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Chapter 250: Sparing

Translator: Tseirp


Melfina-san and Mr. Bazak were supposed to be His Highness Albert’s aides but the two of them referred to each other with names that we were unfamiliar with.


“May I?”

“What is it? Begging for your life?”

Mr. Bazak had a vulgar smile on his face and it seemed like he already felt that he had won.

Melfina-san was also calm and didn’t seem like she was worried about us.

But that’s when somebody got in the way.

“Melfina, I don’t get what you guys are saying but quickly come and get this rope off.”

His Highness shouted loudly.

I really wanted him to read the air but Melfina-san looked towards His Highness and smiled.

Does she still retain her consciousness? I thought for a moment but I was fooled.

“Ahahaha. Your favorite obedient Melfina-chan is gone. Moreover, she has always been disgusted with Your Highness since a long time back~ So, why don’t you die for us?”

It was as if there was a 180 degrees transformation in her manner of speech and even her posture was slightly risqué so she gave off a completely different air even though she looked exactly like Melfina-san.

Most of it was directed at His Highness so although he was shocked by Melfina-san’s words, he now understood the situation quite clearly.

“Idiot. He still has his uses so don’t kill him.”

Mr. Bazak didn’t even use His Highness as a hostage as he ordered Melfina-san to attack us.

“Eh~ Isn’t it fine. That expression he’s making makes me all tingly.”

“No. You can target those guys if you want to kill so badly.”

“Don’t you give me orders. Ha~ well, fine.”

Melfina turned towards us and her magical power rose in an instant before she shot a spell at us … and was caught in an explosion.

That’s right. It was Melfina who was caught in it, not us.


“I somehow made it.”

“Luciel-sama, you erected a barrier!?”

Lionel asked with a shocked expression.


“Yeah. It looked like fighting them would be troublesome and I already cast Sanctuary Barrier on His Highness and Mr. Bazak. I barely made it in time.”

I wouldn’t have had to expend that much magical power if His Highness Albert didn’t shout at them but I was relieved that it at least didn’t result in a fight.

“What! … But it didn’t seem like Melfina noticed the Sanctuary Barrier?”

“Yeah. Using Darkness Magic that I just learned, I coated a thin film on the inside of the barrier. In addition, she apparently wasn’t used to the body yet so I thought that she wouldn’t have sensed anything even if she felt a slight dip in her physical condition.”

It was a kind of a bet but that was the new spell I invented with Estia and Lydie when we were exploring the possibilities of magic.


“Then, what about Bazak?”

“That guy is still human. He isn’t a demon.”

Mr. Bazak who had a vulgar smile on his face since before now had a frozen expression.

“Why — !! Luciel-dono should be capable of restoring Melfina’s sanity. Why did you …”

His Highness Albert glared at me but it looked like nothing I said then would work.

I addressed Mr. Bazak as I activated magic on Melfina-san who I defeated inside the barrier.

“Now then, let’s continue our conversation. Where is the real Mr. Bazak? Since you are not a demon, I’m guessing you’re not possessed by a demon either?”

After I asked that, his rigid expression slowly relaxed.

Then, Mr. Bazak muttered as if talking to himself.

“That guy is already dead. Correction, I already killed him.”

I understood that the Mr. Bazak in front of us was a fake as he announced that he killed the original Mr. Bazak.

However, to me, he was the only Mr. Bazak I’ve met so it didn’t have much impact on me and I moved on to the next question.


“I see. Incidentally, I believe you were the one who spread the information which caused us to encounter the five-man demon squad as well as the Winged Dragon Squad right?”

” … Well, yeah. In order to prevent you guys from impeding Cloud-sama, I wanted you guys to die but those guys are useless.”

He shook his head in disdain.

Looking at him act that way, there was something I was absolutely curious about.

“By the way, I’ve been wondering why did you not become a demon?”

“There’s no helping it since I had to infiltrate the enemy ranks. Furthermore, there’s no way I would gamble my life on an experiment with a 80% death rate.”

Perhaps I touched a sore spot as Mr. Bazak strongly asserted the demerit to demonization but it didn’t seem like he was going to attack us.

“Well, I have asked what I wanted to ask. Lionel, what do we do with him?”

“He’ll be nothing but harm if we leave him be so the most effective choice would be to knock him unconscious.”

“I see. I leave that to you Estia.”


Estia closed the ten plus meter distance between them in an instant and touched Mr. Bazak’s head. He didn’t resist at all and collapsed on the spot.

While feeling impressed with her skill, the other soldiers were also organized just as discussed with Lionel previously.

Then, I walked towards Melfina-san.


Firstly, Melfina-san was not dead yet.

She seemed to be unconscious but there was a possibility that she was pretending.

“I thought that it would have been a lot worst considering how she self-destructed but is the vitality of the demons so strong? More importantly …”

Until that point, my triple-combination of Dispel, Recover and Purification had never failed to dispel demonization.

However, Melfina-san’s demonization wasn’t dispelled.

“Perhaps like how she displayed a separate personality just now, she might not have turned into a demon completely.”

Kefin came over and said what I had in mind but I didn’t have much time left to save her.

It was honestly because maintaining Sanctuary Barrier continuously expends magical power.

“Well, I promised Lionel after all and it would be troublesome when His Highness would kick up a fuss after he is released so I’ll give it a try.”

Just as I started chanting.

“Stop — ”

Of all things, His Highness misunderstood my intentions and came rushing over.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.


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