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Chapter 200!! Thank you all my readers for sticking with me for this awesome webnovel and leaving your comments :) Enjoy!

(200) To the very limits

Translator: Tseirp


Hallock was trembling in fear as he glanced repeatedly in my … or rather, in Miri’s direction.

It looked like he was terrified.


Miri and I were on a boat heading towards a small island to the northeast of Port Kobe where the labyrinth was at but since operating a boat with just the two of us would require too much effort, I asked Hallock and the others to steer the ship for us. Hallock’s expression at that moment was as if a frog watched by a serpent — like a goblin watched by a Dragon.

“Ooo, so this is Onii’s ship. It looks like a splendid sailing ship — ah, but the ship I saw there was a lot larger.”

Miri recalled the sailing ship she saw within My World as she commented.

“It’s because shipbuilding seems to be Pionia’s current obsession. Previously she was addicted to making wine too so she’s a homunculus with energetic creative impulses.”

I smiled wryly and stared at the ocean.

Miri pressed down on her hair so that her twin-tail wouldn’t sway with the wind as she stared at the ocean with me.

In any event, the ocean appeared the same regardless of whether it’s from Japan or the Otherworld. Also, maybe because Miri was beside me? Unlike when Carol was beside me, I almost fell into the illusion that I was really looking at the ocean in Japan. Even though there’s no way that could happen.

“Onii, you’re thinking about Japan again right?”

“Hn? Well … yeah.”

I commented in my heart, ‘I was seen through’ as I nodded.

After a short while, I saw an island appear in the distance.

“Excuse me, esteemed masters. There are many reefs ahead and sailing ships can’t go nearer so please switch to the small boat. Of course, we will row the boat for you.”

Hallock said.

“It’s okay, we can row it on our own —”

“Ah, if it’s just there, we can transfer there using transfer magic. You guys can return to the harbor.”

Miri grabbed my arm and —

“Wait, Miri.”

I tried to warn her but,


She already cast the spell.


In an instant, the view in front of me changed.

I surveyed my surroundings and I saw my sailing ship in the distance.

It seemed like Miri’s warp worked.

“What’s wrong?”

“No, it’s nothing.”

In actual fact, previously when I utilized a transfer circle, I was sent to an abandoned island to the south so I was worried that the same thing would occur with Miri’s warp but it seems like it was a needless worry.

“Okay, Onii, use this.”

Miri took out a gem from her item bag.

“What’s this?”

“It’s called a skill book, an item that can let you learn a skill. Reading this would let you acquire the Stone Head skill. It’s a skill that raises your head defense drastically.”

“Ooh … there are such convenient items. So it’s a skill book even though it’s a gem.”

If Koshmar-sama’s explanation on how this world’s system was reflected in Japanese games was to be trusted, it wouldn’t be strange for there to be such magic tools often seen in games. Just like the TM in Pokemon.

“But what kind of skill is Stone Head? I’m guessing it isn’t a skill that will make one stubborn right?” (TL: The word ‘Stone head’ refers to a hard-headed, obstinate/stubborn person in Japanese)

“Nope, it’s a skill that raises the defensive strength of your head by a lot. It doesn’t affect the defensive strength of your entire body so it won’t be reflected in your status but a normal person would be fine even if he’s beaten on the head with a log. With Onii’s status, most likely you’ll be fine even if somebody slashes down on your head with an iron sword?”

“That much!? That already goes beyond the realm of just stone head.”

It’s iron head.

“But, Miri should use it then.”

“No no, Miri’s danger perception ability stands well above the rest so there’s no need. Surprise attacks and such won’t work on me at all.”

She said proudly.

“Then I am the same —”

“Even though you were kicked in the head by rampaging horses and sent to this world?”

… I have no comebacks if you put it that way.

But … just as I was thinking about how to reply,

“I’ll be fine since I have this.”

Miri took out a yellow helmet with ‘Safety First’ written on it. Furthermore, there was even a headlight carefully affixed to it. Just what kind of mining site did she steal it from?

“I bought all kinds of items before coming to this world. Ah, I even have Sukiyaki ice cream. Want to eat?”

From the void, Miri took out the nostalgic strange ice cream. Just by looking at it, I could taste the sugary soy sauce frozen meat flavor in my mouth. The frost on the container showed that it was frozen.

It seemed to be the dimensional storage of Space-time Magic but looks like it stopped time just like an item bag.

It gave the image that it was an enhanced version of the item box as you can deposit items in and extract items out without chanting the spell name. Furthermore, it could even house living animals.

“You didn’t make Norn-san or Kannon eat that right?”

“Well … those two could not understand Miri’s taste.”

Miri said with regret. Looks like she made them eat it — or rather, she tried to make them eat it.

Even I who grew up along with her couldn’t understand Miri’s taste in food so there’s no way the two of them would understand.

” … Hey, this, Miri should use it after all.”

“If Onii doesn’t use it, I will crush it on the spot.”

Miri took out a hammer.

“All right, I’ll use it so don’t be hasty!”

Miri was the type to actually do it instead of just threaten to do it so I had no choice and thanked her.

“And so, how should I use it?”

“Touch the skill book to your forehead and say the name of the skill.”

I see.

I placed the gem on my forehead,

“Stone Head.”

And chanted. Upon doing so, the gem on my forehead glowed.

【Skill Book skill: Stone Head acquired】

At the same time as the system message flowed through my head, the skill book in my hand turned to dust in an instant and drifted to the sea along with the wind.

I wasn’t surprised as I expected it to be a single-use item but wasn’t that littering on the sea?

“Miri, I learned Stone Head.”


Miri suddenly swung a wooden sword that could be bought from any souvenir store — or rather, it was the one I bought during my middle school excursion, on my head.

When the wooden sword struck my head squarely, it gave a resounding crack and split cleanly in half.

I totally didn’t feel any pain on my head.

The Stone Head skill sure is amazing.

“Wait, what are you doing all of the sudden!”

“Don’t fret it. Oh, if you suffer from an extremely strong hit, even though your head will be fine, you will still suffer from whiplash so be careful. But if it’s that strong, your head will probably be sent flying anyway.”

“Don’t try it if you already know that! Ah, my wooden sword.”

I lamented as I looked at the broken wooden sword.

I picked up the wooden sword and looked behind.

There were a stone shrine and a staircase leading to the basement.

” … Let’s hurry up and go down to harvest the Kiriri grass and go home.”

“Yup. What jobs will Onii take? The enemies are at an intermediate level so Onii should be able to win easily. If push comes to shove, I can follow up too.”

“I see. If that’s the case …”


I changed my jobs.


【Jobless Lv99 Light Magician Lv1 Dark Magician Lv1 Sword Saint Lv1 Pugilist Lv60★】


Putting Pugilist in was to ensure a safety margin. I placed the other jobs so that I could raise their job levels.

Miri nodded when I explained to her.

“Yup, I think it’s good to have a balance but the Pugilist level would be wasted.”

“That can’t be helped.”

“In that case, Onii can take this medicine!”

Miri took out a small bottle from her item bag.

It was a red viper drink.

” … Ah, oops, wrong bottle.”

“Don’t make such a mistake!”

Why was a girl of her age carrying around a red viper drink anyway?

“This is the one.”

Miri took out a medicine bottle.

Lipovitamin A, isn’t that a supplement?

“Ah, the content is a medicine Miri made. It’s a Limit Breakthrough Medicine!”

“Limit Breakthrough Medicine?”

“That’s right. Even if your job reaches the peak, you can drink this if you wish to become even stronger. For example, the limit of Demon Lord is Lv99 but upon drinking this, the maximum can be raised by 10 times, to Lv990. Of course, the required experience value will reach insane amounts though. Furthermore, if you want to make this as a Herbalist, you must first raise your Herbalist level to Lv200. Even though the Herbalist level limit is Lv40. It’s pretty contradictory right? It can’t be made unless you have the Study of Medicine Divine Blessing. Well, the Limit Breakthrough Medicine can appear as the labyrinth clear bonus in extremely rare cases so it’s not absolutely impossible to obtain.”

” … Are you sure I can drink this?”

“Yup, it’s fine. I can obtain the ingredients fairly easily — or rather, there is no Herbalist who is capable of using them as ingredients so they are normally treated as weeds. Well, I guarantee the taste.”

I can’t trust Miri’s guarantee for taste.

I thought to myself as I drank the medicine.

“How is it?”

“Hn — it’s weird. It certainly doesn’t taste bad but I wouldn’t want to drink it every day.”

“Then, what about your job level?”

I was reminded to check when she said that.

The medicine would definitely be effective since Miri made it but the problem was that Pugilist was my fifth job after all.

I wonder if it would have an effect …

【Jobless Lv99 Light Magician Lv1 Dark Magician Lv1 Sword Saint Lv1 Pugilist Lv60】

Ah, the star mark had disappeared.

It looked like it didn’t have an effect on my other jobs that I didn’t set as my current jobs.

“Maybe next time I should try drinking it when I have four maxed out jobs set.”

“Yup, I guess — Also, once your Jobless level reaches its limit, you can use this to further raise your level.”

Miri smoothly said a terrifying concept.

Eh? Then, if the level limit for Jobless was Lv100, then wouldn’t it change it to Lv1000?

Then, to reach the level limit, how many decades, or rather, how many centuries would I need?

… It looks like I really won’t be able to quit from being Jobless.


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