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Chapter 248: Infiltrating the Imperial Capital

Translator: Tseirp

After Fornoir brilliantly slaughtered the Winged Dragon Squadron from the Empire, she still detected the presence of monsters and we remained in the sky but perhaps the monsters didn’t have the means to attack us, we didn’t encounter any battles until we could see the Imperial Capital.

To be honest, we were lucky that we could avoid battle.


“Fornoir, we’re about to reach the Imperial Capital so let’s return to where everyone else is.”

『All right … but there’s something bothering me.』

Fornoir looked into the distance at the Imperial Capital and spoke to me telepathically.

“What do you mean?”

『I’ve been investigating the situation of that town since just now but I apparently can’t pick up any signs of presence or magical power.』

“No presence or magical power? Does that mean there is a barrier set up?”

『Yes. Since we’re already this nearby … it is possible that there is a barrier encompassing that town.』

With Fornoir’s current condition as a Pegasus, she should have quite a considerable ability in detecting the enemy.

Despite that, the fact that she couldn’t sense anything meant that there was probably a relatively strong barrier.


“That’s troublesome. It would be all right if there wasn’t anything set up but … I wonder if we will be fine if we fly through it like this?”

『Hmm. I think we will be able to pass through the barrier itself with no problems but it will definitely trigger something. After all, I can’t see a single soldier protecting the outer wall. Although there is a chance that they are just hiding …』

“Can’t perceive any enemies and not seeing a single soldier … hmm, it certainly is strange. Even if it is early morning before dawn, it’s impossible that there would be no lookouts.”

Monsters would often appear in this country. Normally, it would be unthinkable for there to be no soldiers defending the country.

Perhaps His Highness and his entourage have already infiltrated and caused a commotion? No, even they won’t do something so stupid.

Furthermore, Mr. Bazak was with them so they should be able to overcome most of the obstacles.

In that case, either they have extremely low quality and weak security or they have read our movements and have prepared a trap for us.

『Either the leadership of the Imperial Soldiers is not united or it might be a trap.』

It seemed like Fornoir had the same opinion on the matter as I did.

“We’ll have to be cautious. Well, I hope that His Highness and his followers successfully infiltrated into the ranks of the Imperial Capital guards.”

『… Then are you sure you want to enter the ship? We can just continue forward like this and go wild.』

“I’ll pass on that. I am aware of Fornoir’s ability but this is not a war to annihilate the other party. Moreover, that would be fine if we can slowly lower the Flying Ship into the Imperial Capital but since it is too uncertain now, I would prefer to fly together with everyone.”

『I see. I understand.』

Fornoir replied and leaped from the Flying Ship to enter the exit lift.


『Call on me again whenever you need me.』

Fornoir suppressed her power and turned back into a horse before she returned to the Hermit’s Stable.

“Fornoir is truly a reliable partner who respects my thoughts. Next time, I will try to fulfill any wish she may have if it is within my capabilities.”

I muttered to myself and immediately started walking towards the control room.


“I’m back. Eh, what’s wrong?”

When I entered the control room, everyone’s gaze gathered on me.

“Don’t what’s wrong us. What was that horse? Annihilating the Winged Dragons in an instant … thanks to it we lost the chance to shoot the magic cannons.”

But unexpectedly, Dolan had quite a joyful expression on his face.

“Ah~ that’s right. I also didn’t think that Fornoir would be that strong.”

I somehow laughed when I replied so.

“Kukuku. I see, there’s no helping it then. So, should I continue moving the Flying Ship forward like this?”

“Yes. However, Fornoir told me that she couldn’t perceive any presence or magical power so there appears to be a barrier set up around the Imperial Capital. It might be an ambush so when we descend, I would like everyone to jump off the Flying Ship together.”


” … Lu, Luciel-sama, will we really be fine jumping off from such a height?”

Kefin spoke out.

On the surface, he seemed normal but I could faintly see that he was a little nervous.

Maybe, like dogs, he was weak when it came to heights.

A fear of heights is a fundamental instinct after all.

“I will make sure everyone land safely even if I have to expend all my magical power so don’t worry.”

” … It’s okay, I’m sorry for acting unbefitting.”

Kefin made a firm expression and forced a smile as he said that and lowered his head.

It was so amusing that I laughed out loud.

“Haha. I’ll be relying on you when we land. Arrows and spells might fly at us from all directions the moment we land. Help me take care of the enemies.”



“It’s true that there have been instances when His Highness was careless so I’m worried nya.”

“His Highness has certainly messed out multiple times in the past so I’m worried.”

Cathy and Lionel said terrifying comments with a straight face but it seemed like their words held credibility.


” … Well, we’re invading with the assumption that they have been captured. By the way, is it normal for the Winged Dragon Squadron to patrol around this timing?”

” … No, back in our days, their main task was to perform reconnaissance so they almost never do so at this timing.”

” … Do you think they discovered our movements? To be honest, I think it’s out of the bag. Nevertheless, with everyone here, I think this plan will still succeed.”

“I’ll protect Luciel-sama no matter what happens.”

I guess they knew beforehand that we would be coming? In that case, there’s a high possibility that we would be targeted the moment we descended.

Furthermore, it would likely be an assassination without any questions asked … if it’s an extremely wary opponent, they would probably not hesitate regardless if they see a human or a demon.

After all, that is the fighting style of the weak, including myself.

In order to reverse that, I have to borrow the strength of everyone here but it’s a joyful thing to be relied on as well so I should work hard too.


“Yeah, I’ll be relying on you. I promise to settle the slave business that Estia was caught in after everything is over.”

“Yes. Luciel-sama, thank you.”

“Dolan, be ready to pick us up.”

“Leave it to me.”

“Paula’s not here? Then, Rician, please support us using the golem.”

“Yes. Understood.”

“Nadia, Lydia, protect the ship.”


“Ryina and Nanya, listen carefully to every of Dolan’s instructions and fire the magic cannons. Bear in mind that they consume quite a number of magic stones though.”

“Uu, un, understood.” “Ye, yes.”

It would be disastrous if, while the Flying Ship was moving in the air using magical power, that the magic stones were fully used up from firing too much so I wanted to warn them but the two of them quickly nodded.

Even though they went to town with their test firings, I’m sure Dolan would make sure that they knew that actual combat was different from trials.

“Then, it’s time to begin.”


“Dolan, I’ll leave you in charge here.”

“Ou, make sure to come back alive.”



After that conversation, the lineup of members infiltrating the Imperial Capital gathered at the lift.

“Everyone, hold hands, I will be flying us directly to the center of the Imperial Capital and I’ll leave it to Cathy for the directions.”

“Understood nya.”

“Then let’s go. 『Wind Dragon, become my wings to fly freely in the sky.』

As expected, the weight of five people was a little heavy as we didn’t float up as quickly as imagined.

Nevertheless, our bodies gradually levitated and everyone was in the air together.

“While free-falling, I will reduce the speed and move. Please believe in me.”

Everyone just nodded in reply and flew off together.

At that instant, I felt a weight as if somebody was hugging me but I focused my consciousness on flying and followed Cathy’s instructions to gradually lower us.

And after free-falling for approximately three minutes, we safely landed in the center of the Imperial Capital —.

『— Wind Dragon, become a wind barrier that blocks everything.』

I cast the Wind Barrier the same time we landed. And the next instant, arrows and magic flew at us all at once.

All those arrows and spells were swallowed up by a vortex of wind.

“As predicted, they were on the lookout for us. Lionel, protect me, the other three of you, annihilate them as usual.”


When everyone set off together, I heard a voice from my back.

“Luciel, where’s the golem?”

“…… !?”

I finally realized the weight on me when I heard the voice.

Even though I couldn’t feel her through the armor I was wearing, Paula was stuck to my back.


“What are you doing?”

“You ordered to shoot the Empire using the magic cannon. However, I wish to retaliate with my own hands against the Empire responsible for creating the reason that robbed grandpa of his arms. Please.”

Paula unusually bowed to me for a long time.

If I rejected her request, she probably wouldn’t have followed me to the Empire.

Putting that into thought, I gave instructions to Paula.

“It can’t be helped as you have already tagged along. The lecture can wait till later. We still don’t need the golem. But be on standby so that we can call upon it anytime. I might need you to destroy the gate you see in the distance which connects to the castle.”


Paula looked a little dissatisfied but she still nodded.

While I was preoccupied, the rain of attacks had stopped without me noticing.

When I dispelled the Wind Barrier, Lionel and the others returned.

“You’ve already suppressed them?”

“No, there seemed to not be any demons and after fighting against a few, they realized that I was attacking and they started dropping their weapons.”

“There were people among the enemy soldiers who called out Lionel-sama nya.”

While Lionel was at a loss, Cathy happily gave her report.

“What now?”

“We’ll gather everyone who attacked us so please instruct them.”

“Sigh, it looks like I’ve been caught up in something troublesome.”


Lionel gave a splendid smile as he shook all the responsibility to me when a voice addressed us.

“Luciel-dono, Lionel-sensei, please help.”

When we turned to the source of the voice, we saw His Highness tied up with rope.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.


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