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(199) Younger sister route 3

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I continued my reveal and told Miri my ability to freely change my jobs.


“I can change Miri’s job from Demon Lord, what do you think?”

“Hn —, other people can only see the first job is it?”

“Hn? Yeah, that’s right.”

“Then, could you make Miri’s first job Commoner and second job Demon Lord?”


Ah, we could do that too.

Even if we form a party with Haru and the others and allow them to see her status, the fact that she is the Demon Lord won’t be revealed.

In a sense, the Status Fabrication skill could hide the truth but it was possible that there were skills capable of seeing through it.


“Eh? Are you sure you don’t want to put Herbalist?”

“Yeah. My blessing is the Study of Medicine so I can make any kind of medicine as long as I have the materials for it. Onii can rely on Miri anytime if you get some strange disease.”

“Then you can make Mana Potions if you have Mana Grass?”

“I’ll need water as well but yes I can make them. About one for every stalk.”


Miri claimed and patted her chest.

Able to concoct all medicine, that certainly is a cheat skill.

Moreover, it is quite a considerable cheat skill that paves way to the royal road of success.


“That’s right, Onii. Would you like to make a living by selling medicine together? Miri will make the medicine, Onii can sell them.”

“That’s an attractive suggestion but — —”


Just as I was about to tell her my goal of traveling to Mallegory, there was a knock on the door.

Or rather it wasn’t just a knock, it sounded quite violent.


“Eh? Doesn’t Onii’s Silent Room eliminate all sounds?”

“I set it such that the coverage just barely excludes the door. So that we would notice if there was a knock on the door.”


Since I got into serious trouble previously when I forgot to do so.

Leaving that aside, I wonder what’s wrong?

We still have plenty of usage time remaining for the private room and, in the first place, the guild staff won’t knock so violently.


I cautioned Miri and dispelled the Silent Room.


“ – – ease, please help!”


The desperate plea which sounded like it came from a young girl made me inadvertently open the door.

When I did that, a girl younger than Miri, about five years old, entered the room and circle around my back.

And chasing after that girl was the receptionist who processed our request just now.

I thought she committed some crime but that didn’t seem to be the case.


“I’m sorry, patrons — —”


The receptionist bowed and apologized to us.


“It’s okay, let me know what’s happening.”

“Onii-san, you’re an Adventurer right! Please save my mother!”


“That child came to the Adventurers Guild to put in a medicinal herb harvest request but the harvest target is the Kiriri grass.”

“Kiriri grass? Might the child’s mother be suffering from petrification disease?”

“Petrification disease?”

“A disease that will cause the whole body solidify like stone. The problem is that, unlike the petrification status abnormality, it is a genetic disease. That’s why it cannot be treated using Cure.”


Miri explained. Apparently in the past an Herbalist invented a medicine that would allow one to harden one’s body and using it would temporarily make their body as tough as stone and it gave birth to unparalleled warriors in hand-to-hand combat.

However, that medicine had a fatal flaw. In rare cases, their children or grandchildren may develop a strange disease that will turn their bodies into stone and ultimately become immobile. After that was discovered, the usage of that medicine was banned but even now, very rarely, there would be people who develop the disease. And once the Petrification disease develops, the patient will not recover naturally. If left alone, all that awaited was certain death.

Kiriri grass was apparently the material for the wonder drug to treat it.

Despite all that, even if there was Kiriri grass, there apparently wasn’t many Herbalist capable of concocting that wonder drug.


“Yes. The Kiriri grass can be found within a certain labyrinth on a small island three hours boat ride to the east but it is a terribly dangerous location and ordinary people cannot identify the grass so the reward for the harvest request has to be high. However, the money this child has doesn’t even fulfil 10% of it – -”


The rejected young girl apparently went around the Adventurers Guild requesting all the Adventurers individually but it seems like offering individual requests within the Adventurers Guild was not allowed so she was chased by the receptionist and ultimately came to the private room to seek help.


“… Is it forbidden to directly offer requests to Adventurers?”

“The Adventurers Guild is an association where Adventurers aid each other but it is not a volunteer service. The guild is run by the fees from the usage of private rooms like these or through the commissions from requests. Those commissions won’t enter the Adventurers Guild if personal requests are allowed right? Moreover, the Adventurers Guild will not accept requests with rewards below the market rate. After all, the Adventurers Guild started off as an association to prevent the beating down of price of materials stripped or collected from monsters.”


Now that I think about it, I recall hearing about that in Florence.

But if nobody accepted this child’s request, all that awaited the child’s mother was death.


“Miri …”

“Onii, we can’t. The receptionist is correct and in actual fact, this is a daily occurrence in this world. Does Onii plan to help everyone you meet? Onii’s body won’t last if you do that.”

“That’s true, I won’t last if I help everyone I meet.”


I smiled wryly. At the same time, I separated the girl’s hand grasping the side of my pants.


“But, that is only if I don’t have the strength to do so. Unfortunately, I have the strength to help. Furthermore, I am not an Adventurer so there’s no problems with accepting this request right?”


I patted the girl’s head twice.


“You’ll accept the request?”

“Yeah. Leave it to me … this is fine right?”


I asked the receptionist and he looked down and thought about something before nodding.


“Originally, in this case, I would not be able to allow your temporary transfer to Miryuu-sama’s party but this time, the guild is completely unaware of this dealing.”


The receptionist folded. It seemed like the receptionist also sympathized with the girl.


“All right. I’ll go too.”


Miri grabbed my hand while showing like she gave up.


“That’s right, then with everyone – -”

“Onii. Today is supposed to be my date with you. We’ll go with just the two of us.”

“But, the labyrinth clear bonus – -”

“Onii. Once you harvest the Kiriri grass, who will concoct it?”


… Uu, it’s true that only Miri can compound the Kiriri grass.

Since that is the case, I shouldn’t ruin Miri’s mood and we should travel with just the two of us. Furthermore, I promised Miri to stroll the city together so since I was ruining that plan, I’ll have to make it for it by going on a labyrinth clear with her — —


“Yeah, I’ll redeem my fault of reneging on my promise with Miri tomorrow by going with Miri to the labyrinth.”


I said in advance.

Sheesh, brothers who have younger sisters seriously have it hard.


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