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(206) The Goddess named Minerva

Translator: Tseirp

『It would be great if I could die after counting to three and before I finish counting to four. One~, two~, three~, four~ … as expected, it isn’t that easy to die … I wonder why can’t I die.』

Maybe she had not noticed us as Minerva continued her pessimistic monologue.

Miri walked over to the Goddess statue.

“Minerve, you’re in right! Show yourself!”

And spoke to the Goddess statue like she was about to strike it.

The moment she did that, the scenery in front of my eyes suddenly changed.

It was a pure white space that would make one go insane if they stood still.

Was it my fifth time here already? The Goddess Domain.

Incidentally, unlike the other Goddess Domains, there was a lingering scent of brewed medicinal herbs.

“Ara, it’s been a long time, Kaguya-chan. How was it, what are your thoughts on dying after having been in a state of immortality?”

“It wasn’t immortality, just eternal youth — — also, I’m now called Miri so don’t call me by that name anymore.”

“Ara, isn’t it fine. But I remember I gave you the Study of Medicine skill when you first reincarnated because you said you wanted to create a miracle drug to become immortal. Nevertheless, good job on dying. Teach me your method of dying next time.”

“If you want to die then just kill yourself or something.”

“I’m asking you precisely because I can’t do that. Don’t tease me Kaguya-chan.”

I could tell that Miri’s temple was twitching as Minerva continued to call Miri Kaguya.

I wonder if Kaguya was Miri’s name in her previous life?

“Onii. Kaguya was my name in my previous life. Famiris‧Raritei was a pseudonym.”

“Hn? Why did you do something so confusing?”

“For self-defense. Many spells use people’s name as the medium. An example would be the Status Open spell.”

“Oh right, it won’t activate unless you call out the name of your companion to verify their status. For magic tools that utilize a person’s name, there were the villains in Journey to the West, Golden Horn and Silver Horn, who had a gourd that could suck a person in if they replied when their name was called.”

“The Red Gourd right. There are similar magic tools in this world. There is one like the one that appeared in Journey to the West, it doesn’t dissolve the target but just locks them up.”

“Seriously … isn’t it quite bad then if we encounter such an item?”

“Well, such items are called Sacred Treasures and are very rare so you probably don’t have to be so wary about it. For example, if I was trapped by an item like that, I could just escape using Transfer Magic.”

“Wow, then isn’t Transfer Magic the strongest?”

“Would Onii want to learn Transfer Magic too? Lifestyle Magic IV is a transfer-type magic.”

“ … Transfer-type spell for Lifestyle Magic … transfer spell even though it is Lifestyle Magic … I somehow have a bad premonition about it.”

But it was certainly powering up step-by-step.

At first, it was just a spell meant to clean, then it became a spell to completely shut out sound and then a spell to convert magical power into oil. All of them were amazing spells if you only look at their effects.

I felt that …. it was certainly not strange that there would be a transfer-type spell too.

But is transferring part of daily lifestyle?

“Ah, but even if I can’t use transfer magic, I always have the option to escape to My World.”

I can only open the door from My World at where I open it before entering so the end result would be that I won’t be able to escape from where I would be trapped but at least I won’t starve to death too.

As I was thinking that, I shifted my gaze and saw Minerva-sama climbing up a stepladder as she grabbed onto a loop made of straw rope.

” … You guys are ignoring me and talking to yourselves … living is painful, I want to die!”

“Waaaaa! Minerva-sama, don’t die! We’re not ignoring you!”

“Onii, it’s fine, leave her be.”

“How could you say leave her be? What would happen once the Goddess-sama dies?”

While I was saying that, Minerva-sama placed her head into the straw rope loop and leaped.

“Uwaaaaa! Goddess-sama became a teru teru bozu!” (TL: Google it if you don’t know, it’s a small traditional handmade doll Japanese people hang to bring good weather)

“That’s why I said it’s fine.”

“It’s not fine, we have to help her immediately —”

I quickly climbed the stepladder to save Minerva-sama. I didn’t have time to bother about where the loop was hanging from as I was in a rush to save her.

“I’ll rescue you now!”

Just as I wanted to reach out with my hands, I heard a snap from the straw rope.

Minerva-sama crashed to the floor.

“Ahhhh … that’s right, I want to eat the curry Libra makes before I die. I’ll die after I eat the curry made by Libra.”

“She’s always like that. Minerva attempts to kill herself countless times and gives up and gives excuses like that.”

“Really … right, I have some curry I made but would Minerva-sama eat it?”

I took out the curry rice from my item bag and asked Miri.

“I don’t think she would want it? The curry by Libra is a supreme masterpiece in which the spices are measured to the milligram and the cooking time is calculated to the second so curry made by Onii would ―”

“Thank you for the meal.”

Minerva-sama had snatched my curry without me noticing, placed it on a table that appeared without me noticing and started eating without me noticing.

Minerva continued to silently eat the curry.

“Miri, do you have vegetable pickled in soy sauce?” (TL: Fukujinzuke, commonly used as a relish for Japanese Curry)

“Yeah, I do.”

“Rather than that, I would like pickled Japanese leek instead.” (TL: Rakkyo, also commonly used as a relish for Japanese Curry)

” … Miri, do you have that?”

” … Yeah, I do.”

After that, Minerva-sama resumed eating the curry with pickled Japanese leek.

Then —

“Thank you for the meal. Now then, my stomach is filled … it’s about time I have you two leave?”

“Don’t joke with me! Minerva, I have something I want to ask you — ouch!”

“See now, Miri. That’s not the attitude you should take towards a Goddess-sama.”

I sent a hand chop to Miri’s head to warn her.

Miri became sulky but I was not going to let her continue like that.

In the end, Miri nodded and fixed her question towards Minerva-sama.

“Yeah, sorry. I have something I wish to ask Minerva.”

I actually felt that it wasn’t proper to address her like that but they were kind of friends since they have known each other since long ago so that was within the range of tolerance.

“What is it? Famiris-chan.”

“I can’t be bothered anymore if you call me Famiris or Kaguya today. I want to know about the plot behind why we were transferred to this world.”

Miri asked.

The moment she asked that, Minerva’s eyes switched from her languid look up until now into a serious gaze.

” … So you came to see me to ask about that.”

No, actually we were just here to pick some medicinal herbs. But I couldn’t say that.

“Very well, I shall answer you.”

Minerva said as she cast the 「Clean」 spell and cleaned the plate that had the curry rice and spoon and returned them to me.

“Before that, I would like a drink.”

“Are you fine with tea?”

“I would like lassi.”

” … Miri, do you have lassi?”

” … Yeah, if you want plain or kiwi flavor.”

Minerva-sama asked for the kiwi flavor.


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