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(196) Self-introduction

Translator: Tseirp

It was the first time I’ve had so many people over at My World.

We had the usual members: me, Haru, Carol, Marina, and Pionia.

In addition, today we have Miri, Norm, Kanon, and Sheena. Incidentally, the seals that allow their entry to My World were pasted on inconspicuous locations on the four of them — — Malina was the only one who would paste it on an eye-catching location like her forehead.

Miri, Norn, and Kanon showed astonished expressions as they looked around their surroundings after entering My World.

“I’m sure you all have plenty you wish to ask but let’s start with some self-introductions. I’m pretty sure everyone knows me so let’s take turns to go around starting from Haru. Although I think everyone apart from Sheena knows Haru.”

“Yes, I am called Haurvatat. I am of the White Wolf race and am currently Master’s — — Ichino-sama’s slave. My job is Beast Swordsman.”

Haru smoothly introduced herself with her usual unchanging expression and sat down. Following her, Carol stood up.

“Nice to meet you. I am Carol, also Ichino-sama’s slave. I’m seventeen years old.”


Miri, Norn, and Kanon raised their voices at the same time. Well, I guessed that would definitely be the natural reaction when they first see her. Kanon had seen her before but she apparently didn’t know her age.

Carol was slightly unhappy even though it was a common occurrence.

“Ah, a Half-Mini Hume then.”

She smiled and nodded when Miri said that to herself.

“Yes. I am a Half-Mini Hume and am currently training to become a full-fledged Peddler.”

“Next will be my turn then.”

Marina stood up but,

“You are Malina Saku right?”

Miri spoke first.

“Oh, yes, that’s right …”

“The one who lived on the highest floor in the mansion and fell when chasing after a cat.” (TL: A mansion in Japan is similar to apartments in other parts of the world, not the standalone landed property.)

“Why do you know that!?”

“That’s because I was looking out the window when you fell from above. The unit you stayed in was on the highest floor of the mansion I stayed in and I’ve seen you multiple times in the elevator.”

Miri fluently explained the circumstances.

“Wait, Miri. Malina lived in the same mansion as we did? I totally don’t remember her though.”

“Yeah, it can’t be helped if Onii can’t recall. We can slowly talk about that later so let’s finish the self-introductions first.”

Then, having interrupted her, Miri prompted Marina to continue with her self-introduction.

“Muu… all right.”

Feeling dejected from having her words interrupted, Marina fired herself up again.

“That’s right. I am the Great Magician Marina! I have currently fallen into being a slave for that Ichino there but originally I was supposed to spend eternity together with my best friend Kanon there — —”

“Do it properly.”

I snatched Marina’s mask,

“Ah … hawawawa, eh, erm, I’m Malina Saku. Pleased to meet you.”

She lowered her head and quietly sat down.

“Yup yup, Malina has grown up seeing how she can introduce herself now.”

Kanon muttered happily like she was coming from the position of a mother.

“Pionia. A homunculus created by Goddess Torerul-sama, I have been tasked with the management of this world by Master Ichinojo. My recent interest is in shipbuilding.”

With that self-introduction from Pionia, our side of the introductions had ended.

Next, I urged Miri who was seated beside me to introduce herself.

“Kusunoki Miri, I am called Miryuu in this world. The younger sister of Kusunoki Ichinojo — — called Ichinojo in this world. Pleased to meet you.”

Miri went with a concise greeting.

“I am Norn. Part of the vigilante squad in Florence, I was once saved by Onii-san in the past when I was in danger so I wanted to return the favor and help guide Miri-chan to Onii-san but I wasn’t really useful … sorry.”

Even though she started cheerily, she gradually became depressed and finally sat down sadly. I wonder what exactly happened to her?

“Kanon. I guess only Pionia-san don’t know me. I am a Magic Sword Craftsman. I have an undesirable but inseparable relationship with Malina there.”

Kanon also finished her introduction and Sheena was last.

“Work Doll model number 417. Individual name, Sheena No.3. Favourite food is grapes.”

She bowed and thus all our self-introductions were over.

So, continuing on with the conversation earlier.

“Miri. Is it true that Malina lived in the same mansion as us? I totally don’t recall that.”

“It’s natural that you don’t remember. In that world, Malina was – – “

She was in mid-sentence when I lightly tapped Miri’s head.

“Don’t skip the honorifics when referring to an elder.”

“Onii’s the same, aren’t you doing it too? Malina-san is older than Onii.”

Miri complained as she rubbed the spot I tapped her.

“It’s all right for me — — at the moment I am Malina’s owner after all.”

“Then it’s fine for me too. I am the owner of her former owner.”

“ — — Eh?”

I looked towards Kanon.

Kanon laughed with an ‘Ehehe’.

“Well, I lost my bet with Miri-chan in the town of Belasra.”

Kanon said with a smile. It looked like she was Miri’s subordinate after all.

I wonder just what kind of game did they bet on?

It seems like Miri’s luck with games was still strong even in this world.

“Aren’t you troubling Kanon?”

“I am the side being troubled. If she didn’t place that strange function in the armor, I would never mistake Onii’s voice.”

Miri glared at Kanon.

So that armor’s voice changing function was the work of Kanon.

“Ha … okay, let’s return to the topic.”

“Okay. All traces of Malina … san has been erased from the world on that side. Her parent’s memories, her photos, her documents, everything. Of course, that would leave a sense of incongruity but nobody will notice it.”

“ … Seriously?”

“I told Onii right? That we are not dead. We were transported to the Goddesses right before we were about to die. Then, don’t Onii find it strange? That there wasn’t any news regarding sudden disappearances. Naturally, it is because the disappeared people leave no traces and said people didn’t exist even before the disappearance. It’s not just Malina-san. Here.”

Miri produced an album from nowhere and showed it to me.

I was speechless when I saw that album.

That’s because in that album were photos of sceneries and occasionally the photos of my parents. And originally those photos should have Miri and I in them.

“Do you understand now? There are no traces of us remaining in that world. Malina-san’s parents and we shouldn’t have any memories of her.”

“ … No … way.”

Malina had her head down and fell silent.

That information was certainly shocking.

“ … So, Miri. One more question, why did your name change to such a strange name like Miryuu?”

“Onii is the same if you’re talking of strange names. Ichinojo is also – – well, In Onii’s case, that was planned to be your real name though.”

“ … Huh?”

“You remember grandfather? In our household, it was our grandfather who named us and grandfather named Onii Ichinojo but when registering your birth, grandmother mistook the reading and you ended up as Ichinosuke.”

“So that’s what happened.”

I finally knew the episode regarding my own name which I’ve been unaware of for 20 years. So my name was mistaken.

“That’s why in Onii’s case, you are known as Ichinosuke in the family registry but your real name is Ichinojo.”

“Real name?”

“Your true name. Post-humus name. Though in this case, it is your name before your death. Think of it as a taboo. In the past, it was said that it wasn’t good for others apart from your parents know your real name.”

“ … I don’t understand.”

“To put it in simpler terms for Onii, it’s just like how ‘Solid Snake’ is to your Ichinosuke (alias) and ‘David’ is to your Ichinojo (true name).”your alias is Ichinosuke and your true name is Ichinojo, something like that?” (TL: Metal Gear Solid reference. Thanks wtrmute, deras and Soyokaze for the clarification!)

“Okay, I somehow get it now.”

I was a little perplexed to find that I understood using that analogy but in other words, my true name is, without a doubt, Ichinojo.

“So Miryuu is actually your true name too?”

“Yes, it was grandfather who named me. He said something ridiculous like he saw the potential power of an enormous dragon within the baby Miri so, in order for the child to grow splendidly, he named her future dragon (Miryuu). But apparently mother didn’t find that name cute so she only took the first two letters and it became Miri. I am seriously thankful mother had tact.”

Miri thanked our late mother.

“I see. I didn’t think of what to do after this. Let’s release the pirates for now and let them have half the fishing grounds. After that …”

I stared at Miri.

I wanted Miri to make use of this timing to tell Haru that she was the Demon Lord but she shook her head. It looked like she still didn’t intend to let her know for now.

And so, in exchange Miri,

“Hey, Onii. Since we’re already here, would you like to explore Port Kobe? Once in a while, we siblings should have some private time.”

She suggested to me.


Author’s note:

Forcibly pulled into the younger sister (Demon Lord) route?


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