see, Onii-san.”


The carsick, correction, Fenrir-sick Norn was unsteady on her feet as she raised her hand and said that.


“Seriously, I didn’t think we would meet again so soon. By the way, where’s Malina?”

” … Malina ― Ah!”


Now that I think about it, I totally forgot about Malina.


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