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GC V8C204

(204) The peak of Jobless

Translator: Tseirp


“Eh, Miri. Are there actually even eels(Unagi) in this world? If it’s rabbits (Usagi) then I’ve killed them the moment I came into this world though.”

“There are. There are even regular eels apart from those that are monsters. Wait, Onii, you killed rabbits? Near Florence?”

Miri raised her voice in surprise. True, I never would have thought of killing rabbits when I was in Japan. Especially since Miri liked rabbits. To the point that she even had a rabbit headband.

“Nn … yeah. At that time, I desperately followed what was written in Daijiro-san’s note after all.”

According to Daijiro-san’s note, the pelt could be sold so it was better to hunt them if I could.

However, if I didn’t defeat the rabbit at that time, my Jobless wouldn’t have leveled up and I would have changed job to Commoner like everyone else.

“Leaving that aside, there are eels, eels you know. I see, there are eels in this world too … then I can breed them … no, breeding is impossible huh. Furthermore, if they are dungeon monsters, they would disappear once they are defeated.”

“It’s impossible to breed them. In the first place, it’s difficult to raise them even if we have their eggs. Well, in the past in the Demon Lord Castle we captured juvenile fish and raised them via aquaculture. But defeating the eels would drop a large fillet so I think it’s fine if we just eat that? I let a Japanese who transferred to this world about 150 years ago that stayed at the Demon Lord Castle try it and he commented that it tasted as delicious as the eel from Edo.”

“I see … then I have great expectations for it.”

I was already salivating. I didn’t think I would be able to eat eel in this world.

“Miri, I have a question.”

“Charcoal, earthen charcoal grill, skewers and grandma’s secret sauce, I have them all here.”

“As expected of Miri! Perfect.”

I inadvertently gave Miri a hug.

To think she even brought grandma’s secret sauce. I thought that I at most had to resort to mirin and soy sauce.

It’s already perfect.

“Because I love the eel kabayaki that Onii makes too.”

“Very good, I’ll let Miri have the best piece! Let’s go!”

I opened the door to the boss room.

Just opening the door didn’t start the boss fight.

The battle only began when we entered the door.


That’s why Adventurers could verify the appearance of the boss in the boss room before entering.

Floating there was a blue eel with huge stature. It was 20 times the size of an ordinary eel, it looked more like an enormous snake. It was moving its body vigorously.

It’s lively.

“Hn, it’s gross after all. Onii, let’s defeat it with magic from afar.”

I thought I heard Miri say something but my body moved unconsciously.

“Ice! Ice! Ice! Boost Ice!”

I released Ice Magic.

“Onii, what are you doing!?”

Miri raised a shocked voice.

That’s because I sent the Ice Magic not at the blue eel but at the surrounding walls and the ceiling.

At first glance, that action seemed meaningless but Miri could see the unexpected effects immediately.

The blue eel’s movements became dull.

“I see … it’s still a poikilotherm even as a monster … but that looks like a tremendous waste of MP.” (TL: Poikilotherm = Animal whose internal temperature varies considerably according to the ambient environmental temperature)

Miri muttered but I sliced the neck of the blue eel flying in front of me.

“You did it!”

Miri cried out but I unconsciously pulled my sword away when I reached the middle bone of the eel before landing and then leaping back and throwing my sword.

The eel was still alive.

“Excellent, here I come! Right on target!”

I threw my sword like I was chanting a skill.

The thrown sword stabbed into the eel’s jaw and fixed it onto the ice that formed on the wall.

Great, once it has been fixed, all I have to do is make an incision from the cut at the head and cut open the torso from above the middle bone ―

“Eh? The eel …”

The eel disappeared before I knew it and there was a sliced open eel left on the ice. All that was left was to dip it in sauce and grill it.

The eel portion was five times larger than normal but there wasn’t much if everyone ate it.

I wanted to defeat another two or three more but the back door opened on its own.

【Ichinojo Leveled up】

Ah, there was all kinds of level ups but that doesn’t matter now.

“Miri, what is the respawn time for the eel here?”

“It’s three days. We shouldn’t wait for it.”

” … I see.”

As expected, even I won’t wait for three days just to eat it.

“The eel being here meant that those guys from the Church didn’t defeat the boss. Onii, did you level up?”

“Hn? I did get the level up system message but it flowed too fast and I couldn’t catch it.”

“Then you could look at the log?”


There’s a log? A written record?

“Sheesh. No matter how game-like this world is, there’s no way we can see a log of the system message right?”

“Eh? You can’t?”

“You can’t.”

“Even if you chant Log Playback?”

“Even if you chant Log Playback … eh? Log Playback?’

I’ve never heard of that before.

It wasn’t written in Daijiro-san’s note.

” … Log Playback.”

I chanted.

【Sword Saint skill: 「Sword of Creation」acquired】

“It’s true, it sounds a little slow but it played it back!”

“Looks like you really didn’t know. Well, it certainly wasn’t written in Daijiro’s note so I was wondering if you didn’t know.”

Miri said with a laugh.

Nevertheless, I was lucky that I was taught how to listen to the system message once again the one time I actually missed it.

Either way, I could also see it with a glance if I opened my status page even if I missed the system message.

【Dark Magician skill: 「Dark Attack Resistance」acquired】

【Light Magician skill: 「Light Attack Resistance」acquired】

Those were as expected. The other attribute magicians also have the same skills.

【There are no further levels for Jobless】

Hn? That … I see. So the highest level for Jobless was Lv100.

Well, with the Limit Break medicine, the highest level can become Lv1000 but nevertheless, I have really reached the peak of Jobless.

However, I didn’t get the title?

Normally I would obtain the title but ― having the title that says ‘Peak of Jobless’ would be kind of pathetic.

And I acquired a single skill for maxing out Jobless.

……… Hn?

What the heck?

“Onii, what’s wrong?”

” … No … no … I don’t really know myself.”

【Ichinojo Leveled up】

“How do you stop the playback?”

Miri taught me the method to stop the playback and I wrapped my head with my hands.

No, maybe that is the correct answer after all.


Reaching the peak of Jobless means to then seek for a job.

After all, the skill I acquired was.


【Jobless skill: 「Job Hunting」acquired】


A skill called ‘Job Hunting’ with unknown meaning.


Author’s note:

Is he finally going to quit from jobless?


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