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GC V8C208

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(208) Home Return

Translator: Tseirp

Minerva-sama used a straw to sip lassi from a cup.

Even though she didn’t look like she was enjoying it, Miri said that she was.

After all, if she ate something she found unpalatable.

“Disgusting, let’s just die.”

She would say that and start killing herself.

She would commit suicide on impulse in that manner. Miri and I didn’t know how to stop her from trying to commit suicide.

I heard from Miri that — in her previous life as Kaguya, she had quite a terrible interaction with Minerva.


“Where’s this? I should have died …”

” … So noisy … I should just die.”

“Eh, why do you want to die all of the sudden! Wh-who are you!?”

” — If I die, I won’t have to answer such a troublesome question. Fufufu — ”

“At least tell me where this is.”

“It won’t matter where this place is if I die.”


It went something along those lines.

Leaving aside Koshmar-sama, I thought Torerul-sama was quite bad but it looks like Minerva-sama was even worse.

But she did properly bestow the Study of Medicine skill so if we take that into consideration, Malina who got the Street Performer job had it worse.

“Minerva, that’s enough right.”

“Oh, what’s the matter? Kaguya-chan.”

” ………… We came to ask about the contrivance that led to our transfer to this world.”

“Ah, it is regarding that. But I don’t know about it.”

The instant Minerva said that,

“「Dark Thousand Swords」”

Miri chanted and countless dark swords appeared.

And those swords were all pointed at Minerva.

“Miri, calm down. Erm, Minerva-sama — if that’s the case, do you have anything you can tell us for our sake? Maybe the secret to the world, a method to return to Japan, ah right. Or maybe about Metias-sama.”

“Metias. I have not heard that name in ages. Fufufufu. The Goddess of Life — the polar opposite existence to me, the Goddess of Death.”

“No no, you are the Goddess of Medicine. I wonder where that child is now.”

” … Eh?”

What? What was with that remark?

“Wait a moment. Isn’t the name Metias already dead?”

“She’s not dead. If it was that easy to die, I would have died a long time ago.”

No, you want to die on a whim but would actually hesitate to die.

“But Torerul is currently looking for her though. She was fuming. Because of you, she found traces of Metias and had to start working to look for her. That’s right, you just came into contact with Metias very recently. But I wonder what would happen if Metias revives. Will it be like that time — ”

“I will not let it turn out the same way!”

” … Oh, that’s right. You were there at the center of it at that time. Ah, right right. Kaguya-chan. Beware of the Church. Well now, I’ll send you guys back to your world.”

“Wait a minute!”

Miri stopped Minerva.

What was she planning to ask?

Just as I was guessing,

“It’s fine now.”

Miri commented.


At the same time, we appeared in the Goddess Statue room.


【Title: Labyrinth Conqueror IV has ranked up to Labyrinth Conqueror V】

【Clear reward skill: Lifestyle Magic III has skilled up to Lifestyle Magic IV】

… Ah, I somewhat had the premonition that would happen.

“Onii, how is it? Did you properly get Lifestyle Magic? Although I did actually choose to return at the timing where you would get Lifestyle Magic.”

“It was intentional!? Eh, you can actually do that?”

“Yeah. To this extent. Miri’s ability is something like Future Sight.”

“But you don’t have such a skill on your status page.”

“Ah, it’s not a skill but an ability I had since my previous life in Japan.”

“Hn? That means you made a killing in shares because?”

“Yeah, thanks to this ability.”

How absurd.

So Future Sight was actually real.

The situation was like a Light Novel Title — My younger sister’s Future Sight ability was too much of a cheat, my dignity as a brother was lost.

“But, although I call it Future Sight, I can only know the outcome of choices. For example, something like if a stock price will go up or down. Furthermore, I can’t see multiple futures. That’s why, this time I predicted Onii’s future so —”

Miri showed the scourer on the palm of her hand.

“As such, Miri’s future was uncertain. We wouldn’t get this outcome if we took turns to pray to the Goddess Statue though —”

“Did you become the Demon Lord because of that ability?”

“Kind of. When compounding as a Herbalist, when making medicine — hn, to make it easier for Onii to understand, it is split into failure, success, and great success. For example, when making a potion, failure would result in a low-quality potion, success in a regular potion and great success would result in a high-quality potion. So, the probability of a great success is extremely low but in exchange, the medicine will have amazing effects. The Limit Breaking Medicine Onii drank is actually a medicine that can be obtained with a 0.1% probability when compounding an Experience Potion.”

“So it was such an amazing medicine.”

That’s terrifying.

“Then, Onii. I’ll look for the Kiriri grass.”

“Hn? Ah, can I leave it to you? I’d like to check on the Lifestyle Magic IV spell.”

I said as I checked the magic list.

…. This is?


Home Return: Lv – ; Expenditure MP50


“Hn … Miri, what kind of spell is ‘Home Return’?”

“Just like the name implies, it is a spell that recalls you back to your home … in a sense. You’ll know once you cast it. It doesn’t suddenly activate but lets you choose your destination so you can cancel it.”

Ah, a spell to return home.

Isn’t that the most Lifestyle Magic-like spell up until this point?

But, won’t my home be My World?

“「Home Return」!”


My World

Quiet Beach‧Former Pirate Hideout (Miryuu)

Florence‧Margaret’s Clothes Shop (Margaret)

My World (Haurvatat)

Florence‧Margaret’s Clothes Shop (Norn)

My World (Carol)

My World (Marina)


Hn? What’s with all these.

“Miri … this. Your name is here too.”

“Yeah. That is a spell to transfer to the user’s home or to the home of a person of the opposite gender who has goodwill/affection towards the user. The return point differs among people and Norn would probably want to return to Florence but I don’t intend to do that so mine is probably set to the former pirate hideout I slept at until this morning?”

“Ah … so that’s how it works.”


I see, it is a spell to warp to the house of a person of the opposite gender who has goodwill/affection towards me.

I see I see. Although I get along well with Kannon and Stella, it is not to the extent of goodwill/affection.


” ― Isn’t it that kind of magic after all!”

And also ―

“Why is Margaret-san considered as the opposite gender! That guy is the same gender as me!”

My angry shouts reverberated inside the Goddess Statue room.


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