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SL Chapter 5

TN changes: Herb store/drug store -> Apothecary

Chapter 5: My Slow Life will start from here

Translator: Tseirp

“He, hey, Red, are you all right!?”


Six hours had not passed yet from the time I departed.

Most people were asleep at that time but because they were looking after Tanta, everyone was still awake.


They ran over when they saw me collapse on the ground with my whole body covered in black soot.


“Doctor Newman, here’s the Bloodneedle.”

“What!? How did you do it in such a short time, or rather, those are terrible burns, what exactly happened to you …”

“These are all the harvestable Bloodneedle this year for Zoltan … I’ll go into the details another time. The medicine comes first.”

“That’s right. I’ll make it now.”


Doctor Newman took the bag containing the Bloodneedles and returned to his own clinic. For the sake of compounding the medicine.


“Red, are you all right!? I’ll get the medicine for burns right now …”

“I’m fine, it’s not as bad as it looks. I’ll go wash my body at the well. I’ll be back soon.”

“He, hey, Red!”


My physical body was not fatigued. But going at full strength did take a toll after all.


I washed my head at the well and cooled my burnt body.

There was a waning moon in the night sky when I looked up.


Even though I used all my ability, I could only gather a bag full of Bloodneedles.

The limitation of my Divine Protection. Even though I have trained my common skills to the extreme, the things I could achieve without unique skills were limited.


“It’s natural that I was kicked out …”


If that was the result of my full ability, I couldn’t possibly save the world.




I returned home and applied poultice and bandaged the places where the burns were severe before heading back to Nao’s house.


“You three should be tired from taking care of him right? All that is needed to be done until the doctor comes back is to wipe his sweat and help him drink water. I’ll switch with you all.”


The three of them were shocked when I said that as I entered the room.


“Do, don’t be a fool! You should be the one resting!”


Gonz bellowed and dragged me to the neighboring room.

Placed there was probably a hastily prepared meal.

There were soup, sandwich, and diluted wine.


“Eat, my younger sister made it just now.”

“Oi oi, you guys should prioritize looking after Tanta at this point of time.”

“Just eat it.”

“All right all right, thank you for the meal.”


Left without a choice, I sat down and started eating.

Gonz continued to stare at me.


“What’s wrong, don’t dawdle here, get back to Tanta’s side.”

“You didn’t tell me how you ended up so tattered.”

“Albert and his party’s battle with the Owl Bear caused a mountain fire. So I hurriedly scraped up all the Bloodneedles. People suffering from the White Eye Disease will increase soon and it is also needed for other medications. It can be said that Tanta’s disease came at a good timing. If it only started tomorrow, all the Bloodneedles would probably have been burnt to a crisp.”

“ … I’m really sorry that you had to go through all that to harvest the medicinal grass while I just remained carefree at home.”

“Don’t worry about it. This is Adventurers’ work after all. Furthermore … just prepare my reward.”

“Su, sure! A man won’t go back on his words! I’ll pay for it even if it takes my whole life!”


Gonz showed a wide grin.




The white turbidity in Tanta’s eyes quickly disappeared as soon as the medicine was prescribed.

It would take another week of rest and medication to completely heal but he would probably not suffer any after-effects.

Since he was already fine, Nyuman packed his tools in his bag and prepared to return home.


“Doctor, thank you very much!”

“It’s a blessing that I got the herbs so quickly. There shouldn’t be any decrease in visual acuity. It’s thanks to Red-kun. Ah, you don’t have to pay me the consultation fee, add that to Red-kun’s reward. I’ll discuss with the doctors from the other clinics about how we’ll properly utilize the precious Bloodneedle he gave to us.”


After Nyuman heard of the situation from me, he held both my hands and thanked me for harvesting the Bloodneedles.

He told me that he would pay me the harvesting fee but I rejected him.

Everything harvested by Adventurers must be sold through the Adventurers Guild. It was forbidden to perform direct trading.

Special permission was needed to trade. Selling the medicinal herbs to Nyuman there would be deemed as an illicit trade. It would be safest to trade them through official routes.


“After all, I’ll be relying on Doctor Nyuman once I fulfill my dream.”

“Your apothecary huh. Zoltan’s doctors will all be glad to have an excellent Adventurer like you run an apothecary. Let me know when you open your apothecary, I’ll probably have plenty of orders to place.”

“Thank you in advance.”



Doctors would be the frequent customers for an apothecary.

Performing a favor for them here and having them remember my name should benefit me in the future.


Nyuman once again grabbed my hand and gave me a strong handshake before he returned home.


“You’ve really saved us, please let me thank you once again.”

“Then, let’s talk about the reward while the topic is still fresh.”

“O, oh! You sure are direct!”

“Yeah, I won’t hold back. After all, I don’t hold back when it comes to what I want most.”


Gonz and the others looked nervous as I told them my desired reward.

Gonz was surprised at first but it quickly turned into a wide smile.




I sat on a bench and ate the fried sweet potato I bought from the food stall as I stared at the ceremony from afar.


On the stage, Mayor Tornado with his thick beard said words of appreciation to Albert and conferred him the Twin Swords Medal.

While the war against the Demon Lord army was intensifying in various lands, the Twin Swords Medal meant to extol meritorious deeds in the battlefield was conversely given out for the subjugation of a single Owl Bear, symbolizing the peacefulness of Zoltan which caused me to laugh.


The citizens cheered when the Twin Swords Medal was placed over Albert’s head.


“Tch, what a joke, even after they caused a mountain fire.”

“Gonz huh? What are you doing here? Even though you said you won’t be taking a break today despite always being the first to rest from work whenever there’s a celebration.”

“Idiot, like I would take a break for a celebration for those people. I came to get my lunch.”


Gonz was holding a basket of sandwiches and various fried food.

After taking a seat beside me, Gonz took out a piece of fried white fish and started eating.


“Red, in my eyes, you are a lot more respectable and awesome compared to those people.”

“Thanks but don’t worry about it. Albert is doing his best in his own way for this town.”

“Huh? That guy is?”


Albert who still retained his demeanor from the central region wasn’t well received by people from out of town like Gonz.

Even the multiple layers of formal wear famous in the capital he was wearing were only seen as sweltering and restrictive by the people from Zoltan.

But as the mayor and the wealthy like the central trend, his dressing and his behavior were well received by the upper class and it was likely done to give a good impression to the upper class.


“Well, it might just be because he has not become familiar with the frontier yet.”

“What are you talking about?”

“About Albert. Well, don’t criticise him like that. After transferring here from central, he had to fight a tough battle with an Owl Bear with a party as a B-rank adventurer. He was probably under quite considerable pressure too.”

“That might be true.”

“He’s still persevering despite that. It’s not like he set fire to the mountain just because he wanted to either.”

“I’m fine with it if Red is fine with it.”


Gonz said begrudgingly.

He meant that he wanted me … Red, to be rewarded instead but as a person who wanted to live inconspicuously, I didn’t need such attention.

After seeing Albert step off the platform, I tapped Gonz’s shoulder and bade him goodbye.


I’ll set off to harvest medicinal herbs tomorrow.

Furthermore, I would have to report the mountain fire to the guild but I had to first investigate how bad the fire was.

If I plan to set up an apothecary, I’ll have to grasp the location of the remaining medicinal herbs quicker than anybody else.


Since my dream in Zoltan was about to come true.





“That wound …”


After the ceremony, Albert was on his own after the dinner with the influential people ended when he recalled the state of the Owl Bear corpse.


“That wasn’t a wound inflicted by myself … my sword can’t have caused such an injury.”


The slash wound from the flank up to the shoulder. As if it was a slash forcibly done using a blunt edge weapon.


“By like, for example, a copper sword.”


The figure of the D-rank Adventurer he requested to guide them appeared in Albert’s mind.

The sword on that guy’s waist was … certainly a copper sword.


“There’s no way.”


Albert shook his head.

To begin with, there was no way that guy would have been at that place. Albert muttered to himself.




Four months and two days after then.

Even though it was going to be autumn soon according to the calendar, the temperature in Zoltan from the summer days still refused to go down.

The mountain still showed off its lush green foliage as if saying that it wasn’t interested in the current autumn color trend in the other parts.


The mountain fire site was already blanketed by vegetation, leaving no traces of the black charcoals.


I came to a section slightly away from the center of town.

The place was located between the residential area and the craftsmen district. It was about ten minutes walk away from the townhouse I lived in within the residential area. Naturally, that was in the walking speed of an ordinary person.


“So you’re finally here.”

“Red onii-chan! You’re so slow!”


Gonz and Tanta waved at me.

Both of them were wearing neat formal wear.

It had also been a long time since I wore formal wear loaned from the rental shop. In the past, my younger sister and I used to meet nobles and royalty often so I’ve worn formal wear before but that was the first time since I left the party.


Behind the two of them was a newly constructed building. The building wasn’t that large but it looked to have been built solidly so it gave off a sense of stability.

There was a sign set up above the front entrance.


『Adventurer Red’s Apothecary』


This was the reward I requested from Gonz.

I would pay for the materials but the workmanship would be free-of-charge. With that, the saving I had on hand was sufficient.


And today we gathered to celebrate the successful completion of the building.


“Everyone is waiting for you so that we can start our meal, quickly quickly.”



Tanta pulled on my hand as I was overcome with emotions when I saw the sign.

Inside the shop, Gonz and his carpenters, the Adventurers Guild staffs, Doctor Nyuman, and other people I was close to in Zoltan, adding up to about 20 people have gathered and been waiting for me.


“Ooo the VIP is here.”

“Looks like Red-san has also gotten used to Zoltan timing.”


I was sorting out the herbs for the sake of tomorrow’s grand opening and inadvertently lost track of time.

In the capital, it would be a serious problem if the host was late but here in Zoltan, it was swept under the rug with just a joke.

I thanked the people who had gathered while scratching my head and started the dinner party.


“Today’s meal was made by mom and her friends!”


Tanta boasted about his mother’s cooking like he was the one who made it. He smiled happily with a “Right?” when told that it was delicious.


There was no after effects remaining from Tanta’s White Eye Disease.

He helped Gonz and his father while smiling brightly like before with his eyes sparkling like a usual youngster.

Doctor Nyuman commented that it was great that the medication was administered swiftly and thanked me.


“I think I’ve sent in an order sheet but did you receive it?”

“Yeah, I will deliver it to you as soon as possible tomorrow evening.”


Doctor Nyuman was my first customer.

He promised me that he would order the medicinal herbs he lacks on a regular basis.

He even put in a good word for me when I registered my apothecary business with the Merchant Guild and they actually waived the interest and first-year membership fee when I borrowed start-up funds from the Merchant Guild.

I was thankful for that since even though I didn’t have to pay for the workmanship, most of my savings was spent on paying for the materials.

I no longer had to worry if my business permit would be withdrawn when I fail to pay the guild membership fees during my first year.


It was a great first step.


“Oi~ Do you have any aspirations or what not?”


Gonz called out to me.

Aspirations huh … I can’t say any if you ask me so suddenly.

But as everyone’s focus was on me, I had to say something.


“Eh – let me see …”


I wanted to put together my thoughts but I decided to stop.

I should stop putting up appearances. I was no longer a Knight after all.


“Thank you, everyone, for helping me fulfill my dream. But I wish to enjoy my time leisurely and run my apothecary without pushing myself. Especially for hot days like today, I want to drink something like cold tea and have a leisurely chat with everyone. That’s why, even after the shop starts business, please feel free to drop by for a chat.”


Everyone laughed and gave resounding claps.

Thus, my apothecary slow life in Zoltan began.


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