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Chapter 252: Underground path

Translator: Tseirp


After treatment of Melfina-san ended, His Highness Albert covered Melfina-san with the robe I passed to him.

There was no longer any miasma leaking from her body and her body and skin tone has returned to human so I sighed a breath of relief.

Maybe he was trying to verify that she was alive as His Highness Albert called out to Melfina-san to wake her up but she didn’t respond.

Naturally, after receiving that much damage, it would be unlikely for Melfina-san to wake up immediately.

“Your Highness Albert, Melfina-san has currently loss too much blood so she will not be able to regain consciousness immediately.”

I told him but he continued calling out to her without stopping.


While staring at his devoted behavior, I called Estia over and made His Highness sleep.

And then I placed both of them inside the Hermit’s Coffin.

I figured that Melfina-san won’t kill His Highness even if she retained her demon personality.

Nevertheless, I was shocked that there wasn’t any commotion among the soldiers when I made Melfina-san or His Highness sleep.

Well, I don’t know what happened but after sensing that much intimidation coming from Lionel, they were all expressionless like they all had Noh masks on so they probably didn’t have the leeway to notice what was happening here.


While we were busy with that, the sun gradually rose from the horizon.

“Lionel, which direction are the castle and research institute?”

“Yes. If possible, we should take the underground path.”

“Underground? … Is there a reason?”

“Because the enemy headquarters is underground …”

Lionel’s emotions were surging forth and it was honestly quite terrifying.

Lionel seemed different ever since we entered the Empire.

“Do we bring Mr. Bazak who is sleeping there along? Or leave him here?”

Mr. Bazak wasn’t an important individual but he has a sharp mind so I didn’t really want to leave him unattended. However, since I am an amateur in terms of the Empire, I had Lionel decide on how to deal with Mr. Bazak.

“Bring him along will just be trouble.”

“I see. Then we’ll leave him here and head underground.”

” … However, I still wish to gather some information so let’s bring him along after all.”

Lionel looked away and ordered the soldiers.

“In order to return this Empire to its normal state, we will now set forth to defeat my imposter. All of you, split into your respective squads and capture any suspicious individuals. If demons appear, protect the Imperial Citizens with your lives! Understood?”


The Imperial Soldiers saluted in unison and scattered into the streets of the Imperial Capital.


“Lionel’s a true General huh. The soldier’s eyes were sparkling.”

Although it might be the reflection coming from their tears …

“That’s all in the past. More importantly, we have to hurry.”

“Okay. But do you know the path leading to the underground?”

“Leave that to me nya. Follow me nya.”

Cathy said and started leading the way.


“This is the underground path? It’s slightly different from what I imagined …”

The image that came to mind when I was told about the underground path was like the sewer system of my previous life but the place Cathy brought us was to a mansion on the outskirts of town.

“There is a path that leads to the royal palace underneath this house nya.”

Cathy said and leisurely walked into the mansion.

“Wait a minute, isn’t this someone’s house?”

Cathy stopped and turned around to tell me the owner of this mansion.

“This mansion belongs to the Empire’s Special Forces nya.”

“Then won’t that immediately turn into a fight?”

Speaking of Special Forces, it was the unit the five-man demon belonged to.

I felt that there was a high chance of suddenly bumping into Cloud if we came here.


“It’s just a front nya. Usually, it is not used so don’t worry nya.”

Cathy laughed and entered the mansion.

“Only a person with a positive attitude can be relieved with just that amount of information.”

I muttered as I looked at Cathy and Lionel called out to me.

“Luciel-sama, even if there are demons in the mansion, we can just proceed with that assumption. More importantly, it is not good to spend too much time here.”

Lionel said and walked ahead of me.

Am I the weird one to be paranoid? I thought to myself as I chased after their backs and stepped foot into the mansion.


The first thing that came into sight when I entered was a huge entrance.

“This way nya.”

Cathy said before she moved to the second floor via the stairs in front of her. Following that, she opened the door to the third room from the stairs.

It seemed like a regular guest room but Cathy tilted the decoration painting by 30 degrees to the right …

“Maybe … eh, nothing’s happening?”

“Luciel-sama, please open the door that we entered by nya.”

Cathy told me with a smile on her face.

” … I was anticipating some kind of a mechanism but were you mistaken?”

I was suspicious of Cathy’s smile as I opened the door we entered by like I was told.

When I did that, stairs leading downwards appeared but I didn’t have the chance to be impressed as I immediately shouted.

“Tch, Sanctuary Barrier!”

The shocking thing was that a large amount of miasma exploded out from below the stairs.

After putting up the barrier, I turned back to Cathy and I saw a bewildered Cathy who could understand what happened, perhaps because she didn’t think that there would be a trap.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.


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